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Cooking class to earn money

How much does it cost your dream travel? If you need extra money, use your abilities to get an extra income. I have a new idea and opportunity for you. Do you like to cook? Are you good in it? So teach it to the others. It is trendy now and many people are searching for a cooking class. They want to learn how to prepare a simple recipe, something traditional or innovative.

It is not hard to find clients, also online. How? Prepare some tutorials. People don’t need to be in your kitchen with you. When you have free time cook something and video record it. Don’t forget to explain clearly and precisely each step. Be creative and innovative in the presentation. Why? Because your followers need to understand easily what to do. That’s why a video with your voice can be perfect for a cooking class.

Cuisine in the world

I am not a good cook or better I can handle for me, but I never prepare meals for others. With a few exceptions with some simple recipes. But I would love to learn something more. As Italian maybe I should just look around, it is plenty of opportunities. Chefs everywhere teaching. Also, many Michelin star chefs are available to organize a cooking class.

What people search for? This is the question you should answer. Maybe they don’t want to learn from a famous chef. They only need to know how to prepare pasta. I came into research made among Indian people. It concerns the type of cuisine they prefer. Check the graph and think about the result. It depends on where you are, but it is plenty of people with different taste. There is space for your cooking class.

cooking class

Cooking class: how to prepare and sell it

You are thinking: “Hey, I saw a lot of free videos on YouTube. How can I get money”. If you have a huge amount of visitors, you can have an income just with ads. But this is not the case I want to write about. Actually, if you want to work online, you need to be very innovative and have a website. You will sell the videos. That is why the recipes must be not common. There are other elements for an online cooking class.

Instead of selling a recorded video, you can do it live. It is like a webinar and you can interact with your “students”. They will pay a certain amount to take part and you can limit the number of participants. Then the webinar will be available online for who could not attend. Always you can ask money for it. What you need is a plan. Also, you have to decide your target group. Anyway, if you work internationally be sure to be ready to speak English very well to explain the preparation of the recipe.

The traditional cooking class

Do you prefer to work offline? It can be even better. Especially easier. What you need to do in this case? The first step is to find a place with a kitchen where you can welcome people and give the lesson. Training agencies and NGOs might be available to help you. It is possible to make a plan together with them or just answering to their needs. But what I suggest you is to make your plan and especially to find the proper target for your cooking class.

cooking class

For instance, you can teach kids, simple recipes for them. Parents will pay for that. Also, retired people might be interested, to do something in their free time. You can teach them some traditional recipe and explore the local cuisine. The specific contents of your lesson depend on you. You are the cook, so you know what you are able to prepare and to explain. Be the master of your cooking lesson.

Final recommendation

I gave you the idea, now you have to work on it. Think about what you want to do. Then prepare a program and select the best way for you. Do market research in your area or online. So you can fix your plan and act. Therefore you will be able to start with your cooking lesson, one after another. At the beginning it will give you the chance to have an extra income. Who knows, it can become your job. Maybe you have some doubts. Learn how to teach cooking classes.

The money will be useful to pay the bills for your travels. Do you have experience in this? Feel free to share it in the comments.  If you are searching for other ideas, check my other posts.


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