Burj Al Arab Dubai

Burj Al Arab Dubai: how I stayed and tips for you

The Burj Al Arab Dubai is a hotel that is widely recognized as one of the most iconic and extravagant hotels in the world. Many people refer to it as a “7-star hotel”, even though such a rating doesn’t officially exist. This hotel is a shining example of the excessive and lavish lifestyle that Dubai is famous for.

If you want to visit the Burj Al Arab, you’ll need to navigate your way to a man-made island where it’s located. The island appears so exclusive. A gate surrounds it. Only guests with reservations can enter the premises. They apply strict security measures also for people who booked in advance a room or a table to dine at one of the hotel’s fancy restaurants.

This security is no joke, as the hotel is one of the most exclusive in the world. The Burj Al Arab has become a symbol of opulence and luxury, catering to an elite clientele that expects nothing but the best. The hotel offers a range of lavish amenities, including private butlers, chauffeur-driven Rolls Royces, and helicopter transfers to the airport.

Despite its grandeur, the Burj Al Arab is much more than just a hotel. It’s a statement, a symbol of Dubai’s success and ambitions. The hotel is designed to make an impression, and it succeeds spectacularly. From the moment you step into the lobby, you’re struck by the sheer size and grandeur of the place. The interior is adorned with gold leaf and crystal, and the attention to detail is impeccable.

If you’re looking for a hotel that exudes luxury and excess, then the Burj Al Arab is the perfect choice. With its extravagant decor, unparalleled service, and exclusive location, this hotel is the ultimate symbol of Dubai’s opulence and success.

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My visit

Having been to Dubai multiple times in the last years. I felt that it was finally time to treat myself to a night’s stay at the infamous Burj Al Arab. To be fair, I had indulged in their renowned afternoon tea a few times. I did it before and I had a taste of what the hotel had to offer. However, nothing – and I mean absolutely nothing – could have prepared me for the sheer experience of spending a night at this world-renowned hotel. Other times I tried Atlantis The Palm Dubai: the complete guide of the hotel.

I booked my stay through Booking, spending around $1,200 for just one night. However, I knew that this would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience that was well worth the cost. Additionally, I obtained, with my booking, some extra perks. They gave me a complimentary massage for two, which definitely added value to my stay.

Upon arrival, I was greeted with the utmost warmth and hospitality by the hotel staff. From the moment I stepped foot into the hotel, I was struck by the grandeur and opulence of the surroundings. The lobby itself was adorned with gold and crystal, and the attention to detail was impeccable. I couldn’t help but feel like royalty as I made my way to my room.

Room experience

The room itself was nothing short of spectacular. I was blown away by the sheer size and luxury of the space. The decor was lavish and extravagant, with every little detail carefully thought out. From the plush bedding to the intricate chandeliers, everything was just perfect.

Throughout my stay, the staff at the Burj Al Arab went above and beyond to ensure that I was comfortable and had everything I needed. Whether it was a simple request for extra pillows or a recommendation for the best restaurant in town, they were always happy to help. It truly lived up to its reputation as one of the world’s most luxurious hotels. I would highly recommend this hotel to anyone looking to indulge in the ultimate luxury experience.

Burj Al Arab Dubai

My expectations

To be completely transparent, I must admit that prior to my stay at the Burj Al Arab, I had my doubts about the hotel. I was skeptical about whether the hotel was all about style over substance, and whether it was worth the hype. I anticipated that my stay would be nothing more than an amusing encounter with the hotel’s extravagance, and that I would ultimately conclude that people should steer clear of the hotel.

However, as soon as I stepped into the hotel, all of my doubts were instantly dispelled. I was in awe of the sheer scale and grandeur of the hotel, and as I explored further, I was struck by the incredible attention to detail that had gone into every aspect of the hotel’s design.

As I settled into my room, I couldn’t help but feel that every little detail had been thought out with the utmost care and precision. From the luxurious bedding to the opulent decor, everything exuded a sense of luxury and extravagance that was unlike anything I had ever experienced before.

Throughout my stay, I was continually impressed by the hotel’s staff. They appeared attentive, accommodating, and went out of their way to ensure that my every need was met. Whether it was a simple request for extra towels or a recommendation for the best local cuisine, they were always ready and willing to help.

As I spent more time in the hotel, I began to realize that the Burj Al Arab was not just about style over substance. Yes, I saw the hotel extravagant and over-the-top, but at the same time I observe a meticulous design. They carefully considered every detail, no matter how small. Responsibles worked to ensure that guests had the ultimate luxury experience.

Real luxury

Initially, I had my reservations about my stay at the Burj Al Arab. I had concerns that the hotel was just another luxury factory, churning out opulent experiences without any real substance or attention to detail. I wasn’t sure if the hotel would be able to provide the level of service and hospitality that I was looking for.

