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Boutique hotel in Vienna: perfect stay at Hotel Altstadt Vienna

Vienna is one of those cities where I always go back with happiness. All my experiences were great thanks to the superb city and also to a boutique hotel in Vienna called Altstadt. It is located in the central area, 400 meters from the historic old town. That’s the perfect position to go around by walk but also to enjoy more peace during the night. I stayed at the Hotel Altstadt Vienna more times because I like it a lot. It is quiet, at walking distance from the main attractions, and a lovely ambiance. It is a good choice not only because of the setting and the location but also because of the concept.

I want to start to talk about my recent trip to Austria describing a boutique hotel in Vienna. It is not only about accommodation. Since the city is one of the favorite destinations in Europe, it is easy to find any type of hotel. I was searching for something unique, not too big and of course luxury, as usual. Altstadt Hotel satisfied all my criteria. Let me write the reasons, one by one. I had really a unique experience there.

A boutique hotel in Vienna: place and staff

I will post more about the city of the Habsburg royal courtbut now I want to focus on my accommodation. When the driver took me to the place, Spittelberg quarter, I saw a renovated historic building. One of the elegant constructions of the city. At the entrance, there was a plate with the name of the hotel, but no reception. Upstairs, there is a small office with the reception and the staff ready to welcome. This is becoming quite common for many small hotels, located on a few floors of a building.

Since I mentioned the staff, I want to say a few words about the people who work there. The group is made of young people, mainly female (I guarantee that this is not the reason why I booked a boutique hotel in Vienna). They are efficient, very kind, and innovative. Yes, they built a real network with the shops and various activities of the area to give the guest a complete experience. The staff answers easily and fast to the requests of the travelers. 

The rooms of Hotel Altstadt Vienna

Altstadt Hotel offers a modern setting in the common spaces and also inside the rooms. The style is one of the strengths of a boutique hotel in Vienna, which makes the structure unique. This is especially the case of this small luxury hotel. To describe the furniture and the decorations I can use two words: art and design. They are very well combined.

Thanks to the windows and the color of the furniture and of the walls, around the common spaces the light is really a lot. Meanwhile, in the rooms, the light is softer. But it depends on the type of room. The Italian Matteo Thun is one of the famous architect involved in the creation of the Hotel Altstadt Vienna.

I stayed in a single room. It is not that big, but space is more than enough. The bed is a double one, the wardrobe has no doors and umbrellas inside, and the bathroom is a good example of how a tiny space can become comfortable. The equipment includes WiFi, cable TV, cordless phone, parquet floors, and a mini-bar. Check the rates, they are convenient.

You can see some of my pictures to have an idea about the room. Also, I can add that the room of a boutique hotel in Vienna needs to be quiet. You can’t hear any noise. To reach the room you can go up by elevator or stairs in the building as a local who has a flat. Then you enter in big and long corridors with an elegant upholstery. Each detail is tidy.

Breakfast and services

I already wrote that the services are well organized and complete. Let’s see the main ones. Starting from breakfast. The first meal of the day is served in an elegant dining room with a very good buffet well combined. There are food and drinks for different tastes.

The same space is used in the afternoon. In fact, guests can have a cup of tea and a slice of cake at around 5 p.m. Something good for a sweet break during the tour. You can have it for free and seat in front of a fireplace. A boutique hotel in Vienna can’t exist without a bar. They have and it is a lovely place where to drink a glass of wine before dinner.

The staff can provide specific services, organizing a tour, suggesting where to eat or buy something, and of course to prepare for meetings inside the hotel. I am not talking about a conference room, but about a room where to stay while eating or drinking with some outside guests.

It is also good to welcome some local friends or guests with a contemporary art setting, close to the main attractions of the city. Before to let you see the pictures I have to say that the prices of this boutique hotel in Vienna are not so high, especially compared with the treatment received.


Boutique hotel in Vienna - Hotel Altstadt Vienna

Boutique hotel in Vienna - Hotel Altstadt Vienna

Boutique hotel in Vienna - Hotel Altstadt Vienna

Boutique hotel in Vienna - Hotel Altstadt Vienna

Boutique hotel in Vienna - Hotel Altstadt Vienna

Boutique hotel in Vienna - Hotel Altstadt Vienna

Boutique hotel in Vienna - Hotel Altstadt Vienna

Boutique hotel in Vienna - Hotel Altstadt Vienna

Tailor-made assistance

The young staff is there to help guests at any moment. This is a feature of the best structures, and at Hotel Altstadt Vienna this is a feature. They provide information about the attractions, all the assistance to build a unique tour to satisfy travelers’ goals, and the support to find tickets to museums, special events, and so on. The staff says they are your muse, to inspire you. But I would say those people are there to realize your dreams. That’s what makes a perfect and unforgettable stay.

Some examples: they are in touch with main private and public entities, so they can organize meetings with designers, plan a special shopping session. Plus they can manage for you to get an invitation to an art exhibition vernissage. I can’t list all the options and solutions, but you can ask them, you will be surprised. This boutique hotel in Vienna will make you love more this extraordinary city.


Are you ready for your holiday in Vienna? Altstadt Hotel is a luxury stay. So if you are searching for a budget place or other solutions, you can check TEZ Tour. Their guide will help you to find a good hostel around the world, also in Austria. If you want to know more about the city, stay tuned. Meanwhile, check out my post about Graz.

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  1. I love Vienna, I have been there several times and each time it surprise me and I discover something new. Altstadt Hotel is really lovely, cosy and not expensive. They give an excellent service, but it is quiet and discrete place.

  2. Beautiful piece and the photographs really take you there… I have a bit of a concern though. I dunno if it is strictly just me but I have noticed that sometimes some of your articles have bits and pieces covered up or missing. For example, on the very first paragraph of your piece, 2nd sentence ‘Thanks to the Superb place….’ there is text missing just before ‘called Altsadt’. I dunno what the issue could be because the article is otherwise very interesting with the exception of more ‘blank spots’ on the post.

  3. Dear Elain, thanks for your comment and especially for the reporting. I check it immediately. I think that the problem might be that I use the old editor to justify the text and then the classic editor to write. Maybe I don’t save and some parts can be deleted. Then it can be that I don’t read it again before to post. Sorry for this, because you are my reader, and I go immediately to work on the posts.

  4. Been to Vienna last February and must say I loved it! We have stayed in apartment in the city centre rented via AirBnB as I love budget friendly trips, but I loved every second of this trip.

  5. I use Airbnb time to time as well. For me to rent a flat it is not only a matter of money saving, because going from a hotel to another I feel like a parcel post… Anyway, in this case, the boutique hotel was like to be at home, and I was independent like in an apartment. I can imagine the feeling of your trip. Vienna is really wonderful

  6. Thanks a lot! I was lucky to travel to Vienna and to enjoy that hotel, but to spend there some years could be more cool.
    When I try to visit your blog it says that it doesn’t exist… do you know what happens?

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