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Christmas destinations: 29 amazing Christmas vacation ideas

christmas destinations - christmas vacations for families affordable 2021 - christmas vacation ideas

Where to go for Christmas? Imagine finding a luxury place to spend your holidays at a cheap price. It is not a dream and if you will explore the Christmas destinations I selected for you, it will become concrete. How? Easy, I found some special deals you can take advantage of. Resorts, beaches, and amazing cities are waiting for you. Discover now where to go for Christmas break.

How do I select them? I explored a lot of sources to find some ideas for a break during the holidays. The result is here, 29 destinations for Christmas to stay in between the end of the year and the beginning of the new one. Keep in mind that I didn’t only find some cool places, but also special deals. Thanks to some coupons you can get discounted prices. There are a lot of cheap Christmas getaways. Check them out, but keep in mind that I have also listed more classical places where to spend holidays. Choose the place and then visit my shop to get all the items you need for a better vacation.

I also listed 120 winter destinations for the period from December to March to spend your break. Check them out, there are places for any taste, on the snow or at the seaside with warm temperatures. I am plenty of Christmas vacation ideas to share.

Christmas destinations ideas

There are 29 destinations to spend Christmas time having a cool holiday. The places listed are ideal for those who are searching for Christmas vacations for families affordable. Because each of them is exclusive, but thanks to Book Vip coupons the prices are low. Plus the resorts are ready to welcome couples and families, with proper facilities. Let’s go step by step. Check out the places and start to imagine yourself with your partner or your family there. Lay down on a beach with a drink, explore characteristic cities, or live an adventure in nature. This is up to you, but be sure, all of them are trendy. The destinations listed are a must for Christmas travel

If you are searching for great Christmas vacations for families in affordable this list is exactly what you need. Why? Because you can stay in huge resorts perfectly equipped for kids and with entertainment dedicated to them. So if you want to stay with your partner for a few hours, professional staff will take care of them. They will have fun, and when you will be together you can enjoy an amazing time. So you will find a lot of ideas for family Christmas vacations.

Thanks to the very low prices and discounts you can buy a package and spend your Christmas vacation in a wonderful destination. Make your holidays different and happy in one of the following destinations. Let’s see where to go for Christmas.

1. Cancun

Christmas destinations: 29 amazing Christmas vacations ideas

One of the best Christmas destinations is surely Cancun. A paradise for those who love the sea, white beaches, and luxury. This Mexican pearl offers amazing landscapes surrounded by the Caribbean sea. The city and hotels represent an active life, full of entertainment. While the beaches are the ideal place to relax, stay under the sun, and swim. This is among Christmas vacations for families affordable because it has proper places and facilities dedicated to kids.

If you want to go around and explore nature and history there are a lot of opportunities. It was the land of Maya. Mystical ruins will guide you into the archeological area. Then, following the Secret River, you will reach the Maya’s underworld, visiting an incomparable eco-archeological zone. It looks like a dream, but thanks to the offers, It has the right to be among cheap Christmas vacations.


During the wintertime, there is nice weather. There are around 25°C and a very low level of humidity. Also, it’s a sunny period. Imagine leaving the snow and the stress of the city to relax on a beach.

Is this one of the places to spend Christmas you want to consider? Well, so you will like the offers I selected for you.

#1 you can spend 5 nights in a suite at The Grand Sirenis Resort, the n.1 rated snorkeling resort in North America. You will get also unlimited gourmet meals and premium drinks for only $590 per couple. Click here to take advantage of the deal.

#2 you have the chance to spend 5 nights at the beautiful Krystal Cancun Resort. You will have unlimited gourmet meals and premium drinks included for only $599 per couple. Click here and check out the offer.

3# what about spending 5 nights at the beautiful Omni Cancun Resort? Unlimited gourmet meals and premium drinks are included. You will spend only $599 per couple. Click here and book now.

#4 one more superb option for your stay in one of the most favorite destinations for Christmas time. Spend 5 nights at The Sandos Playacar Resort. Unlimited gourmet meals and premium drinks are included in the price, only $599 per couple. Click here to get all the details.

#5 maximum luxury for a romantic break in Cancun. Spend 5 nights in a suite at 5 Star Cancun Villa Resort. You will benefit from unlimited gourmet meals and premium drinks included in the rate, only $699 per couple. Click here and surprise your partner.

