Christmas gift idea for him

Christmas gift idea for him and her: 9 steps to find the best one

You have already read some posts about my gifts for the Christmas holidays. Now I want to share the best Christmas gift idea for him and her. Or better I am going to explain what I had the chance to learn: how to find easily and quickly the best present. Some tips are useful, especially when you don’t know what to buy and to give to a friend, a relative, or also to the special person of your life. The worst thing that can happen is to bring the wrong gift to a person. That is why I started to collect some hints. Now I propose them to you.

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, so why transform it into the most horrible? We all need some shopping advice. The first step I generally do is try to catch what people want. The direct question is just a fail. The answer to relatives and friends is always the same one: “I don’t need anything”. This means the opposite, we all know it, but what do they want? The question mark will remain until you will give them your present. It is a big risk…

Christmas gift idea for him

With kids it can be a bit easier because they are used to write to Santa Claus, but what to do with the others? You need a real strategy to find the Christmas gift idea. Good, here I have the solution for you. Follow all the steps carefully and you will be smiling together with your friends and relatives on Xmas day. It is not difficult, you only have to pay attention and act.

Christmas gift idea for him and her: how to proceed

How to find the best idea? It’s not hard, I have 9 steps for you. Follow them and you will come out with the perfect gift for family, friends, coworkers, and who deserves it. Before exploring items, focus on their interests, their way to be, your relationship. These elements can reveal a lot if you think about them. Check the 9 steps!

1. List the interests of the person

The first rule to finding the best Christmas gift idea for him and her is to make a sort of list about what the present receiver likes. Write down as many elements as you need, because this is only the beginning. Maybe you will need to select the main one, according to what you can purchase or what the person wants. Once you have listed all the topics you need to brainstorm to write at least one item for each passion of your friend or relative. Combine them to search for the ideal gift. It has to be something persona and thoughtful. This is the goal of the present.

2. Look to the past

You need facts. A recent success, a sad story, a dream from childhood. Each detail is very important. To find a useful Christmas gift idea focus on something that can give a pleasant experience. For example, for recent graduates, you can buy a weekend package for the celebration or something that will be useful for the future job. In the case of a dream, you can think about something that can help your relative or friend to realize it. For instance, there is a box with some particular experiences offered: drive a Ferrari, fly with a hot air balloon.

Christmas gift idea for him

3. What does that person need?

You have to answer, without asking her/him, this question. This is a necessary step to reach your goal. Maybe you think that the person has everything, but are you sure? I mean that today there are many items that you can buy to make people’s daily life more efficient. In this case, focus on the main activity and imagine what can help her or him to live easily. A university student is maybe searching for some instruments. A busy worker needs free time, so find something that can give the chance to develop a hobby.

4. Become a stalker

Are you in trouble with the wishlist? You can’t find anything that can be adapt to the person. No idea and a big lack of information about her or his interests? There is only one solution. Stalk. Not literally, of course. Check the social pages, try to find out if exists a wishlist on Amazon or some other shop online. Don’t ask, but investigate habits and some posts online. People sometimes share some products they want, spreading their thoughts and opinions. They are the answer. Find it and you will be on the way to the Christmas gift idea.

Christmas gift idea for him

5. What about charity?

If you realize that this person doesn’t need anything, there is another way. Be sure before acting. I never think that a person can have everything, but it can be hard to find something new for her or him. The alternative is charity. How? Well, think about the experience and the interest of the gift receiver. For example, the person did some volunteering in an NGO or she/he has a passion for kids or animals. Donate to that NGO or to one association that takes care of children or animals. Write the name of the person as a donator.

6. Organize an experience

Imagine that the person likes a movie or a book and she or he already had the chance to see the film and to read the text. Maybe there is a representation of it at the theatre. Buy the ticket and use it as a Christmas gift. This is an example, but it can inspire you because sometimes attend a show or live directly a particular experience is the best present. The sign of it will remain in the person’s mind for a very long time. Of course, if the experience is good and if it matches the interests.

Christmas gift idea for him

7. Make the gift to be an event

Once you found the proper Christmas gift idea and did your purchase it is time for the next steps. It is common to say that the most important thing is the thought and not the present, but is this true? Well, in part yes! Prepare the package with creativity. Don’t use traditional wrapping paper, but work to realize an event, to give a unique experience to that person. You need to be sure that she or he can enjoy your gift. What can you do? I can’t answer this, but surely I can give you some examples. Hide the package and send a message, maybe leaving a card somewhere with some hints to find it. Try to make the package a bit difficult to be opened. It has to be funny and pleasant to open the gift.

8. You have to be part of the gift

Include a bit of yourself in the present. Your Christmas gift idea has to show your touch. You need to make it personal because the item is from you to her or him. That means that the gift contains something concerning your relation. It can be a sign of something that you know about the person, or maybe it reminds you of a specific experience. The personalized gift is anyway always something pleasant.

9. Laugh is important

The last tip to share with you concerns smiles. If you want to make special your Christmas gift idea, make the person laugh. For example, the present receiver loves tomatoes? Give her or him 1 kilo of tomatoes. Of course, this is not a real gift, but it is funny and it creates a funny situation. It surprises, it causes a reaction and in the end, it makes laugh. Then you will be ready to bring the real present.
Christmas gift idea for him

Conclusions and ideas

So now you have all the tips to quickly find the best Christmas gift idea. Also, you know how to present it. If you will follow this strategy you will have success. Let me give you some concrete ideas.

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Christmas gift idea for him

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I have more Christmas gift ideas for him and her, but I think I can confuse you. Follow my tips and find the best one. If you want more tips, comment below and I will be more than happy to help you.

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