However, I must say that my stay at the Burj Al Arab was nothing short of exceptional. Despite being a symbol of excess and luxury, the hotel provided a unique and unforgettable experience that surpassed my expectations. In fact, I believe that my stay at the Burj Al Arab might just be my most memorable hotel stay ever.

Although I will provide a detailed review of my experience soon, I want to share my honest initial takeaways from my 24-hour stay at the Burj Al Arab. Let’s begin with the negatives, and then move on to the positives.

To my surprise, there were very few negatives to report from my stay. The only thing I could find fault concerns the exorbitant cost of the hotel. The price tag may be out of reach for many people. But in terms of value for money, the hotel provides an unparalleled luxury experience.

Positive notes

Now let’s move on to the positives. First and foremost, the level of service at the hotel was exceptional. The staff were attentive, friendly, and went above and beyond to ensure that my stay was comfortable and enjoyable. They pay attention to detail in every aspect of the hotel’s design and decor. I find it astounding. I also consider clear that they didn’t spare expenses to create the ultimate luxury experience.

The dining options at the hotel were also superb, with a variety of restaurants and bars offering a range of cuisine and drinks to suit all tastes. The hotel’s spa and wellness facilities were also top-notch, offering a range of treatments and services to help guests relax and rejuvenate.

Burj Al Arab Dubai: rooms with space and personal taste

The Burj Al Arab is known for its exorbitant prices, but there’s no denying that the hotel offers some of the most spacious rooms in the world. Even the most basic room options are duplex suites that measure an impressive 170 square meters (or over 1,800 square feet). To put this into perspective, these entry-level suites would be considered presidential suites in most other hotels. It’s clear that the hotel takes pride in offering guests ample space to relax and unwind during their stay.

However, while the room sizes may be impressive, some guests may find the decor to be a bit over-the-top. The interior design of the suites can be quite overwhelming, with an abundance of bold colors and patterns that may not be to everyone’s taste. In fact, some guests may even find the decor to be outright hideous. The purple and polka dot motifs can be a lot to take in, and the design may not be for everyone.

Despite this, the hotel’s commitment to luxury is evident in every aspect of the room design. The use of gold accents throughout the suite adds a touch of opulence, and the attention to detail is evident in the small touches, such as the gold-plated toilet paper holder. However, the hotel seems to have taken a rather odd high-low approach to room design, with some elements of the decor feeling outdated and out of place.

Extraordinary facilities

While staying in the suites, guests may feel like they’re in a royal palace, albeit one with an overwhelming interior design. Some may find the decor to be a bit too much, and it can be quite a contrast to the hotel’s stunning pools and beach club areas. However, it’s worth noting that the hotel’s focus on luxury extends beyond the room design. From the impeccable service to the impressive amenities, the Burj Al Arab is a hotel that leaves a lasting impression on its guests. Are you thinking to book this hotel?

The Burj Al Arab Dubai provides endless entertainment for guests

As you step into the Burj Al Arab, you can’t help but notice the constant stream of people taking pictures and videos. It’s not uncommon to see people striking poses. The same trying to capture the perfect shot, or just admiring themselves in the mirror. It’s not just the lobby, it’s everywhere, from the elevators to the corridors, to the restaurants. The hotel is a prime spot for those who love to show off their wealth and luxurious lifestyle.

People know Dubai for its extravagant displays of wealth. The Burj Al Arab doesn’t make exception. The hotel has become a symbol of Dubai’s extravagance, attracting tourists from all over the world. The hotel’s over-the-top design and amenities make it a hotspot for visitors seeking the ultimate luxury experience.

As we made our way to our room, we were bombarded with recommendations from the friendly associate, from dining options to spa treatments, and everything in between. However, the most surprising recommendation was the “gold cappuccino,” which was apparently very popular on Instagram. We couldn’t help but roll our eyes at the idea of a drink being popular purely for social media purposes.

It’s easy to get swept up in the spectacle of it all. The hotel act like a magnet for attention seekers. People want to capture the perfect shot to show off to their followers. But if you can look past the constant stream of selfies and social media posts, you’ll find that the Burj Al Arab offers a truly unique and memorable experience.

Everything is an experience

The behavior of the guests at the Burj Al Arab was something else entirely, and words fail to describe the absurdity of it all. From what I witnessed, I would say that a significant portion of the guests were there solely to showcase their lives on social media, and it was both amusing and concerning. While this type of behavior might be seen as unacceptable in other luxury hotels, I found myself thoroughly entertained.

