Best ways to make money online

Best ways to make money online: 58 easy activities

Are you searching for extra cash to pay bills? Well, you are in good company, but you are also in the right place. Do you already explore my earn money online guide? Maybe you want an easy and simple activity to do. Well, I listed here the best ways to make money online. You will get inspired finding cool, but especially serious and legit, ideas to develop to improve your budget. I prepared a complete selection that will help you to face your needs, at least some of them.

There are different types of activities, some are just a chance to get a few extra cash to manage your purchases or bills. Others can even become a profession, so more profitable, but mostly it depends on your engagement, on the efforts, and on the time spent to work on. You can pick the ones you think fit more and try them. My criteria are based on the simple idea to give you quick ways to earn money online. So quite easy and fast. But easier and fast means less cash. So keep it in mind. Then it is up to you to choose according to your goals.

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All the best ways to make money online

Here I start my list. Just a few more things to consider. You can do them in your free time if you are just searching for a bit more cash or work all day long if you don’t have a job. I suggest you explore also my other guides because there are opportunities to find good activities to get a salary or a good amount of money to live. Plus, bookmark this page. I am doing frequent updates to keep you informed about new chances. All the best ways to make money online are here. You can also share opinions and experiences using the comments’ space.

Best ways to make money online

Do you want to try immediately the chance to earn easily and legally a lot of money? But you need to be in the United Kingdom, otherwise, you have to go to the end of this point. There are a lot of students who counted in a while £100 using this technique. There are no risks, no taxes to pay, and no laws to break. So it is convenient and you can give it a try.

You should do it regularly taking advantage of free bets offered by sites active in the field but especially you have to “match” the betting exchange. In case you don’t know it, matched bettings are without risks because you bet for and against the outcome, so you have more chances to win. This is the way to get a free bet but also to reach the goal and gain as much as £100. The more betting sites you visit using this technique, the more pounds you will get. Imagine 10 sites per £100. This means to get fast and easy £1,000. 

Even if you use free bet credit and you win £10 for more time, it is not so bad. At least to start and to earn some extra money without too much effort. 

If you don’t live in the UK, there are some options you can use with similar strategies. How? Focus on the free credit offered by the betting websites.

In any case, check out these sites:



They have bonuses for new users.

2. Online surveys

Among the best ways to make money online, surveys became popular. Not only students, but also housewives, retired people, and so on are taking part in this type of earning process. You get paid to fill forms answering questions. They can do it in their spare time. It is hard to get a lot of money, but some surveys give a reward of around $5. Some others pay $0.50. It depends on your profile and each request.

If you need an average amount of $50 per month this is going to be the right way. There are surveys about everything, mainly they are proposed by companies that are trying to set products and services for the market. You need to honestly share information about your life and experience with their services. 

Some companies in the USA do phone interviews and in this case, you can earn more money, even $200 or $300 per call. You have to subscribe to the sites, fill the profile and wait for opportunities listed in the site dashboard. If you qualify, you will be interviewed and paid.

Check out these sites:


Branded Surveys





Opinion Outpost

Populus Live



Valued Opinions

The Opinion Panel




Opinion Bureau


Panel Base

Survey Junkie

Swagbucks (they pay to surf the web, watch videos, and play games)

3. Web searching

I guess you spend a lot of time doing researches on the web. As I usually do. Well, would you like to get paid to do it? No efforts, you just act like every day but you earn money. They want you to have the same behavior and register your searches. It is a good opportunity to get extra cash. You won’t have a huge amount of money, but enough to pay some small bills,s and especially you won’t spend more time than the one you already spend online.

If you want to take advantage of this chance you only need to register at They give you rewards to surf the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, and eBay. It will be required to install an add-on to your browser that will show you sponsored results alongside your normal search. If you click the given links, you get the reward. Attached to each link there is the specified sum you can get.

You will receive cash to your PayPal account and there is no minimum to cashout. So it is fast and easy without any extra effort from your side.

4. Market trading online

What about buying and selling in stock markets? It is a risky activity if you don’t have abilities, but there are good ways to make some profit while you learn how to do it. Following the experts, you can transform this way into a profitable opportunity. If you are not aware of rules, if you are reading this it means it is the first time for you, I suggest you experiment.

Don’t think about significant losses, because you have to start with free bonuses and playing in the market t copying the best strategies. This will allow you to see how it goes, to learn step-by-step, and to grow. I am doing it and it works. You need to dedicate time and it is up to you the timing. You can count your first small earning is not much time. How? Register to the trading platform eToro.

