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Booking a hotel online: the complete guide of

Booking a hotel online is an easy and convenient way to save time and money. One of the best platform to find special deals is The accommodation search engine is not the only one, but one of the most complete that you can find. The majority of the people, me too, don’t use it only to reserve a room, but tho get inspiration. How? Thanks to the filters and to many options regarding the amenities to choose, it is possible to have a list of the best resorts, flats, and many other accommodation types. We can say “best” according to our criteria. In fact, on the website, it is possible to search for selecting a lot of options. How Booking hotel on the platform. This is what I want to explain. 

It is not important if you are using it for the first time or if you know it. Because even if you are used to booking hotels through that site, you can find some new functions. Because they add something new quite often, they change something each time, and any experience is useful.


booking hotel


As I wrote in a post about hotel search, this is a time-consuming activity. You have to list the structures, then select the ones that offer you the best conditions. It is not only a matter of price, but you want a good location, close to the main attractions or at least near the public transportation stations. You need included breakfast, free WiFi in the room, and so on. Each of us has a different wish and paying the bill we have some expectations. Are these your criteria when booking a hotel online?

Why booking a hotel online

Why is, if you want the best deals online, your starting point? Because it helps you to save money and support you in fast research. With a few steps, you can find the ideal hotel. I think that you want to save time and money. That is why I am going to explain to you how you can use efficiently the website and get exactly what you are searching for. If these aspects are essential for you, this engine is the solution. Because it is trustworthy than others and it easy to navigate, more than others. The intuitive steps in the menu require a few minutes to insert all your choice and have the list of the structures that answers to your criteria.


booking a hotel online


Surely you already tried the platform, but are you sure to know very well about the different types of accommodation available? I want to give you some tips. So you will be aware of the opportunity that gives to all of us. As a traveler, I need to optimize my time in organizing my trips and as well to find the best service that can support me. To be more clear I am going to make some examples, trying to be concrete and practical.

Hotel or apartment?

As you know reading my posts I love luxury, so I generally search for high-level hotels. This means to be available to spend a certain amount of money, but not more than enough. I can have good services at a reasonable price. Anyway not in all countries is possible to find the same condition and also the same rating with stars. So I need to compare the hotels and to see what they offer. So I can mix the results and catch the best deal. shows hotels and also other types of accommodation. For example, you can rent a luxury apartment for a cheap price and have some hotel services offered by the owners.


booking hotel


Thanks to the variety of accommodation types you can consider a different way to spend your holiday. You can easily book a room in a B&B, a villa, or a boat. Yes, Booking has also that option. It is really easy and immediate to reserve your stay online in very few steps. There are also the main hotel chains and you can choose the best deals regarding a huge variety of rooms and suites.

How booking hotel: features

Before going deep into the tips, I think it is good to list the reasons why you should start using These must be added to the main elements mentioned before.

Thanks to the hotel search engine you have at your service:

  • Over one million properties world-wide to guarantee you the chance to compare and to find the best deals on your next accommodation
  • You can book immediately and then pay at the hotel
  • You can change your reservation anytime
  • Free cancellation on the majority of the rooms
  • assists you 24/7
  • There is a guarantee on the best price
  • The reviews are verified
The staff is going to ask and accept reviews only from who booked and stayed at the property. This means that you can’t find fake opinions made on other websites. I suggest always to read them carefully because each of us has different standards, but surely those are real opinions from real customers. The process for the evaluation of the property is strict and checked in all the stages.

How about booking a hotel? Now it is time to make the examples I want to specify that I decided to become an affiliate of So if you book a room through my links, I will get a small commission, meanwhile, you will have the best deals without any other cost. Why? Firstly I have chosen it, so I did on my own because I had the chance to try it personally and to notice what I am writing here. With very few exceptions I reserved my hotels and apartments through this platform. My advice comes from other experiences. On the other side, as you already know, I am just using some ads to recover the costs of the domain.

The hotels

One of the best hotels where I stayed in Rome, one of the cities that I know more, is Hotel d’Inghilterra. It is located a few steps far from Spanish Steps. Since I like to change and to try different structures I research a lot using many websites. The best deal for me was on I decided to stay in a hotel to have room service and other amenities. I wanted comfort and a central location. These conditions were fully satisfied, together with included breakfast and free WiFi. How booking hotel with the best amenities.

booking a hotel online


Closed to the main attractions, in the heart of the city and with many amenities available, like airport shuttle, free cable TV, laundry facilities, 24-hour reception, a minibar, and coffee machine. I ticked the different options starting from “Luxury hotels”, five stars, breakfast included, free Wifi. You can easily choose the type of hotel ( family, business, romantic, beach…) and then select the amenities that you want.