For example, during breakfast, I sat at my table for an hour and a half. I decided to work, typing away on my laptop. In the same time, other guests at their tables did something different. They engage their smartphones in non-stop photoshoots. Their actions were beyond comical. Later, as they made their way to the pool, they even staged a catwalk-style walk. It was truly an incredible sight. And it wasn’t just the ladies who were doing this – it seemed like everyone was in on the act.

Experimenting the luxury

I must stress that the Burj Al Arab offers a unique experience that stands out from any other luxury hotel. During my brief stay, it felt as if I was transported to a completely different world, one that was filled with laughter and entertainment. The atmosphere was so lighthearted and amusing that I couldn’t help but feel happy.

It’s worth mentioning that the guests at this hotel were quite different from what I’ve seen at other properties. In the past few years, I’ve stayed at various luxury hotels around the world. But I didn’t hear any other European or American accents during my stay at the Burj Al Arab. In fact, the vast majority of the guests were Chinese or Russian.

It was fascinating to observe the cultural differences in the way people behaved and interacted with one another. For example, the Chinese guests were very quiet and reserved, while the Russian guests were more outgoing and talkative. It was a refreshing change from the usual hotel crowd and added to the overall experience.

All in all, my stay at the Burj Al Arab was a unique and unforgettable experience that I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to experience something different. Whether it’s the entertaining guests, the luxurious amenities, or the spectacular views, there is something for everyone at this iconic hotel. You should try too.

In a gaudy way, the Burj Al Arab Dubai is a kind of stunning

Despite the fact that the hotel rooms are extremely tacky, there is something mesmerizing about the Burj Al Arab that cannot be ignored. As soon as you enter the lobby, you notice a sense of awe and wonder. The intricate design and attention to detail is truly stunning. It’s impossible not to stop and stare at the beauty around you. And the indoor pool? It’s an architectural marvel. The way the light reflects off the water is breathtaking.

But it’s not just the beauty of the hotel that’s intriguing. It’s also the over-the-top extravagance that makes it so fun to explore. From the gold-plated fixtures to the crystal chandeliers, every inch of the Burj Al Arab screams luxury. Even the elevator ride up to your room is an experience in itself.

Despite the fact that I wouldn’t want to live in a place like this, there’s something thrilling about experiencing it for just one night. I felt like stepping into a whole new world, where money is no object. They designed everything to impress. And let’s be honest, there’s something kind of fun about staying in a place that’s so over-the-top gaudy. It’s an experience you won’t soon forget.

The service at the Burj Al Arab Dubai: an exceptional experience

Staying at the Burj Al Arab offers more than just extravagance and entertainment. You can try an exceptional service. It is another highlight of this iconic hotel. Despite the high volume of guests, the service at this luxury factory is unparalleled. Guests count on an uncomfortably high staffing level. This ensures to attend every person. What really stood out was the level of attention to detail and personalization provided by each and every employee we encountered. They went above and beyond to make us feel like we were the only guests there, showing genuine interest in our needs and preferences.

The polished and professional demeanor of the staff match by their warm and friendly personalities. This made our stay all the more enjoyable. Whether we were in the lobby, at the pool, or in the dining areas, we were always greeted with a smile and treated with the utmost respect. The staff members were knowledgeable about the hotel’s amenities and services, and were eager to assist us with anything we needed.

Restaurant’s experience

At breakfast, the staff kept checking on us, asking if we needed anything else, such as coffee or dessert. Similarly, at the pool, the staff was quick to refill our waters, offer to clean our sunglasses, and give us complimentary treats. Every staff member introduced themselves by name, asking about our stay, our plans for the day, and showing genuine interest in our experience.

We had dinner at the hotel’s famous fish tank restaurant, Ristorante L’Olivo at Al Mahara, and the service was impeccable, rivaling even Michelin-starred restaurants. Despite the hotel’s reputation and abundance of guests, the service was exceptional, proving that the staff’s dedication to their guests was more than just for show. Not only does the hotel have style, but it also has substance in its level of service, which made our experience even more enjoyable.

The Burj Al Arab’s leisure facilities are unsurpassed

If you’re searching for the ultimate beach vacation, the Burj Al Arab offers an array of top-notch facilities that will definitely exceed your expectations. Despite the lackluster room interiors, the hotel’s pool deck is absolutely phenomenal. It counts two grandiose pools that guarantee to blow your mind away.

I have to admit that it’s the most stunning pool setup I’ve ever laid my eyes on in Dubai, and if you’re in the mood to soak up some sun and relax by the pool, the Burj Al Arab should be at the top of your list. In addition to this, the hotel offers access to a chic beach club. You can find it perfect for a day filled with swimming, lounging on the beach, and indulging in delicious food and drinks. This is definitely a place where you can unwind and experience the epitome of luxury. You need to consider to invest in your holiday.