It has more than 12 million users from any part of the world and it has great partners. On it, a huge group of experts operates regularly making a profit. Follow the directions and their behavior, so you will get positive results while you will discover the best secrets. The CopyTrader feature is the best tool you can find online. But be always aware before to take decisions. Especially if you are still learning and investing your money.

Trading software easy to use to make a profit:

Forex Signals

High Conversion Forex Robot

Tradeonix Pro



IQ Option

5. Create your own blog/site

One of the most profitable ways to earn money online is sure to manage a blog selling your own products or taking advantage of affiliate marketing to get commissions from followers’ purchases and posting sponsored content. But this requires time and a lot of work. So it is not properly the fast way. Passive income will satisfy you if you will be seriously engaged with it.

It is not hard, you can start reading my blogging guide, then set the site. You can do it for free or investing a few dollars to multiply your chances to earn. You will need traffic as well, so it will be important to use social media to promote your blog. Do it in a few minutes and then write useful articles to start to get readers and earning money. You will need a strategy. For that read how to make money online with a blog.

I let you explore the link above to learn more about the ways to open a site, meanwhile, I share here some resources.

Sites to start:

Siteground to set domain and blog plus get more online visibility, read my review

Google Adsense to monetize your blog showing ads

Admitad to find companies to cooperate with as an affiliate

6. Review websites & apps for cash

If you are searching for the best ways to make money online it will be easy for you to review websites and apps for cash. In case they are not good ones, you can at least earn cash just by writing your opinion about them. You won’t lose time. You only need a computer and internet connection because you will surf the web and you have to install their extension to record your activity.

It is a fun job. Generally, a review requires 20 minutes and for that time you get $10. If they want to talk with you, you will even earn more. In video conversations, you have the chance to earn up to $120. Thet will pay via PayPal. Don’t worry, they ask you to explore any type of website, so it won’t be boring. Go to Sign up following the instructions, install the program on your computer, and start. If you want to write software reviews, use SoftwareJudge and get $0.10 for each review.

7. Disney reselling

If you are searching for a profitable way to earn money and you are ready to work on it, well, you should consider Disney’s value secret. Disney Studios has the goal to keep demand high across generations to guarantee great results. So they make some restrictions to the supply of some home release classics. They are locked away in the ‘vault’ for 8-10 years before being released for a short unspecified time. 

This is a good chance for you. Buy them at the normal retail price and when they go off of sale, put them on the market. You need to wait, but the investment worths it. Do you want an example? In 2011 Beauty and the Beast was on sale on Blu-ray 3D at $35. In a couple of years on Amazon, they were selling it at $105. It is not so fast, but surely you can earn a lot, especially if you manage to buy more titles.

Consider that not only Disney releases are subject to the vault but only classics. Those are maintaining high demand. So people will always search for them.

8. Get paid sites

One of the best ways to make money online fast is given by the sites that pay people to do specific tasks. It is like the ones dedicated to surveys, but they have a huge variety of missions to accomplish. The reward concerns vouchers for different online activities. Subscribe, complete the requirements, and get paid. Everything is easy and any activity is quite easy, so you don’t need specific competencies.





9. Write and sell an eBook

Thanks to Amazon and Kindle Store it is easy to publish an eBook. If you are good at writing and you have something interesting to tell or to teach, it is your chance. The Kindle app is the way to reach easily millions of people, so you can make money selling your digital book. You access a global big market, your readers can download their copy. Making money with Amazon is quite easy.

Of course, it is good to attract traffic to the site so they can see your text. Just share the link to the store page on your social profiles and ask your friends to help you. More readers and followers you will reach more chances to sell you will have. The profit depends on the price and the number of copies sold. Anyway, you will get 70% of sales because Amazon takes a commission. You can set the price according to the averages rates, it may be between $1 and $7. But you can arrange it concerning the number of pages, the topic, and so on.

Best ways to make money online

Success comes if the book creates value or if the story is interesting and engaging. Collect all the information, clearly explain them, give hints to people to solve problems, and present the guide. It will be a good opportunity to sell. I suggest you explore the offers online, so you will have an overview of existing books.

Don’t forget the design. People will see a presentation, they won’t read much text, so create a superb cover to attract people. You can use Canva, there are a lot of templates with pictures, drawings, signs to realize cool covers for your digital book. Of course, this way to make money isn’t fast, but you can earn for years to come and it becomes a good chance for passive income. 

For more tips read my guide to write an eBook.

