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Boutique hotel: why choose it

Why not a boutique hotel? This is what a friend of mine asked during our plans for a holiday. I was focusing on apartments and, I admit it, I was insisting a bit on this solution. Why? I want to feel totally free and completely independent. This because we will be on holiday. Anyway, now we have some more doubts and we need to decide between a luxury apartment and a boutique hotel.

I found on many good options for searching for apartments. But even do there are luxury and comfort apartments, the main thing we considered was about services. When you are so independent you need to organize yourself to clean, prepare breakfast, and so on. These thoughts brought us to think about small boutique hotels.

Why choose a boutique hotel

A boutique hotel is an expression of charm and luxury. The structure offers an intimate stay. This is the real difference between the hotel chains and the big resorts. Boutique properties can show a unique style and décor, along with the perks they feel best suit their guests. There is a smaller footprint that helps guests to feel comfortable and in a place more similar to their home.

You can benefit from a tailor-made service, incomparable assistance, like in a family, to a high level of privacy. You have a quiet space to relax. There are more reasons to book a boutique hotel anyway. This starting point, of course, it looks like a great competition with the luxury apartment. Anyway, a hotel gives you more, like someone who cleans the room every day and a ready breakfast every morning.

boutique hotel

The reasons to book a boutique hotel

  1. Most of the small boutique hotels are family-owned and run. The family members manage directly the structure and services.
  2. Many boutique hotels are luxury places with breakfast included in the rate.
  3. The staff knows the guests by name, so the interaction is more friendly.
  4. Some hotels of this type are located in beautiful quiet places or the best tourist parts of the cities.
  5. The setting is unique and not like big chains with the structures made using the same standards and design.
  6. There are fewer amenities than bigger hotels, but you can get support to craft your perfect getaway. Maybe the spa is missing, but who are searching for a romantic break, the boutique hotel is simply perfect.
  7. They are not offering loyalty programs and neither co-branded credit cards, but guests will always get special treatment and discounts. Anyway, some companies operate with boutique hotels and they give you a card as a loyalty program. It is the case of Small Luxury Hotels of the World. In this case, you can get also free nights.

How to book a boutique hotel

Now you know the benefits given by this type of structure. So what you have to check is already listed. A real boutique hotel has the described features. Plus: they have four or five stars and not many rooms. Checking the pictures you can see the setting. There is always something exclusive and surely you will never feel to be in a déjà vu. Check the availability and the prices on Then I suggest you contact directly the hotel. Maybe they have special rates or they can offer a particular condition. Don’t forget anyway to read the reviews. It can be useful.

Hotels’tips and reviews

I hope my tips are useful to you for your next trip. You can book a boutique hotel at your destination and get all the benefits. If you liked this article I ask you to share it, so you can easily help your friends. Do you need more advice to choose a hotel? You need to check out my articles. Get inspired also about destinations to plan your next vacation. And don’t forget to share your experience in comments. We can grow together exchanging opinions.




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  1. I know, that is why I allow you to put your link in comments. I like your posts and I am trying to help you, for what I can of course.

  2. Not to be biased but I’m a manager in a boutique hotel, so I would always suggest to stay in one. I detest the impersonalism of chain hotels, so I always look for something more family oriented. But that’s just my six cents.

  3. Many thanks for your comment John and for your help. I have been in big chain hotels, and I had good experiences, but I have the feeling to be a parcel post. I agree with you about the boutique hotels. Traveling a lot I think that sometimes in a flat I can be more “free”, but surely I appreciate a lot the friendly service provided by boutique hotels. Can I ask you what is your hotel? I am curious and maybe I have the chance to visit it. I always search for new accommodations going around. I like to book rooms in different hotels, so if I will be in your country I will be glad to reserve a room there. Thanks again

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