2. Daytona Beach

Christmas destinations: 29 amazing Christmas vacations ideas

Florida is an ideal location for the holidays, especially in winter. It offers perfect weather and temperature. Daytona Beach is well known for motorsport, but the place has many solutions for a relaxing break. That’s why you should consider it in the Christmas destinations. White sand, Atlantic Ocean, and 20°C welcome you.

Lay down on over 37 kilometers of beaches. Enjoy the waterfront parks. Golf courses, boat trips, different types of entertainment will help you to live a great stay. Enter museums, choose all the attractions you like, and be yourself, free. Now you know where to go for Christmas break. To surprise your partner there is a special deal. Perfect if you are searching for cheap Christmas vacations.

Spend 3 nights in an Ocean View Room at The Best Western Castillo Del Sol Daytona Beach for only $139. Click here to know all the details. 

3. Cayman Islands

christmas destinations cayman islands

Surfing the sea on a catamaran is something that you can expect from places where to go on Christmas? Hot weather, blue water, soft sand, and a lot of relaxation and fun. This is the program of a break in the Cayman Islands. A little escape to enjoy a complete journey. Yes, you can find everything you need for your cheap Christmas getaways.

Art museums, nature, animals, restaurants are ready to make your vacation unforgettable. Yes, you have to leave a space for gastronomy, it will please you. You can plan excursions to the three main islands. Visit handcrafts markets, see caymans and turtles. But especially book your stay. Use the best deal I share with you. It will make Christmas vacation unique and unforgettable. This is one of my favorite Christmas vacation ideas because I love to spend it in a warm place and to enjoy the sea.

Spend 5 nights in a bedroom Luxury Condo at the beautiful Morritt’s Tortuga Club in the Cayman Islands for only $349. Click here to access the coupon and the special rate.

4. Miami

christmas destinations miami

Walking along Ocean Drive to admire the sea, moving around the Art Decò buildings, this is Miami. The city is full of places to discover art and culture, but also to have fun. Enjoy the beaches and the vibes of the nightlife. Imagine a short break in this brilliant location in Florida. Sun also in winter and warm temperatures will make your stay more pleasant. Do you want Christmas vacations for families affordable? Miami is the right city, full of attractions also for kids.

Coral Gables neighborhood proposes you the Venetian Pool, water comes out from a natural source and it has nice waterfalls. There to swim is simply amazing. You can plan a trip by boat to the islands. Key Biscayne and Virginia Key are superb, especially for your vacation at one of the Christmas destinations.

Spend 2 nights in a luxury furnished suite at the Miami Beachside Resort for only $199. Click here to read the features.

5. Los Cabos

christmas destinations los cabos

Sail around the Baja California Peninsula is something that you might like. Los Cabos is among the winter destinations for those who like hot weather. The place has all that you need for an unforgettable vacation. On one side, there is incomparable nature with a marvelous sea and amazing beaches. On the other side, hotels, restaurants, and a lot of fun activities. Plus is perfect for who are searching for cheap Christmas vacations.

You can combine relaxation, sport, exploration, and active nightlife. The temperature in winter is around 23°C, so warm and sunny. Visit the beaches, lay down, and enjoy the sea. Then you will take a boat for some excursions. The area counts also some museums and historical sites if you want to get in touch with the local culture.

Spend 5 nights in a suite at the beautiful Sandos Finisterra Los Cabos. For you, there are also unlimited meals and premium drinks included for only $599 per couple. Click here to access the deal.

6. Punta Cana

christmas destinations punta cana

More than one of the Christmas destinations, Punta Cana looks like a paradise. Are you already dreaming about your vacation over there, under palms? Well, there is a good chance to stay in a luxury place for a cheap price. The Caribbean sea and warm climate are surely the best to escape from the winter cold. The Dominican Republic helps you to relax and have fun.

In the winter evenings usually, there are around 20°C. What can you do over there? A lot of things because the area is very well equipped for tourists. It is a good idea to do safari tours, horseback riding, and dune buggy. You will easily plan a week over there, using the special prices I selected for you.

#1 spend 5 nights at The Sirenis Cocotal Beach. Included in the price you get unlimited meals and premium drinks, all for only $499 per couple. Click here to know all the details.

#2 spend 4 nights at the beautiful Luxury Adult Punta Cana, with unlimited meals and premium drinks included, for only $599 per couple. Click here and get immediately the coupon.