10. Affiliate marketing

This is a good opportunity to make money online if you have a good number of followers on social networks, starting from Instagram, or on your blog. You can be a partner of different brands, promote their products or service and publish sponsored posts or stories. Then you can share affiliate links and earn commissions on any follower’s purchase.

I use Admitad and I recommend it as a reliable partner. The company counts many brands in any field and they manage fast payments. There are many options and each time people will buy items or subscribe to services with your link, you will earn money. Read more on my affiliate marketing guide.

11. Do click work

The platform Clickworker platform offers opportunities to accomplish simple tasks required from companies. They ask for specific actions on different complexity levels. You have to do it quickly and you have the chance to earn fast money online. From data entry to web researches of form filling, you can choose the tasks you prefer.

They pay you in cash via PayPal and you organize yourself you prefer. The important thing is to respect deadlines, so you can work in your spare time.

There is also an alternative, another good platform, but it is not easy to enter. Amazon Mechanical Turk offers simple tasks to do, but they have to analyze your profile and then invite you. Sign up from here and wait for news, they will reach you via email. They decide if you are fitting or not but it’s not clear how you can be selected.

12. Claim tax back

This way can be different from country to country, but in case it is applicable, it works well. A lot of students spend their summer working and others will be on placements or paid internships. What does it mean? If you are a student and you are active in this type of work, you are charged extra income tax. This happens because few students reach the personal tax-free income allowance each year but are put on an emergency basic tax code by their employers meaning tax is being paid when it shouldn’t be.

So you have to activate the student tax refunds. Don’t you know how to do it? Check out the guide made by Business Insider. Then verify the rules in your country.

13. Shopping cashback

If you want to save money buying items and services you need, there is a great chance. Cashback is a good way to get back money after the purchase. Many programs are active and they recognize, on average, from 0,5% to 10%. You save money without renouncing to buy what you desire and this allows you to buy even more. Of course, this is a way that allows you to recover some expenses but it is not just a pure earning method.



Aviva home insurance

BT broadband

Paytm Mall


O2 mobile

Top CashBack






These online shops are just some of the huge number of stores present on the web in your country. So you can explore more to find more cashback opportunities.

14. Fiverr

What are your abilities? You can propose your services to other people and companies. The biggest marketplace, Fiverr, is the right place to find clients. Create logos, manage social media profiles, realize videos, set online courses. There are many opportunities, you can have your window online and find a lot of clients. You will get paid according to the fee you decide.

Take a look at the various offers and profiles, so you can get inspired and properly promote yourself, but especially offer a good price to win competitors. Then consider also the alternative to this platform. It is called Upwork. There are no limits, so focus on your competencies.

15. Music reviews

Do you love music? You can listen to new and cool songs and get paid to do it. Well, it’s not only about listening to it, but you have to write a review about it. That’s not hard and it is funny as well. You have only to subscribe to Slicethepie and accept tasks. The retribution grows together with reputation, so you will need a bit of time to earn a good amount of money, but plus you do a good job, plus rates go high. Especially you will receive more tasks.

16. Sell your notes

If you are a student at university or high school, you can take into consideration selling your notes. Of course, if you don’t mind and they are clear and correct. There are a lot of students who need help to study and finding something ready will be great for them. They can pay for that. You set the price and if it is good, they will buy. You can put your notes online to be downloaded by others after the payment.

In any country, there are platforms already prepared to do it. You have only to subscribe for free and start to upload and share. The staff will collect payments for you and the money will be transferred to your PayPal account. Create PDF files and upload them. Then wait for the money. There is no need to make promotions because students are going to search them for topics on the platform. It is valid also for professional courses.


Nexus Notes


17. Sell second-hand books

At home, you sure have some school books or other types that you don’t need anymore. If they are in good condition you can sell them online. Check out the titles, because if the school texts are too old they might be out from the interest of other students. You can use a marketplace to make easier all the process. Follow the tips to set the price and the shipping costs that will be your task once people will buy them.

If you have a huge quantity of second-hand books, you can use Amazon Marketplace. They keep a commission, but you won’t have much effort to do to create an online page. Get here the guide to make all the correct steps and maximize the earnings. People can have what they need and save money, you make money selling what you don’t need anymore.

18. Competitions

This is one of the best ways to make money online but there are no guarantees. The positive side is that if you win the amount of money can be really high. It depends on competition but you can earn even $50,000 or more in a year. There are communities of participants in various countries that are sharing information and opportunities. Search on Google and prepare yourself in taking part in TV or radio shows, do something for contests, and so on. There are also chances online.

