Coastal Cottage Rentals

Coastal Cottage Rentals: Your Own, Private Summer Vacation Destination

How can you live privately during your summer vacation? Simply taking advantage of coastal cottage rentals. Each year there are a lot of tourists who spend their holidays on coastal beaches. Maybe you like that type of place too. A vacation at the beach is surely amazing for many reasons, but the risk is to find them overcrowded and your privacy has no chances to survive.

It can be nice to meet new people, but if you are there with your partner or family, you surely want some privacy and the limits given by a huge presence of other people are not allowing you to have it. You should consider renting a cottage on the coast. It looks like a dream but it can become reality, you don’t have to spend all your budget on vacations and get special deals.

Coastal cottage rentals: privacy on popular beaches

Coastal beaches are well-known and all of them, especially around popular destinations, are quite full of tourists during all summer season. If you want to keep secrets, or better enjoy a relaxing and fun time with your partner or family, a cottage is a right solution. Don’t worry, there are different types of them, from luxury to budget ones. It will be your own house, with all your privacy, but with the sea in front of you and maybe also a private beach or space on the beach.

Not many travelers know about this option, this is good news because prices can stay on a low level, if the demand goes up, the rates increase too. Others are aware of cottages’ existence, but they believe it’s too expensive to rent them. This is not true. But keep the secret and just use this opportunity. Plus you can find them all around the worldwide popular beach destinations starting from the United States and Europe. Coastal cottage rentals are available everywhere and you can easily find the best ones listed on VRBO, the platform dedicated to houses and apartments for vacations. 

Your privacy is important and cottages can guarantee it. The level of privacy will depend on how you will live your holiday, the destination you will choose, and the type of cottage. But it not only for that. You can easily manage the place by yourself, without any hourly limits, you can save money, if you want, by preparing your meals by yourself. Your vacation will surely be special and unforgettable. 

Coastal Cottage Rentals

How and where to find cottages

In the United States and a big part of Europe coastal cottage rentals are located around popular vacation destinations, which doesn’t mean necessarily to the main places, but also in the surrounding. So beauty is there, but also peace is around you. If you want to go to crowded places, you can go in a while. All the facilities are generally within a short drive or walking distance, same for attractions and the best activities. So you can reach public beaches, important sites, locations for fishing or to do water sports.

When you pick the cottage for your summer vacation, you need to consider several essential factors that will help you to save time and money, but also to find the best solution. Coastal cottage renting requires, first of all, to establish a budget and focus on the price to make a selection of all potential opportunities. In the United States, as it happens in many other countries, cottage rentals are available up and down the coasts, so some are directly on the sea, others on a hill overlooking the sea. This determines the rates applied, fees are changing according to the features and the position. In some areas, there is more competition on prices.

But rates are not the only factor you have to take into consideration. Pay attention to the cottage owner, you may discover interesting things examining who owns it. Private landowners are beginning to notice the profits that they can receive from rentals. Some cottages on the coast are owned by vacation resorts, so you need a good partner to make a business with. Trust and experience will guarantee your safety at any stage, especially in case of problems. Resorts know how to solve them, they have procedures to follow.

Coastal Cottage Rentals

More checks

After verifying prices and owners, you have to go forward to the next steps. Don’t book without asking for photos. And be sure that the pictures are from a specific cottage, not something general. If you want to rent a specific cottage, you must see the images of that one. They will help you to see the location, just compare them to the coast. But even more important is to verify the rooms, the services available, the presence of kitchen, dining room, laundry room, and etcetera. You can compare photos with the list of features. to know if it is exactly meeting your expectations and needs. You will also have the chance to prepare yourself better to plan your stay.

After the coastal cottage conditions, pay attention to the position, check all the nearby facilities and attractions, this is part of your vacation, so you might be more interested in reaching monuments, restaurants, shops, parks, and so on. You will be there for a certain period, so everything should be perfect. It’s your holiday! According to their importance for you make an exam of surroundings, also using an online map the see real distances. Make a list of the activities you like to do and see where you can go for them and how much time you will need to arrive there from the cottage.

Coastal Cottage Rentals


Once you have decided that the proposal of the coastal cottage rentals is suitable for you, you can go to the last step. Yes, it is time to booking. You have to make the reservation as soon as possible to get the best rate and also to not let others book “your” cottage before you ruining your dream. Online there are many websites and it won’t be hard to find coastal cottage rentals in the country you want to visit for your summer vacation. I suggest you start from VRBO because it is only one platform for all destinations, plus owners are verified, fewer risks for you to have problems with your reservation or to find a different cottage from the one promised or showed. The website is reliable and full of good opportunities and deals.

The accommodations around popular places and beaches increase their costs according to the requests, so last-minute booking is not a good idea because you may pay higher prices. In any case, advanced planning and reservations will give you the best opportunities. If you have doubts, just check the cancellation policies to be sure that if something happens you won’t lose money. For your guarantee consider insurance to recover all your money if there are problems to proceed with your plans and your vacation.

Coastal Cottage Rentals


Are you ready for coastal cottage rentals? I am sure you have all information you need to plan your vacation. You will be happy with your own house to save your privacy and enjoy better the summer break. If you want other tips for a special summer, read my guide on how to book the best options. There are many ways to spend a wonderful and unique period out of home having fun with your partner or family.

Enjoy your vacation and share this post if you liked it.

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