7. Myrtle Beach

christmas destinations myrtle beach

Over 60 miles of coastline with superb beaches. The seaside isn’t the only attraction. This, among the Christmas destinations, is a cool place for excursions. Walking in the forest, kayak on the river,  watch the sunrise in the early morning, these activities are highly recommended. If you have a break during Autumn, it is even better for one thing. The Fall there is unique. You have to see the colors of the leaves.

While you visit the parks you should plan stops in town. Why? Because you can consume your meals in iconic restaurants. At least some of them, because some of the holiday packages include lunch and dinner. The weather is quite good and not too cold in the wintertime. You will enjoy the place, celebrating Christmas.

Spend 3 nights at The Westgate Oceanfront Resort Myrtle Beach for only $199. Click here and discover more.

8. Orlando

christmas destinations orlando

For a break with your partner or with your family, Orlando is perfect. In both cases, you will enjoy the city and its attractions. Surely it is one of the best Christmas destinations for kids. The presence of Disney World is the reason. But if this is not your goal, well, maybe you can concentrate on museums. The area is very important for history. That’s why there are many sites to remind important events and great collections of finds. This is one of the cheap Christmas vacations, especially for families.

Then nature and beaches can help you to relax. Walking, swimming, stay under the sun are good activities to do in Orlando. The city offers you also cool nightlife. Get the best of Orange County and Florida reserving a vacation, surprise your partner, and plan all the details. This is one of the cheap Christmas getaways. To help you there are good deals.

#1 Spend 3 nights at the beautiful Westgate Town Center in Orlando, with a $100 dining voucher included, for only $99. Click here to get all the details.

#2 Spend 3 nights at the beautiful Westgate Villas Orlando, with a $100 dining voucher included, for only $99. Click here to access the deal.

#3 Spend 2 nights in a 1 Bedroom Villa At The Fountains Resort Orlando, with a $100 dining voucher, for only $99. Click here and book your vacation.

One of the best Christmas vacation ideas if you are traveling with kids. Make them happy!

9. Playa Hermosa

christmas destinations playa hermosa

Far from big cities and especially from the chaos there is Playa Hermosa. This place in Costa Rica offers a huge quantity of beautiful beaches. But if you want to explore the culture of the country you can go to Potrero, around 16 kilometers far. In case you miss the city you can drive to Managua or San Jose, less than 200 kilometers. You can just enjoy the sun and the seaside.

Playa Hermosa is among the Christmas destinations because of its seaside, but also for the entertainment. If you are searching for fun and not only relaxing, the place is great. Yes, because it is popular for travelers, so well equipped with hotels, restaurants, and clubs. Lay down during the day and party all night.

Spend 4 nights in luxury accommodations at The Villas Sol, with unlimited meals and premium drinks, for only $499 per couple. Click here and book your stay.

10. Williamsburg

christmas destinations williamsburg

A small and calm town with a rich history is one of the perfect Christmas destinations for a cultural vacation. Williamsburg is made of colonial houses, nice villas, and parks. To visit it is like to accomplish a journey into American history, discovering the past important events. Many travelers are going there each here.

For this reason, the place is considered a tourist destination. So there are many services and activities to make the traveler’s experience unique. The town is surprising and full of buildings and monuments to remember meetings like the G7 of 1983. Exploring it, you won’t know only the local culture, but you will go deep into USA culture and history.

There are 2 great deals for you:

#1 Spend 3 nights in a One Bedroom Cottage at the beautiful The Cottages at Kings Creek Williamsburg for only $149. Click here to know all the details and take advantage of the offer.

#2 Spend 3 nights in luxury accommodation at The Holiday Inn Express Busch Gardens, with a $100 Dining Card, for only $199. Click here to book your stay.

11. Gatlinburg

christmas destinations gatlinburg

A village in Tennessee’s Mountains during Christmas time is the best idea to spend your vacation. This, among the Christmas destinations of my selection, is the most characteristic. It has shops like in Father Christmas village, full of decorations. Then the place is surrounded by nature and there are many festivals and activities to do. You will have fun there. It is perfect for family Christmas vacations.

A beautiful park with a waterfall will be the environment for your holidays. Walk around in the mountains and explore the downtown with its attraction. Restaurants and bars will delight your breaks offering drinks and meals coming from the local tradition. Relax and fun can be combined easily there. So enjoy cheap Christmas vacations.

