Communicating Your WHY Statement To Others

Communicating Your WHY Statement To Others

When you commit to creating a truly powerful WHY statement, it is a good idea to share it with other people in your social circle. You can share your new personal WHY statement with your family members, your close friends, your employer, and anyone else that is important to you in your life. Communicating your WHY statement to others will be helpful to reach goals!

Some people are not going to know what a WHY statement is and why you have bothered to create one. Explain to everyone that you have now found your true life purpose and that you intend to stand by your WHY statement from now on.

Communicating your WHY statement to others: why and how

After you created your WHY statement, you have to share it. It is really helpful because it will give you a little bit of pressure and more chances to reach your goals.

Sharing Provides Accountability

Sharing your WHY statement with the important people around you will make you accountable and more motivated to live by it. You may not feel that you need this added accountability because you have a strong will, but you will be surprised how much this can help you to be the person that you truly want to be.

Not everyone that you share your WHY statement with is going to hold you accountable. Some of your family members and friends may not even notice that you have deviated from it. Others may notice, but then show sympathy to you and say things like “well you tried and that was the main thing”. This is not going to help you.

Think about who will make a good WHY statement buddy. This is a person who will truly hold you accountable to your WHY statement and will let you know in no uncertain terms if you fall off the rails. They are not going to be sympathetic to any deviances and will give you a hard time if you do not live by your WHY statement.

Is it necessary to Share your WHY Statement with everyone?

There are going to be some people in your circle that just don’t get it. They may even laugh at you for creating a personal WHY statement and tell you that you have just wasted a lot of time and effort.

Some people are going to tell you that you will never live by your WHY statement. They know you very well and feel that you will deviate from your WHY statement at the earliest opportunity. We all have these kinds of people in our lives who see the negative in everything.

So should you share your WHY statement with these people? To be honest, only you can answer that question. If you know that a person is going to hit you with a barrage of negativity when you share your WHY statement with them then you need to decide if you are going to be able to handle this.

Some people can handle this kind of negativity well. It actually makes them even more committed to their WHY statement. Others will find this negativity difficult to deal with and it may make them think that they are wasting their time with a WHY statement.

You need to assess what kind of person you are and how you will react to any negativity. If you think that any negativity will affect you badly, do not share your WHY statement with these kinds of people.

The truth is you can never totally predict how people you are close to will react to you telling them about your WHY statement. Some will be enthusiastic and show encouragement. But others that you expect the same reaction from may be negative about it. You need to be prepared for any eventuality.


I have a special relative and a very good friend, they are like confessors to me. Sharing with them is always useful, that’s why they are also the right people for my statement. Communicating your WHY statement to others gave me more chances to check what I was doing and to reach all my goals. I used this strategy also for my investments when I started to make a profit with cryptocurrency.

For my investments, I found great support to start, and then with my WHY statement, I proceeded step by step planning each action carefully. It was a success. Try!

Communicating Your WHY Statement To Others

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