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BookVIP review: 10 good reasons to chose it for your vacations

You are searching for a vacation package but you have a lot of doubts about the right online agency. I can help you by sharing my BookVIP review. Surely, you have read or heard about this brand but online there are some bad opinions about it. Did you think about competitors? Most of the time companies write terrible impressions just to keep their clients. Then someone can have a negative experience, but is all the truth on his or her side? Well, it’s hard to be sure about the reliability of a brand, but as well about reviews. So, why should you trust me? 

Because I travel often, most of the time I book by myself and separately hotel, flight, and all the services I need and this means experience in traveling. Because I am exigent, so if I use a site and I recommend it there is a good reason. These are not the things I want to tell, but if you follow me to keep reading, you will understand better how it works and why you should consider it for your bookings. I am not asking you to trust me, just to dedicate me a few minutes. Here you can have an analysis of the brand and then you decide and you also verify. I give you an examination of the service, not just an opinion or a recommendation. This is something objective.

bookvip review

BookVIP brand

Before going deep into the BookVip review, it is good to explore a bit the brand and its story, not so long. Because reliability starts always from the company’s features. How they set their work gives the idea of their abilities and their services. A vacation is important and also your budget is essential, it is an investment and you deserve to feel good, to enjoy the time during all your stay. At least this is what I think about my money concerning my leisure trips.

What is BookVIP? This is the first question to answer. The story of the brand isn’t so long because they started in 2008, but how many companies online and offline are still working and growing after more than ten years? So it isn’t so short. Anyway, it was launched by four guys. Were teens trying to have online success accessing the travel industry? No, they were senior sales experts who just understood what was the new need of travelers, families included.

The goal was to propose affordable luxury getaways. The managers and entrepreneurs worked collecting deals with 5-star properties to give access to qualified customers. Their startup after a year was working with six call operators. In 2010 they signed partnerships with important resorts in Mexico. The year after they were counting 100 call operators located in Miami and the Philippines.

In the following years, they added partnerships and deals about the USA and other countries around the world, improving the offers and the number of clients. Now over 3 million people each month visit the platform to search for vacation packages. This is a success and it is a fact that means the company is working hard to satisfy clients. Only a serious company can stay on the market for years and get this number of visitors continuously. In brief, this is the story of the brand. Let’s go to BookVIP review or analysis.

I won’t tell you to buy or not, I will just help you to get all the elements to decide, sharing the reasons why I think you should consider the brand as a reliable partner to book your vacations around the world. Especially after the experience, we lived from 2020 with pandemics. The world and tourism, like the economy, changed and we all need to reorganize our lives, trips included.

My BookVIP review

Did you read about my experience in Palm Springs? I found a great hotel thanks to BookVIP and I had a pleasant stay. But there is more to be satisfied from the service received by the company. Let’s go step by step to analyze how it works.


What can you find on the site? There are all the deals listed by location, by offers, and so on. You can search according to the vacation or destination type. They are full of interesting proposals, not only in 5-star resorts but also some 3 and 4-star hotels. Anyway, all the options concern amazing destinations and very good accommodations. One of the most popular places in Cancun, one of the proposals is about 5 nights in a huge hotel at $499 per couple instead of $2,107. Meals, drinks, and other benefits included.

bookvip review

You can have a VIP vacation at a cheap rate. This is just an example with this moment price, but there are a lot of deals like this one. How is it possible? I am sure you are asking it. Well, go on, discover more about the website and the brand, then you will find answers and good reasons to join it.


When you click on a deal you access the card of the package, with the hotel’s review, the explanation of the offer’s inclusions, some videos of the place with interviews with previous guests and hotel staff. You get all the information you need. and if you like you can purchase taking advantage of the special deal. What I appreciate is how everything is clearly explained to not have any doubt about the offer. Are videos real? If you listen to their words it looks like they really had that experience.

bookvip review

You can also search on Google the hotel and the destination. This will allow you to read information and see images that show you how it is. So, how can they lie on it? They are working with important and well-known brands. The main point is that they have a huge audience and they create affordable proposals helping resorts to fill their rooms.


If you like the offer you proceed with the reservation. When you click on the button you see a window with two options. The first one takes you to the offer purchase if you have fixed dates. The second one is made for those who have no idea about dates for the vacation. You pay a small amount of money concerning the package and you fix the following payments to reach the entire amount in a certain period. So you can block the rate and decide later when to go.

bookvip review

For example, if you select the Cancun proposals at $499, you pay immediately $99 and then you set 4 payments of $100 each in four weeks. So you have all the time to plan your trip. This is convenient. Plus you can add protection to not lose money in any case. There is a good policy for cancellations due to travel restrictions decided by authorities for the pandemic. After the experienced we lived in 2020, this is important.

