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Coffee in Prague: luxury and tradition

To enjoy the city in Prague till the end visitors has to have a break in one of the most famous and traditional places of the city: Café Louvre. It is a real institution for the locals and it attracts also tourists, not only for the good quality of the beverage and of the food, but also for the setting and for the atmosphere. It is unique and when you enter the first time, you will go back there every time you can. To me it happened. I had a coffee in Prague with luxury and tradition.

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The best coffee in Prague

A person who lives there suggested me this Café, opened in 1902, very appreciated by the people and the VIP. In past among the guests there were Kafka and Einstein. It was the place where the local culture was developped, because it was chosen by artists and writers as meeting point. Seating there you can really feel the history. The furnishing recall the last century style and it takes you into a very big space.

Inside Café Louvre there are a restaurant, a café, a patisserie, a meeting room, a billiard room and as well a terrace. Each detail is really well cured. Also the staff is very kind and efficient, but also quite young. Customers can decide just to drink a coffee, to have a salad or a sandwich, or to taste the local cuisine very well presented in the restaurant. They have a daily menu and the waiter is ready to give you advices, but if you go there during the day and not for a meal, let me give you an advice.

In love with the cheese cake

In my first visit it was half aftenoon and so I decided to taste something sweet, but tipical of the place: the Country cheese cake ”Louvre” with peaches and whipped cream. I literally fell in love with it. The delicious dessert is the right snack during a morning or afternoon break, maybe with a cup of tea or a juice. Even if it is always quite crowdy, the Café Louvre and its elegant setting offers spaced tables so you can conversate peacefully with you family or friends.

I recommend you to visit the Café Louvre, it is a good experience, especially if you want to be for a while in an historical and important place for the culture in Prague.

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