Como Lake: a luxury pearl

Como Lake is surely one of the favorite destinations in Italy for most tourists, but it is also a luxury place, full of villas and of worldwide VIPs who decide to buy a house around the lake or just to spend here some of their holidays. I am here for few days for some meetings and I am in trouble. I really like this place but I don’t know if I can appreciate Como and its lake as many foreigners are doing during their visits.

Well first of all the place is amazing and I can agree with that, even if I think that my country is full of nice cities and landscapes. I personally love lakes because I feel always in a quiet place and I can be somehow in touch with nature. I never think about the presence of famous people, but I really like to walk in the town, nice squares were to see the people chatting and drinking seated at the bar, ancient buildings, and churches that teach history and tell some stories to who can listen to the stones.

As you know on this blog I share my luxury trips and experiences, so, even do I am not a VIP, I am writing about my sumptuous dinner. I have chosen a Michelin star restaurant in the town: I Tigli in Theoria. The location is really suggestive because it is inside an old building and the wooden coffered ceiling reminds that all the time. On the walls, singular paintings are remembering different artistic periods.

Art in fact is one of the main ingredients of the recipes realized by the expert chef Franco Caffara. He starts his journey into the flavors from the traditions coming from the land and the sea and using some art and creativity he gives the dishes a new and more rich taste. He aims to guide the person to discover the haute cuisine in a unique experience. In my opinion, this restaurant is the perfect example of the pleasure of being at the table.

The menu has a lot of dishes inside, but it is curious and interesting the invitation coming from the kitchen: to choose at least a combination of 2 or 3 dishes to enjoy the taste trip. Since I never renounce the dessert I usually have an appetizer and then a first or a second course. Being on the lake suggest of course fish, but if you don’t like it, the mountains are surrounding Como, so they have great meat as well.

Good appetite!

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