The Burj Al Arab Dubai offers an array of lavish amenities for its guests

The Burj Al Arab exceeded my expectations with the number of complimentary perks and amenities included in the stay. Despite being a pricey hotel, they certainly know how to make guests feel appreciated. One thing that stood out to me was the range of Hermes toiletries provided, along with other products from the luxury brand that you can take home with you.

In addition, the hotel surprised us with nightly canapés, which included caviar, and even offered a complimentary happy hour where we could enjoy drinks in our room. It’s refreshing to see a hotel that doesn’t skimp on these extras, especially considering how much you’re paying to stay there. It’s a sign that the hotel truly values its guests and wants to make their stay as enjoyable as possible. What about check out the rates on Booking?

Some considerations

The Burj Al Arab hotel may appear over-the-top, with rooms that are considered ugly and far from luxurious. But beneath the surface, there are actually many aspects that made our stay enjoyable. The hotel offers massive suites that provide ample space for relaxation and entertainment. The exceptional service from the staff was truly genuine and made us feel like royalty. Despite the hotel’s gaudy appearance, being able to stay in such an iconic structure was an unforgettable experience.

The rooms may not be aesthetically pleasing. Anyway, they do offer a unique aspect. You won’t find it in traditional luxury hotels. The suites are spacious and provide all the necessary amenities, including a personal butler service. The staff pay impeccable attention to details. They worked doing to go the extra mile to ensure we had a comfortable stay.

The staff makes the difference

One of the standout features of the hotel was the service provided by the staff. They were genuinely friendly and approachable, and their professionalism was top-notch. They made us feel like we were the only guests in the hotel and took care of all our needs with grace and efficiency.

Moreover, staying at the Burj Al Arab was a unique experience in itself. It has a tacky exterior. But people consider it an icon of the city. Guests experiencing a stay will always have something to remember. The hotel’s grandeur and unique design made it a must-visit destination in Dubai.

Why stay ar Burj Al Arab Dubai

  1. Unparalleled luxury: Burj Al Arab is one of the most luxurious hotels in the world. Staying there means experiencing the ultimate in luxury and extravagance. From the spacious suites to the personal butler service. They designed everything to offer an unmatched level of luxury.
  2. Iconic architecture: the sail-shaped building of Burj Al Arab is an iconic symbol of Dubai. Booking a room means experiencing the city’s most recognizable landmark up close. The hotel’s stunning design complement its magnificent interior. It offers gold-plated fixtures, grand staircases, and vibrant colors that create a truly unique atmosphere.
  3. Exceptional service: the level of service at Burj Al Arab is exceptional. Staff treats every guest like royalty. A personal butler greets you since your arrival. He will take care of your every need throughout your stay. The hotel’s staff are friendly, attentive. Workers are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that you have a memorable stay.
  4. World-class dining: Burj Al Arab is home to some of Dubai’s best restaurants. It includes the award-winning Al Mahara. The place features a stunning aquarium as its centerpiece. From traditional Arabic cuisine to international flavors, there’s something for every palate at Burj Al Arab.
  5. Access to exclusive amenities: as a guest of Burj Al Arab, you’ll have access to a range of exclusive amenities. It includes a private beach, a spa, and two outdoor swimming pools. You can also indulge in a variety of activities, such as snorkeling, sailing, and windsurfing.
  6. Unforgettable experiences: enjoy a private dinner on the hotel’s helipad. Then indulge in a luxurious spa treatment, or simply take in the breathtaking views of the city from your suite. Staying at Burj Al Arab is a truly unforgettable experience that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.


If you’re looking for a typical luxury hotel experience, the Burj Al Arab might not be for you. However, if you want to indulge in a quintessential Dubai experience, this hotel is a must-visit. It’s true that the hotel is over-the-top, but there’s more to it than just glitz and glamour. The level of service at the hotel is simply amazing. Staff goes above and beyond to make sure you have a great stay.

One of the highlights of the hotel are the many “freebies” that are included in your stay. You’ll be treated to a range of Hermes toiletries, as well as other luxurious products to take home. In the evenings, the hotel even brings guests canapés. They include caviar, and has a complimentary happy hour. You can enjoy drinks in the comfort of your own room.

More to consider

But that’s not all – the hotel boasts a fantastic pool deck. It counts on two huge pools that are perfect for lounging in the sun. You’ll also have access to a chic beach club. There you can relax on the beach or take a dip in the pool. And let’s not forget the massive suites – they may not be to everyone’s taste, but they’re definitely impressive.

While you may not want to spend a full week at the Burj Al Arab, a few nights is definitely worth it if you’re into luxury hotels. There’s no shortage of entertainment here, and the experience of staying at this iconic hotel is something you won’t forget. So, if you’re able to swing it, I would highly recommend adding the Burj Al Arab to your travel bucket list. Try to search the best rates for your dates on the site.

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