The apartments

Ginnasi Palace Penthouse is a special apartment with a great terrace overlooking the city. It is located in central Rome, a few steps from Pantheon. I was searching for a prestigious flat were to spend some days and were to be free. Comfort and luxury were the leitmotivs of the accommodation, but also the price was good. Certainly appropriate to the type of apartment, but cheaper than a hotel of high level. Traveling a lot and spending many days in the hotels, to choose an apartment means to feel more like at home.

booking hotel
Thanks to I could select the apartments and then list them through the features that I like most. It was possible for me also to have some visits from my local friends during my stay. In case you want to host someone you can do it adding a small fee. What are usually the benefits of this type of accommodation?
Access to a full kitchen, so you can cook the meals by yourself and save money, have separate bedrooms, and maybe more bathrooms. You have also the laundry to manage on your own and a lot of privacy. In some cases it is possible to add a cleaning service during your stay, otherwise, you have to clean the apartment by yourself. Do you want an apartment? On you have just to search among a huge inventory to find the best deal.

The resorts

Do you like resorts? On it is really easy to find one and to reserve your room in a while. In Rome, there is one that I never tried, as a resort, but only for the restaurant, and I listed as a wish. It is called Rome Cavalieri, a Waldorf Astoria Resort. Five stars luxury accommodation located on a hill from where to enjoy a marvelous view of Rome. Comfort is part of it. What they offer is more than a hotel room, because it is full of facilities where you can spend an entire holiday without moving.


booking a hotel online


I like to explore the places where I go, but in case I know that I will not be bored to spend one day at the resort. It is not so close to the center, but that gives the perfect setting for a relaxing stay. If you like resorts on the website you just need to select the proper voice on the menu. They give you some advice and ideas about the destination and for each of them, you have the list at your disposal. It is always possible to select the main amenities.

The hostels

I am not used to going to hostels now, but when I was younger to explore the world I did it. This type of accommodation offers cheap rates and also the chance to make new friends. Young travellers from all around the world are always there and open to chat and to meet the others. There are also some family-friendly structures. It depends on the countries because not in all the places you can find a big number of them, but I suggest you try to search for them on hotel
The hostels are downtown and very close to public transport and main attractions. They offers also private rooms and free services like breakfast, laundry, and WiFi. There is almost always a kitchen for guests where they can prepare their meals and share the food with others. Rome, for example, has a lot of them well spread in the most important parts of the city.

The motels

In Italy there aren’t many motels, meanwhile, they are present everywhere in the USA. It happens from time to time to use them, especially the ones close to the airport or the main roads. You can sleep there and start again to continue your journey. This type of accommodation is not the best deal only for the location, but also because it is budget-friendly. This means that you can have a clean room with good amenities without spending a huge amount of money.


booking a hotel online


Mostly depends on the management, because some of them apply highers rates giving more facilities and services. Anyway on, you can select the best ones ticking from the menu the amenities that you are searching for. It can be WiFi, breakfast, air-conditioned, car parking. It depends on you. You can easily check the location and compare the different motels.

The vacation houses

In Rome, there is a good choice of vacation houses, where to stay in cozy rooms where privacy is guaranteed. The prices are generally cheaper than hotels and those structures are located close to the main attractions and the public transport stations. You can also find entire houses with a lot of space and more bedrooms. For families or groups of friends, they offer the perfect budget solution. Rates are not so high, meanwhile, you are free to move and to use the kitchen, living room and so on.


booking hotel


This type of rental involves private owners who want to monetize their property hosting tourists and travellers. It is possible to rent on a short or long-term basis. They are on to get more visibility and to easily get reservations. The vacation houses can be homes, condos, lodges, or cabins. The common element is made by the comforts of homes proposed by these accommodations.

The homestay

If you like to explore the local culture and to stay in touch with inhabitants, you should consider the option of the homestay. It means choosing accommodation that gives you a real example of local life. You become for a while a citizen of the destination where you go. This is a similar service to the one offered by Airbnb. You find an apartment or a house for a few days or a long period and have your private home. You are directly in touch with the owners and you meet easily the neighbors.


booking a hotel online proposes a great list of homestay properties. You select the various options and then you decide which one is the best for you. When you book it you start to be connected with the owner who will welcome you at your arrival. You can exchange messages and prepare your stay and maybe the details of your arrival to let them be ready for you.

The farm stay

Do you like nature? Outside the cities in the countryside is full of farms where you can reserve a room and also taste the local food made with genuine ingredients. On there are dedicated pages with the list of the different accommodations of this type. You generally need a car to reach them, but you will live a great experience. The prices are lower than the ones applied by hotels. You have contacts with the family who manage it and sometimes you can attend to some cuisine courses, creativity classes and so on. They are full of activities.


booking hotel


The farm includes different types of structures: cabins, cottages, converted barns, tents, yurts, and so on. It is also a great experience for kids, under the entertainment and educational aspects. They can host families and also couples. In some cases, there are spa services included. You can enjoy specific activities for wellness, with unique and well-prepared pathways.


Now you know exactly how booking a hotel online using the portal. As you have read there are many functions and very good deals.  You can explore it from here and see directly how it works. With my tips, you will easily find the best offers and the most suitable accommodations. If you are searching for a good destination, check out my destinations pages.

Now it is your turn, you have to start to search for your favorite accommodation and to book it.

What is your favorite vacation? What is your favorite place to stay? Share your opinions, experiences, and questions in the comments below.

Enjoy your holiday!

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