Bluetooth 9D Stereo Earphone Wireless

Bluetooth 9D Stereo Earphone Wireless: 1 amazing item for your trips

Do you like music? Don’t renounce to listen to it during your trips. Bluetooth 9D stereo earphone wireless is all that you need. It is an innovative type of earphone. This means better performances. Why should you buy the earphones? I can answer by telling you why I decided to purchase this product on AliExpress. The huge discount influenced me a bit on the model, but it was not enough.

Searching for a solution, not only to listen to music or movies while I explore the world, I analyzed a lot of proposals. Well, the best one was available on the platform. Bluetooth 9D stereo earphone wireless offers many options and a high-quality sound. Maybe this is also due to the shape. Yes, you can easily insert them in the hears, so you won’t lose anything from the sound.

Bluetooth 9D Stereo Earphone Wireless

To convince me contributed the facility to manage the functions. In fact, it is easy to answer a call, stop it, or erase the volume. Just to do an example. For each need, I don’t have to use some control key, but only to touch softly the Bluetooth 9D stereo earphone wireless. I can also separate the single ear. I know, I am not a woman and I can’t do two things at the same time. Just joking, don’t worry. I like to make some jokes from time to time, also in my posts.

Bluetooth 9D stereo earphone wireless: what to do with them

This item is made to listen to sounds or voices. But the object found on AliExpress is something more. Especially because of the use. Let me explain something more. Thanks to the LED power display it is possible to see the battery level, to recharge the Bluetooth 9D stereo earphone wireless on time. To charge it is not necessary for any cable. The touch Bluetooth headset does everything by contact with the charger.

On average use, it works for 4 hours for a single broadcast. The item offers a movie assistant mobile phone holder. It’s perfect for a video call or to enjoy some cinema on your device. Then the pairing is automatic. You don’t have to spend time and effort to connect it with the phone. It is waterproof, so no worry about rain or sweat. You can even keep the earphone while you swim in the sea or the pool.

The high quality of the sound is one of the benefits given by Bluetooth 5.0. Noise reduction, the stability of the signal, and fast transmission speed are the main features. This is one of the innovative parts of the Bluetooth 9D stereo earphone wireless. These reasons made me sure to buy the item. I saved 52% on the price thanks to a limited time offer on AliExpress.


Before searching for the Bluetooth 9D stereo earphone wireless I tried to study a bit the technology. I didn’t become an expert, but I wanted to compare the products. You maybe know very well this type of item and you understand perfectly the technical specifics. I give you some features to help you to evaluate this useful product for travelers. Of course, also who doesn’t travel can find the earphone great for daily life.

Bluetooth 9D Stereo Earphone Wireless

The brand is QCR, well known in the market and specialized in the production of phone accessories. The style is in-ear. Bluetooth 9D stereo earphone wireless operates on a dynamic vocalism principle. The sensitivity is equal to 110±4dB. Another important aspect concern the functions. You can get a multifunctional object. For internet bar, monitor headphone, for the video game, common headphone, for mobile phone, for iPod, HiFi headphone, sport.

Now you are thinking about the compatibility. No worries for you. It is made to work with any type of phone, any brand, any system. The frequency response range is 100-10000Hz. Bluetooth 9D stereo earphone wireless has a resistance of 32Ω, with an earphone battery capacity of 60mAh*2. The charging box battery specification is 3300 mAh. You can easily count on a playtime of 5-6 hours. To recharge the battery you will need 1 or 2 hours maximum.

See the product description on AliExpress. I am sure you will find it interesting and useful. If you are searching for other ideas, you have to read my shopping advice. There are a lot of suggestions for you.

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Now you have all details you need. This item will improve your daily life, not only your trips. The high quality is going to help you with all your needs, from listening to music to have a conversation through your phone. No noise around you and clear communication. Isn’t it perfect? You shouldn’t wait to buy it. Explore my shop.

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