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The time is passing but I feel a beginner with my blog. I started on the 1st of January 2018, so counting the days you can easily understand why. Blogging is a passion for me, but it is also a way to learn to move on internet managing a website. This travel blog is my way to share my experiences around the world. But it is also training. Yes, I am learning by doing so I decided to add to the pages related to the trips this one. It is a way to help you with my knowledge, the one I improve step by step, day after day online.

Blogging is not only writing posts, but it is much more. To be visible it is necessary to set the site in a certain way, to install plugins, to respect SEO rules, that is changing fast according to search engines algorithms. I am not an expert, but I have read a lot of blogs, books, and important websites about this topic. Applying their suggestions I had the chance to improve (I am still doing it) My Anasa, but not all the information I got were right or working properly for me.


So I started to practice and to explore the sources. Only using them and make some tries I could transform my blogging in a positive experience. I am growing step by step and all the strategies I use are “personalized”. Since my experience online in following a lot of expert and people who pretend to be experts, I understood that can be helpful to share something very basic. What I missed was a beginner to follow. It can be me for you now. If you are starting a blog, you can benefit from my tips. 

You know, I found a lot of cool advice from the masters like Neil Patel, but it is easy to double the traffic or have success when you are popular and you have specific competences. Not all the ways suggested are good for a small new travel blog. That’s why I have to work directly to find the right method. My Anasa is not famous, but some small results are coming, so maybe you can be interested in getting more info. What can you find here? Let me explain.

Blogging: my support to you

This page has direct connections to the categories I prepared to share with you my experience online. Clicking on the titles, you will have the posts lists to open and read as you prefer. Blogging means to use sources to get help in managing the site, to read books and articles to learn more about strategies and rules. Then there is visibility to improve. All my posts are written to help you, so for any question or doubt don’t hesitate to write me through the contact form. I will be happy to answer according to my knowledge.

Blog life


Some news about my blog and its organization. Awards, the first birthday, presents for followers, and something more. In this section, you can read about blogging related to My Anasa.

Blogging tools and plugins


This category is dedicated to the reviews I made about the tools and the plugins I used successfully. Some of them are related to SEO, others to boost visibility and there is also something related to the hosting platform. Blogging is cool with the right tools.

Blogging sources


Books, articles, tips, and hints about blogging are here. You can find news, information, and advice to develop your blog. There are also some suggests about monetizing your website. Get all that you need to learn and improve your online experience.

Digital Marketing Course


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