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Booking experiences: the new way to enjoy the holiday

Since 2017 the most famous platform for hotel reservations launched Booking Experiences. It improves its activity offering new ways to live the destinations to its customers. I am exploring the various services provided by the website and I discovered that Booking Experience is not only in the U.S. But it is also available in other countries, like mine: Italy. In Milan, Venice, and Florence using the app of the hotel search engine I can buy tickets, use the fast track in the museums, and get some other discounts in the city. This is dedicated to all clients of the company who reserve a room. Then this is the real reason why we all use the site.

Tours and activities can be personalized. The functionalities are developed by the Booking Holdings-owned brand and they were first developed in certain destinations like Amsterdam, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Singapore. Now it is possible to enjoy the experiences in the USA and Italy also. To use the opportunity you need to book a hotel in one of the cities where the “experiences of Booking” are active and download the app. It is not finished. Continue to read and I will explain all the details to use it.

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How it works Booking Experiences

When you complete the reservation of your accommodation on the platform, you get an e-mail with a link post-booking that directs to a personalized landing page. From there you see all the available experiences on Booking.  You find the different options concerning the tours, the activities, and the local attractions. There is a QR code that you can use to obtain discounts for museums and tour tickets. You don’t need to do anything special, just use the code when you buy the experience. Of course, the conditions and the type of activity are different in each city. In the USA you can try the service in many places, included New York, Miami, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Make unique your stay through Booking Experience

While you read this post, maybe they are adding a new city. Anyway, the most popular and biggest ones are already part of the Booking experience feature. They will increase the number of attractions and events to give you a special way to live your vacation. Any trip deserves something uncommon to be perfect. Do you agree? All the experiences on Booking are tailor-made to meet all tastes and interests.


Now you know how experiences made by Booking are working. So try it and check what are the best offers at the moment. Then select the best Booking experiences and, if you are not traveling alone, surprise your partner or your family. It is a good chance. It doesn’t matter the type of trip or the period. See the proposals and choose the most suitable. You can always have a unique trip with a special experience for you and the people you love.

Reserve the Booking experiences can become a gift. Yes, you can book a room plus have tickets for a show to go with your partner. Prices are cheap and this means that you can easily access the best happening in the city. Click here now and start to explore the various options.

Where would you like to go? What will you love to do there? Use the comments below to share your wishes and experiences. Then share this post to help others with useful tips.

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