Spend 3 nights at The River Terrace in Gatlinburg TN, with 2 tickets to the Wild Bear Falls Water Park included, for only $59. Take advantage of this small price by clicking here.

12. Las Vegas

christmas destinations las vegas

What about some fun at a casino in Las Vegas? Maybe your life will change or maybe you will pay all your bills with the jackpot. The city is one of the favorite Christmas destinations, but not only for the casinos. You can enjoy the vibrant location and its entertainment. Shows, attractions, huge and cool hotels, malls. The choice is yours.

No relaxation, but a lot of fun. Well, the hotels offer also a spa to spend your day and regenerate yourself. It is full of options and you can customize your vacation. Be creative and plan daylife and nightlife. Many opportunities are part of the Las Vegas proposal to visitors. You will enjoy the place, also thanks to the special deals.

My selection of offers for you:

#1 Spend 3 nights at the beautiful Westgate Las Vegas, with $100 in Casino Chips included at check-in, for only $99. Discover the details by clicking here.

#2 Spend 3 nights in a one-bedroom suite at the beautiful Tahiti Village Las Vegas, with 2 tickets Cirque du Soleil included, for only $159. A huge solution for you: click here and book now.

13. Fort Lauderdale

christmas destinations fort lauderdale

Palms, beaches, the sea, and a brilliant city are the perfect setting for Christmas destinations. Fort Lauderdale has all these features and much more. The typical Florida weather, warm and sunny all year long, will make your stay pleasant. Imagine yourself on a beach during the day and in clubs during the night, together with your partner. Not bad also like Christmas vacations for families affordable. Because the place has facilities to entertain kids. So you can spend time with your partner while they play and then enjoy hours altogether.

Don’t worry, culture can be part of your trip. Park, galleries, and the market for antiques will be the steps of your tour around the city.  Then if you want to keep your body in the perfect form you can practice some water sport. You won’t regret a holiday in Fort Lauderdale.

Spend 3 nights at The Hollywood Beach Resort for only $249. Click here and go deep into the offer.

14. Virginia Beach

christmas destinations virginia beach

Virginia Beach is another of the Christmas destinations at the seaside. For surfers, it is a paradise. For tourists, it is a great place to explore. Malls downtown, parks around the city, and a bay to discover swimming or going around by boat. There are breweries to enjoy the local beers.

Isn’t this enough for you? Maybe you can visit the hub where local creatives inspire each other, crafts are great. Are you going to have a vacation with your partner? Virginia Beach is the choice you have to do. Why? Because there is the Chesapeake Bay. It means calm waters, oyster digs… You can organize a romantic dinner as the sun sets over the renowned Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. Use the deal and surprise your love. Isn’t it perfect for Christmas vacations?

The offers for you:

#1 Spend 2 nights in a one-bedroom condo at the beautiful Ocean Key Resort Virginia Beach for only $129. All the details are here, click and reserve the room.

#2 Spend 2 nights in a one-bedroom condo at The Atrium Resort Virginia Beach for only $149. Click here and take advantage of the special price.

15. Hilton Head

christmas destinations - christmas vacation ideas

One of the pearls among the Christmas destinations is Hilton Head. 12 miles of public beaches around the island, restaurants with ocean view, and picnic-equipped areas are the main features of the place. Nature and wetlands have to be explored while you are not on the beach under the sun. Not bad for Christmas travel. But it’s not finished.

Your vacation at Hilton Head includes art. The town council acquired sculptures and artworks from different artists. They are placed in public spaces. The committee also got some donations, and they created different exhibitions to show some masterpieces to visitors. Not only relax for your holidays in South Carolina but also culture. Plus it is one of the cheap Christmas vacations.

Selected offers for you:

#1 Spend 3 nights in a suite at The Park Lane Hilton Head for only $99. Click here and discover the features.

#2 Spend 2 nights in a suite at the newly renovated Beach House Hilton Head for only $179. Reserve your stay by clicking here.

16. Kennebunk

christmas destinations kennebunk

Maine in winter isn’t warm, but if you want to see a more typical place among Christmas destinations, Kennebunk is the ideal town to visit. It is full of beaches to walk on. I am telling you that because, in my opinion, the sea in the wintertime is simply amazing. There are cool houses built facing the ocean and a lot of events. All of them will make Christmas vacations unique.

If you go to The Waterhouse Center you will attend different events, plus you will have the chance to practice ice skating. This place has a lot of attractions to be discovered and it is always ready to welcome visitors during all seasons. There you will spend a wonderful Christmas time.