19. Sell web domains

How can you sell a domain on the web? Especially if you don’t have an internet address to give to other people. It doesn’t matter, you can buy them and then sell them. There are platforms dedicated to that. In case you want, you can purchase some of them then propose them to some companies that the name is fitting. But this method is the second choice. Do you want to earn better money? Well, create domains by yourself.

Search for companies’ names without a site or a site with their specific name. Then go to the site Domain and check out if the address is available. Buy it. The cost can be between $1 and $6, more or less. If you select the right ones you can even get $1,000 each. It isn’t valid only for brand names. You can combine words related to actions, categories, and so on. Just to give you an example in 2007 was sold for $35m. Maybe you won’t earn so much, but you can do good money just by creating the right domains and put them on the market. Get inspired on Sedo.

20. Mystery shopping

This isn’t properly a way to make money online because you have to go out of home, but everything starts from a computer and an app. Then I think sometimes you go out of the home. You have to subscribe to one of the companies active in the field and accept tasks. It is about going to shops and take pictures, ask for information about an item, and even buy something. Don’t worry you will get your money back and you will get paid if you do the task correctly.

You can’t reveal to the people in the shop that you are a mystery buyer and act like a normal customer. The reward is different according to the task and it can be a few dollars up to $50, but it is based on the requirements. This activity is going to grow, but be sure that you can do it in your area. Check out the offers. Sometimes they need to verify brand chains, so you might have more shops in a city with the same tasks, and it will be easier to earn more. 


I Shop for Ipsos


Search on Google for more sites in your country.

21. Sell your used items and clothes

The easiest way to make money online is by selling what you don’t need anymore. It can be clothes, CDs, games, you can easily propose any type of object. It should be in good condition and don’t forget that you will need to take care of shipping, so check always the costs and places where you can send the items. I already mentioned Amazon Marketplace to sell books, but there are many other platforms you can use on the web.

To find buyers it is better to keep low prices and pay attention to the competition. Generally, sites are free of charge, they might ask for a commission or not, but if there are many users they give you the chance to get more visible paying ads. If you can make a profit, it can be good to spend a few dollars to have more opportunities to sell and if the profit is high. I mean, you can spend $3 if you can have a net income of at least $10, otherwise, there is no sense.

You can also sell your artwork if you do something like that. The platforms manage the payment and send money to you.





The Spruce


22. Sell your competencies

If you don’t have to empty your room, maybe you have some abilities that might be helpful to other people. Profitably use your knowledge. For example, you can give lessons, create tutorials, or just assist people in doing some specific tasks they don’t know how to manage. It is good, for instance, to manage social network profiles for brands or individuals. It depends on you. Why not become a tutor for students?!?! It’s full of options.

Focus on competencies and subscribe to the right platform. You can sell services, people will find you for their needs, you will fix rates, and they will give you tasks and then money. Set average rates to win on competitors and go global. There are a lot of businessmen and companies in need, you just have to answer to their requirements. The same is valid for individuals.

See my guide to learn what to do.


Best ways to make money online



Skillshare (explore it to get inspired, I give you 2 weeks free trial of the Premium version, click here)

23. Sell your photos

If you are a good photographer you can sell your photos online. It doesn’t matter the subject, because people and companies are searching for pictures of landscapes, items, portraits, and so on. They require only the subscription and the photos upload. Nothing more. They will credit to your account the money when someone buys and you can then transfer them to your PayPal account according to the given rules. It is easy.

If you are not sure about your photos, post some of them on ClickASnap. They pay you when people see them, plus you can sell them. It is the first step to get feedback from people, so you can improve and then approach also other sites. The more visibility you have, the more chances you have to earn. You can also create a professional profile on Instagram, so you can show your portfolio and put a link to the pages to buy your photos. 

Read my guide about ClickASnap.


Adobe Stock

Getty Images



SmugMug Pro


iStock Photo



Can Stock Photo









24. Rent out your car parking space

Parking a car in a city becomes harder, so if you have a space that you want to rent, post a not online and wait for people who contact you. You have to set the price keeping in mind average costs. In various cities, there are platforms to do that. Or better, many sites are ready-made for that and they include space for many cities. It is better if your space is around the downtown or close to some specific attraction, office, company.

Subscribe, post your offer, and wait for messages. You will arrange the deal and the site will help you to find interested clients plus to do all the process stages. It is easy and immediate to use. Mostly it depends on where you live, but the biggest is the city and the biggest are the chances to make a profit.



