Christmas: what do you do?

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Now Christmas time has really arrived. In a couple of days, we will be seated with the family to celebrate Jesus birthday. Now I am buying the last presents for relatives and friends. Everything around is full of Christmas lights and songs. The atmosphere looks magic, the streets are crowdy, the shops and the markets are full of decorations and items ready to become gifts. I like this moment, but I am thinking a bit to the tradition, that is different from the consumerist vision. Some of you will celebrate this holiday at the beginning of January, others have a diverse tradition and some are not into Christmas celebration at all.


The Christmas gifts

In past, it was completely normal for me to go to buy the gifts at the very last moment. I was going out the day before Christmas and I was running like a crazy to search for the perfect objects. Now I learned to organize myself in advance, but always something happens and I have to purchase something in the last days. Well, for my last gifts I decided to buy some traditional sweets, called Panettone and Pandoro. The first one was invented in Milan and the second one in Verona.

Christmas 1 1440x730 - Christmas: what do you do?

I found them in Milan, in the most famous gastronomy shop “Peck” opened in the XIX century. The same place where I bought some special bottles of wine. Then I went to Giovanni Raspini shop, famous silversmith, to buy some silver statues for the Christmas Nativity scene. I think receivers will appreciate these gifts. Meanwhile, I imagine their smile, I am thinking about the traditional family meeting. I like a lot to give presents and to see the people’s reaction, even if I don’t like to receive gifts. But what about the tradition?

Christmas 3 1440x1382 - Christmas: what do you do?

Christmas 2 1440x1229 - Christmas: what do you do?

The traditional Christmas

Is Christmas only a tree with lights and a lot of gifts? The Catholic religion says that is the Jesus birthday and we generally go to the Holy Mass. At midnight, during the night between 24th and 25th December. On 25th December we have lunch with all the family and then we open the gifts. Some others prefer dinner on 24th December as a celebration and to open gifts the day before Christmas or in the morning on 25th. Each family has a different style and tradition and this is nice to me because you can see people to live differently the same celebration.

Christmas in Milan tree 2 1440x1928 - Christmas: what do you do?

What do you do for Christmas? Gifts, traditions, and thoughts. Share through the comments your habits. I would love to know more. If there will be enough comments, I can then prepare a post with your brief stories (you will be tagged and I can put the link to your blog). It will be interesting to know more about all our ways to celebrate Christmas. What do you think? 

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