Spend 3 nights in a one-bedroom suite at The Village By The Sea, for only $249 per couple. Click here and discover more.

17. Wisconsin Dells

christmas destinations wisconsin dells

Are you searching for fun and maybe you want to go with your kids? Don’t check more Christmas destinations, Wisconsin Dells is the one for you. It is full of parks with cool attractions. Entertainment is the keyword. Do you want some examples? Old Abe’s Old Time Portraits will realize a picture of you and your family like in the past. For you, it will be like being a person who lived in the 19th century. Consider it for family Christmas vacations.

What about trying to take a spin around the bumper car course, a highlight among children who are revved up and ready to go? Try the Wild Fun Zone. If you like water activities, well, it is full of parks to live unique experiences, like Mt. Olympus Theme Park & Water Park. If you like trains the local museum will make you happy. They include a seven miles trip onboard. That’s why it is part of the Christmas vacations for families affordable.

A lot of offers are waiting for you, find here the best ones:

#1 Spend 3 nights in accommodations at The Springhill Suites by Marriott WI Dells, with a $100 dining voucher, for only $149. Click here to book.

#2 Spend 3 nights at The Holiday Inn Wisconsin Dells, plus a $100 dining voucher and 2 Waterpark passes, for only $199. Check now all the details by clicking here.

#3 Spend 3 nights at The Fairfield Inn & Suites Wisconsin Dells, plus a $100 dining voucher and 2 Waterpark passes, for only $199. Click here and reserve your room now.

18. St. Petersburg

christmas destinations St. Petersburg

The sunset in Florida is magic. You can spend a good vacation in warm weather and the sun. In the list of Christmas destinations selected for you, there is St. Petersburg. The city is the largest marina in the Southeast. The beaches are good in the wintertime too, but there are also parks, museums, and art galleries with many cool exhibitions. You will spend superb Christmas vacations.

If you search for culture, performing arts will surprise you. Theather, orchestra, and many innovative expression shows go on in the city. Check out the calendar of St. Petersburg and you will get the list of the events, surely there will be something you like. It is a vibrant place for your vacation.

Take advantage of the special offers:

#1 Spend 3 nights in a standard room at The Bilmar Beach Resort, with a $100 dining voucher, for only $199. Click here to know the details and to book.

#2 Spend 3 nights in a standard room at The Beach House Suites – St. Pete, with a $100 dining voucher, for only $199. Click here and reserve your next room.

19. St. Augustine

christmas destinations st augustine

A colonial village is one of the coolest Christmas destinations. Visit the Old Town and explore the buildings that made the history of St. Augustine. This is one of the most interesting places to see in Florida. Especially if you like to jump into the past and take a journey into the foundation of this area.

Museums, exhibition centers, concerts, train tours will give you a lot of emotions. To experience history by visiting an archeological site you have to go to the Fountain of Youth. You won’t get bored during your stay, I am sure you will prolong your vacation. Catch the deal and plan your trip.

Spend 3 nights in a standard room at The Renaissance Resort At World Golf Village for only $199. Click here and take advantage of the special price.

20. North Conway

christmas destinations north conway

Take a train to enjoy the view, then walk in natural parks, have fun on a golf course. Then attend a theatre show, visit history and art museums, see the animals around forests and hills. Enjoy water slides and go fast on the mountain coaster. These activities are just some of the ones offered by North Conway.

This is one of the most complete destinations for the winter holidays according to the attractions. There is no sea, but you can spend a lot of time just passing from an attraction to another. It is perfect for a break with your partner, but also a holiday with all your family. Kids will enjoy a lot of the city and its cool attractions.

Spend 2 nights in a Studio Room at The Attitash Mountain Village for only $299. Click here and get the special rate for your vacation.

21. Rockland

christmas destinations maine

In the list of destinations for holidays, there is another city in Maine. It is Rockland. History and good business development helped this place to become one of the most beautiful and practical areas on the coast of Maine. The most famous part is represented by the mountainous and rocky shore. There are hundreds of harbors and inlets. For cool Christmas vacations.

What can you do there in the wintertime? For example, take a tour of lighthouses, you will be delighted. Your vacation there will combine some cultural and natural tours with pure relaxation. Not bad for the holidays with your partner or with your family. A great deal helps you to save money.

