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Cheap airline tickets: how to find them

Most people dream about a round-the-world trip. For them, it is the best journey. They consider it the ultimate travel experience for a couple or a small family. Travelers and travel agents are obsessed with the research for cheap airline tickets. The main problem is the rates. All want to save money, especially if they have to use more flight connections. There are some ways and secrets to get a discount on airline tickets.

On the market, wholesale dealers and discounters offer special conditions, but to be sure to spend less is necessary to pay attention to some steps. Mostly depends on your requirements. If they are simple, like buying a round-trip ticket from a place to another, you will have many options to compare and to choose from. To save money will be almost enough to check out the dates. If you are available to change the period, you will find the cheapest tickets easily. If you don’t mind flying with a specific airline. Sellers have deals to propose online and offline. What about complex trips?

discount on airline tickets

How to find cheap airline tickets

In reality, each trip requires more planning. Many people want to have help from a travel agent to find the lowest rates. You can get the best solutions also online and alone. Why do I suggest so? Because you save some fees. You just to pay attention to some details when you are searching for discounted tickets. Some examples. In certain areas, the local airlines offer better prices because they are specialized in the connections inside a country or the ones among neighboring countries. They directly apply discounts on their tickets. For the same reason, they have deals with travel agencies. 

Airlines use websites, but also ads on specialized magazines, so take care of them. Most of the time there are special discounts on tickets. Read carefully the countries. Not only the destination but also the departure. They might connect a specific city in a country and a flight from another one can cost double. Mostly it depends on the popularity of the place. Let me do an example. If you go to Rome, you will have a lot of options, a lot of tourists, so you can save money searching for the competition between airlines. If you want to go to Florence, you can go directly. It is a popular destination, but the airport is smaller, so you will benefit from the need for a company to fill planes on a new connection.

Online platforms

Once in travel agencies, it was possible to find great offers to save money and reserve seats on the flights you wanted. Now, you can easily get the best deals online. There are a lot of platforms you can use to find low rates. There are discounted round-trip flights and a lot of combinations that can make you save a lot of money. For a few dollars, you can book a seat on a huge variety of connections. What should you do to take advantage of these great proposals?

cheap airline tickets

You have to choose the cheapest tickets for your trip. So it is good to make a search and then compare the solutions offered. Maybe you will visit different sites and more times. For this reason, I suggest you use the browser with an incognito system. You have it on the computer, and also on your mobile. Check out the options on the browser’s options. Why? Because in this way the sites won’t track your visits and they won’t erase the prices if you explore the same results more times.

Then surf the main platforms to get the best price for your flight. Compare all the solutions. Pay attention to the details. For example, for a cheaper rate, they will propose to you to go to smaller airports, maybe farther from the destination. Calculate the transfer costs. It can be convenient anyway. Then they will include solutions with different airlines combined to make you saving money. Plus it is possible to see that they want you to depart from a certain airport and arrive at another one, both of them in your living area, but if you go from home to the airport in your car you might have problems going back where your car is.

Real price

Keep in mind that sometimes most advertised prices do not include taxes, luggage fees, and airport tax, so the cheap airfare may end up being not so cheap. As it happens on different platforms, there are some commissions to add if you pay with certain credit or debit cards. Plus some management fees. Be always sure to check the final price. Otherwise, you lose the convenience. Don’t worry, purchase flight tickets online is still a good idea.

Another trick is about dates. If you don’t need to fly on precise days, you can find better rates. Pay attention to the offers you find. Yes, because the low prices can be limited to specific dates and if you don’t want to travel on the proposed days and hours you won’t have the discount on airline tickets offered. 

discount on airline tickets

Airlines’ websites

Each airline publishes the scheduled flights and rates six months in advance. If you already know your destination it is good to get benefits from the early bird discounts. You can book this type of offer on airlines’ websites. There you can always find all the news and the companies make also some ads on the web and in specialized magazines. If you book online the rates are lower, this is a special offer that they reserve to get more reservations without using the travel agencies and their offices around the world. You don’t even need to pay commissions to an intermediary.

As it happens on the platforms for multiple airline tickets, also the ones related to the companies give you the chance to find some last minutes deals. But it is a bit risky, at least if you don’t want to travel to the conditions they propose. This means that you have to fly on specific dates and hours and visit precise destinations, leaving from determined airports. They may also ask you to be on a plane on Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve. This is one of the options to get cheap airline tickets.

The best platforms to get a discount on airline tickets

All the tips I wrote, plus the ones in the other guides I prepared for you, will help you to find the best deals online. Now I want to give you some addresses. Yes, the links to the best platforms, the ones for all airlines, and the ones of the companies. In this way, you will explore all the opportunities. Click, do your research and choose the suitable flights for you.

Tickets booking platforms













cheap airline tickets

Airlines’ websites

Aegean Airlines

Aer Lingus


Air Senegal

Air Serbia


American Airlines



Blue Panorama

Blue Air

Boliviana de Aviación

British Airways

Brussels Airlines

Bulgaria Air



Czech Airlines

Danish Air

Delta Air Lines









Gol Airlines






LOT Polish Airlines


Middle East Airlines

Neos Air


Olympic Air

Pegasus Airlines

Plus Ultra

Qatar Airways

Royal Air Maroc




Singapore Airlines

Sky Express

SkyWest Air

Smart Wings

Swiss Air




Tui Fly


Tunisair Express

Turkish Airlines



Wamos Air



Now you know how and where to find cheap airline tickets. You will get a lot of special deals following my tips. If you want to go for each company and search for their connections, keep in mind that you need to focus more on the local airlines. It has to be according to your destination. Are you ready to plan your trip? Let me give you a bit advice more. Pay safely while you purchase the tickets. Use a prepaid card. This one is the one I have for my online shopping, which includes flight booking and hotel reservation: Viabuy.

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