Customer service

On the website all contacts are available. You can talk with operators directly to ask for any doubt or get support at any stage, also during the vacation. I consider this aspect essential because something negative can always happen, also in the best situation. A good company sets everything to prevent diseases, but a reliable brand is ready to face any unpredicted problem and solve it. On any page of the site, you can find phone numbers. You won’t be alone.

This is what I checked before to reserve some of the suggested Christmas destinations. Assistance is the main element I want to mention in my BookVIP review. Not many agencies do it and even when you have their contacts, they are not working properly. With this brand, it doesn’t happen. I had a positive experience calling them to have some clarifications and information.

Traveler’s reviews

To be honest I don’t take into consideration too much the reviews. Why? Because they can be fake or being written as an act of revenge or something like that. Many times you can notice them. Here reviews are given after a completed stay, so it’s a bit real. The average rating is 4.7 on 5 points and it is base on thousands of feedbacks. So this means that it can’t be the staff to write them. 

Reading some of them is clear that some information can be shared only by real travelers. Anyway, even if you are distrustful about reviews in general, you can check them and get inspired about the reasons why you can book a holiday with them.


Now it is time to go forward in the BookVIP review and answer your questions. What questions? The ones I am sure you have in mind now.

1. How can they offer so cheap rates?

They sign partnerships with resorts and hotel chains to help them to fill the rooms. Since they count on more than a million clients who reserved deals through the brand, they can get better and convenient rates.

2. Are there any requirements to respect?

You can’t visit the same resort twice in less than 6-12 months. If you want to use the resort preview presentation, you need to check terms and conditions by calling customer service, open 24/7.

3. Are there any added fees?

As specified in the offers you may add taxes. The resort fees and taxes are government fees collected by your selected resort and they typically range from $5 to $29 per night, per family. Don’t worry, this is clearly written in the information when you check a deal.

4. When can I select dates for the purchased package?

If you don’t have fixed dates, from purchase you have 12 months to decide them.

5. Are the options only for couples?

There are offers dedicated to everyone, from singles to families, passing by couples. Anyway, pay attention because some of the proposals with the price for couples include kids for free. This means a room for four people.

6. Can you make changes to the packages?

If you want to add one more person, another room, or more nights just call customer service after the purchase. In case you want something else, you can always call them before buying and customize the deal.

7. Why should I trust BookVIP?

I have 10 reasons to share, let me list them.

10 reasons to reserve your vacation with BookVIP

You got my BookVIP review or better an analysis of the site and their work. Now I want to share the reasons why I chose to reserve some resorts with them for my leisure trips. You can also get inspired by my Valentine’s Day getaways, it is valid for any romantic travel with your partner all year long.

1. The site and brand growth on the web and travel industry is fast and successful. This means that they are working properly and most of their clients are satisfied.

2. They declare to have over 3 million unique visitors each month. This is good popularity and it is confirmed by their website rank: #160,668 in the world (among almost 2 billion sites).

3. Viva Mexico is their first project and it made them experts with the best deals in the area, but they are growing, and offers are from different worldwide destinations.

4. On Youtube they have a lot of videos about destinations and they count on a huge collection of positive reviews.

5. Their customer service is open 24/7 and reachable from any part of the world.

6. They have an A-Rating with the Better Business Burea, this means a serious and reliable company.

7. Mexico Tourism Board recognized their high value because they increased tourism in the country. This is an important endorsement.

8. The brand counts on 200 sales responsible to assist customers. There is no need to wait to ask for information.

9. The Facebook page of BookVIP counts over 3 million fans. How can they grow so much if they aren’t good and serious in their job?

10. Checking the rate of cancelations and refunds it is visible that is very low according to the travel market.


Are you ready to reserve your vacation? I hope I made your idea about the brand more clear with this BookVIP review, anyway you can give it a try. What do you think? Start from here to explore all the destinations and the deals and purchase the offer that fits your goals. I am sure you will be happy about the choice. 

You will only need a flight, but Skyscanner can help you with the cheapest rates on the web. Then if you need travel insurance check out Ekta, which is the one I use for my trips. And for a visa let me suggest iVisa, they take care of all the stages for any country you go to. It’s a good chance to save time and get approved without problems.

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