Spend 2 nights in a Standard Room at The Trade Winds Inn – Maine for only $99. Click here to book and plan your trip.

22. Riviera Maya

christmas destinations riviera maya

In the South of Cancun, Mexico, there is a district of resorts called Riviera Maya. The keyword to define it is luxury. But I should add also fun, relaxation, the sea, and beaches. These are the main things that you will find there. There is also warm and sunny weather. Isn’t it a paradise for your vacation?

In case you get bored of swimming and laying under the sun, you can search for adventure. Nature and Maya ruins are all around and you can plan a tour to discover them. Walking around forests and go deep in history will give you positive emotions. This is one of the ideal Christmas places to go.

Spend 4 nights in luxury resort accommodations at The Riviera Maya Adventure Resort for only $999 per couple. Discover more by clicking here.

23. Poconos

christmas destinations poconos

For the classical winter vacation, I suggest you one of the best destinations for your special Christmas in Poconos. The mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania, United States, are covered by snow during the cold season. Plus there is a magnificent lake with a relaxing atmosphere. 

This place offers the chance to ski, so if you like snow and you want to do some sport, this is the ideal environment. Imagine being there in a villa with every comfort. Go skiing in the morning, have a relaxing afternoon, maybe in a spa. Your partner or your family will be happy.

Spend 3 nights in a Studio Villas at The Pocono Mountain Villas by Exploria Resorts for only $99. Click here and plan your Christmas season.

24. New Orleans

christmas destinations new orleans

New Orleans has a special place among the Christmas cities because it offers a huge variety of activities. You can start with a free tour of the city to see the typical buildings and the main attractions. Then you will visit St. Louis Cemetery and after that, you will attend the ghost tour. Because it is curious to know the Voodoo part of the place. You will get original family Christmas vacations.

To enjoy music there is always the chance to listen to the Gospel. You can’t miss a ride on a tram, it is so cool to see the city running with it. In the evening, before jumping into the vibrant nightlife go to a typical restaurant to live a gourmet experience. Restaurant Antoine’s is a must in New Orleans.

Spend 2 nights in a Standard Room at The Cambria – New Orleans, with a $100 dining voucher, for only $99. Click here and plan your trip to Louisiana.

25. Shenandoah

christmas destinations Shenandoah

Among the Christmas destinations, Shenandoah is the best one for a full immersion in nature. The Valley has a lot of pathways to walk around and discover magnificent natural landscapes. Some caverns are spread in the hills and you can enter them to explore geology. Visit this place gives also the opportunity to go deep into history.

The area was the settlement of some tribes like Delaware and Catawba. Then it became the theatre of the main events of the American Civil War. Shenandoah is also a good place to relax and enjoy the view from a superb hotel, close to Virginia University, one of the local attractions not only for students. Plan here Christmas vacations.

Spend 3 nights in a Standard Room at The Best Western Plus – Zion Crossroads, with a $100 dining voucher, for only $99. Click here to discover all the details and to book.

26. Phoenix

christmas destinations phoenix

Phoenix is a cool city, perfect for any type of vacation. If you like art and culture you should visit the Art Museum, the Heard Museum with Indian artifacts, and the Roosevelt Row with the contemporary artists’ artworks. In case you will travel with kids go to the Children’s Museum of Phoenix and the Arizona Science Center. They will enjoy the interactive collections.

The city is part of the Christmas destinations because it is perfect in any season and it offers a lot of attractions. You should consider going out of Phoenix and see the surroundings. There are antique settlements and parks dedicated to entertainment. Use the great offer selected for you and book your stay.

Spend 3 nights in a Studio Suite at The Cibola Vista Resort, with a $100 dining voucher, for only $99. Click here to discover all the details.

27. Playa del Carmen

christmas destinations playa del carmen

In the list of Christmas destinations, Playa del Carmen can’t miss. It is a combination of sea and culture. You find amazing beaches to stay in the sun and swim in. But also you can explore Maya’s finds. Then the nightlife reserve great surprises for you, thanks to the cool Mexican city clubs and entertainment.

Going there with your partner will be perfect for a romantic and brilliant break. Hot temperatures and sun will accompany your stay. You can easily alternate relaxation, cultural visits, and fun. What do you want more? Well, book now your vacation with a special deal and make a surprise to your partner. It is a good place also for the family.

Spend 4 nights in luxury accommodations at The Reef 28, with unlimited meals, drinks, and alcohol, for only $599 per couple. Click here to discover the details.

