Breakfast with Neapolitan specialties

Are you in Naples and your room rate is without breakfast included? Do you want to try something different? In the city you can find the places where to satisfy your needs and preferences. The high quality food is present in many bars opened for breakfast and if you like a salty meal, there are some fry shop ready to give you the local dishes prepared at the moment.

I made a couple of experiences that I want to share with you. As you know the traditional Italian breakfast consist in coffee, sometimes with few buiscuits or a croissant. In Naples anyway you have to try the local desserts, because they are the best trip in the Neapolitan culture you can do. To taste cakes and pastries in the morning for a good start of the day, full of pleasure and energy, there is a famous coffee place.

It is called Gran Caffè Gambrinus, located in the centre of the city, few steps from Piazza del Plebiscito and the main attractions. The historical coffee bar is one of the most important of Italy. Entering you can notice, in the different rooms, the elegant setting and the artworks spread around. Paintings of different periods and sculptures cheer clients during their stay. The luxury and the tradition are very well combined, not only because of the furniture, but also in relation to the staff service, very professional and the menu.

Of course the espresso is a must in Naples, but there is a selection of coffee products ready to give you a unique taste experience. For breakfast and for any moment of the day the pastry chef prepare amazing sweets, great chocolate cakes and a superb ice cream. You will enjoy it for sure and you will not go there only for the first eal of the day, but for every break.

If you prefer a salty breakfast I suggest you to visit Agustus, in the central Via Toledo. Inside there is a bar and they have also a fry shop, separated in two different rooms. Neapolitans are usually go there to have a coffee, something sweet and then they buy some cooked food or cheese to bring at home. There is the chance, for who want it, to taste the specialities inside the bar. There are few tables and after 8am you can seat and order the dishes you prefer.

Mozzarella, fried products, ham, omelette and many others recipes get ready in early morning to be sold to customer and the staff is going to present you what they are preparing so you can decide. There is no luxury, but a lot of great food to taste and very kind waiters ready to satisfy your requests. It is a chance to have the Neapolitan specialities for breakfast.

I wanted to try a salty meal in the morning and I was satisfied, I have to say that I am Italian for breakfast, but when I travel, also that moment of the day is perfect to taste good and typical food.

Good appetite!


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