28. Charleston

christmas destinations charleston

South Carolina is always a good idea and that’s why Charleston is part of the Christmas destinations list. Maybe you saw the city in the game Sim City 2000 or the movie Falling Skies. Now it’s time to see it in reality. The city is on the Atlantic Ocean and it can be defined as romantic and scenic.

This is not only for the seaside but especially for its picturesque architecture. Beaches, museums, golf courses, shopping malls, and gourmet experiences will fulfill your days. Clubs and events will make your night cool. Take advantage of the offer and spend an unforgettable vacation.

Spend 2 nights in a luxury suite at The Cambria Charleston Riverview, with a $100 dining voucher, for only $149. Book now the special rate by clicking here.

29. San Diego

San Diego North County is a region in the northern area of the Californian city. It is the second-most populous region in the county. This destination is well known for its affluence, especially in Encinitas, Carlsbad, Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe, and Solana Beach. There are wonderful houses, but especially beautiful landscapes all around. 

Beach culture is prominent in the area, and many of the region’s beaches and lagoons are protected areas to help ensure the environment remains pristine, though there has been pressure from commercial entities to develop some of these areas.

Stay 2 nights in a one-bedroom suite at Welk Resorts San Diego, with access to a full-service spa and a golf course, relax and unwind at the pool and spa, includes wine tasting for 2 at $129. Click here to discover more.

Christmas vacations for families affordable

I hope you got inspired by the list of destinations for Christmas travel. If you like the seaside, you will find the best chances ever. Why spend time in a cold place instead of a warm and welcoming paradise? The rates are low because the agency can guarantee those 5-stars resorts a lot of customers and so you can save a lot of money. You can surprise your partner and your kids by reserving a dream holiday for all of you. It will be the best Christmas ever, and Santa arrives everywhere so that kids will have their gifts.

Have you ever swum during wintertime? It’s amazing. From time to time I have spent my holidays on the other side of the world. So in winter, I enjoyed summer and vice-versa. It was so cool, a very good sensation. But if you prefer something more traditional there are mountains and cities ready to welcome you and your family. Rates are extremely low. I suggest you visit BookVip and check out destinations, accommodations, services included, and prices. I am sure you will make a reservation for your Christmas vacation, but you can do it immediately.

Christmas vacation ideas: more tips

Finding ideas for Christmas vacations for families affordable is easy, but you need to consider a few things. Spending the holidays in a pleasant climate is good to have rest, to explore less known or less crowded places. You can go to excellent destinations out of season and enjoy them more. During Christmas, time rates are going up almost everywhere, even in those countries that are not celebrating this holiday. That’s why it is important to take advantage of special offers and packages offered by expert agencies. They can move a lot of people, so they obtain huge discounts. You can benefit from them. Now, you know where to go for Christmas and what to do.

Covid-19 situation

Unfortunately, we have to face the virus and this happens worldwide. It doesn’t mean that we can’t have a vacation or travel, just we need to follow the rules given by the authorities and their recommendations. Most of the hotels are prepared for this, so they accept fewer people, they invested in safety measures, and they are ready to handle the evolution of the situation. As well it happens for money, you are guaranteed in case it is not possible to go to the hotel. The agency is updated and anytime the staff gives you the right information about your bookings.

Book hotel and package in advance

One of the secrets about Christmas vacations for families affordable is related to the timing. Book the hotel and the entire package as soon as possible. This will allow you to have a better condition, to take advantage of the special price, and also to find free places. Approaching Christmas time the offers will disappear and rates will increase. So don’t wait and check all the conditions applied, so that you won’t have problems, and you will keep your budget safe.

Book soon your flight

Once you bought the holiday package, book the flight. More time will pass and higher will be the rates. So, book as soon as possible. Last-minute deals are not always convenient and available. That’s why it is better to catch immediately the opportunity of a low price. You can find also better seats by making the reservation and the online check-in in advance. Find cheap flights.


I hope you got inspired by my selection of 29 Christmas destinations. Take advantage of the deals and choose your favorite place for a break. If you are searching for more ideas for next year’s vacations, check out the list of the best destinations.

Now you know where to go for Christmas break. So, when you will make your choice among the proposed places, read my tips to plan a perfect holiday. If you are searching for more inspiration and more classical destinations, take a look at the list of the best places for Christmas. I selected for you 61 localities.

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