Just Park

Your Parking Space

Park Hound


Moby Park

Parking Cupid

25. Become your own bank

One of the best ways to make money online is through a bank. No, I am not telling you to open a traditional bank account, you might have already one and it is not convenient. Use your money to start peer-to-peer lending. This system represents the future of banking. You can do everything without moving from home. You cut the costs of intermediaries.

There is already a company active in this field. It is called Zopa and it was founded in 2005. It is the best P2P site and it counts more than 60,000 active investors. You invest your money with them, so they can lend a small amount of money and share with you the interests gained. You can expect to get back up 5% of interest on invested budget. Not bad. Everything depends on how long you choose to lend for. Verify laws in your country, but keep in mind that going for the ISA account you have the chance to earn interest tax-free.

What about risks? As with any traditional bank, there is some risk attached to peer-to-peer lending. Zopa has gone a long way to mitigating this by spreading your money across many different borrowers (who are also credit checked). You can also choose products that suit your appetite for risk and reward.

26. Work with charities

There is a chance to gain money from charities. No, you don’t have to ask for support, but help them in finding funds for their activities. They are always in need of money and for that reason, they are searching for people ready to help them. If you are good to ask for money to sustain an important cause, you can get paid. This task is not about managing contacts with huge donors but with people.

For instance, you make phone calls proposing them to subscribe donations of a certain amount of monthly payments to help the charity organization with its goals. The NGO recognizes you a commission, it can be even around $20. Of course, the amount depends on their needs and projects. It is a good way to earn but also to give your contribution to the cause. But be prepared, you will get also a certain number of refuses from people.

It is full of associations, you can start with:



National Council on Nonprofits


Fundraising Regulator

27. Rent out your house for filming

Have you ever dream to live in a movie? Well, you can somehow realize your dream. Or at least to transform your home into a set for a TV program or a film. How? You can make it available for directors who are searching for houses to realize their projects. Don’t worry, they want any type of place, so even if you don’t own a villa, you have the chance to make money online. You will do the process on the web, then, of course, you will see people around your house.

Yes, now imagine shoots from your room, but you don’t know how to reach the right people. Don’t worry, you can find sites created for this purpose. You have to subscribe, to list your house with a description, and they will be in touch with you in case some director is interested. Of course, they will need to visit it, but then you have the chance to rent it out and they pay good money for that. Don’t think to host a lot of famous movies, but even just one can be profitable. Then who knows. 


1st Option

Shoot Factory

Film Locations Wanted

Locations Hub

28. Freelance job

Do you want to earn extra cash? One of the best ways to make money online is through freelance work. It is a job, but you are the owner. The internet is full of opportunities, it is the basic starting point. According to the given tasks, you can earn a little money or transform the activity into a real and profitable job. It depends on your competencies and on the platforms you use.

It can be data enter, social profiles management, copywriting, graphic design, or many other works. Of course, increasing the complexity of the task earning part is more interesting. Subscribe to platforms, create a profile offering your competencies, and apply to be selected by companies for their offers. There are short and long-term proposals, so you can get even monthly payments for some months or a year. Plus, if they are satisfied, you will multiply your chances to earn.





We Work Remotely











Webflow Experts


Authentic Jobs


29. Sell your stories and videos

Do you have something interesting to tell? Some story about your life or just something invented that catches the attention of people can become a book or a cool video. Or maybe an interview in a newspaper. It depends on the topic and if it is true or not. Well, in case you have some facts to tell about a famous person that you know, you can sell the story to some magazine. Gossip sells a lot.

There are good ways to make money online and offline with this type of material, but you need to prove it. Or if you are creative realize a video or write a book and then propose it to the editor. You can also publish it by yourself and sell it online. 

If you are searching for inspiration and to learn how to write a good story, you should read this book: Sell with a Story: How to Capture Attention, Build Trust, and Close the Sale.


Heroes & Heartbreakers



The New Yorker

The Sun Magazine

Fireside Magazine

Reader’s Digest

30. Earn with YouTube videos

YouTube is growing fast thanks to the efficiency of videos in sharing messages, better than any written post. This means that there is a huge potential to make money on the platform, not only selling something or using affiliation and sponsored content. There is a good opportunity to earn with YouTube Partner Program. You just need to upload videos to make a profit, but of course, you need a big audience and views. This requires quality, original, and engaging videos.

Google puts ads on your videos and pays you according to a percentage of the advertising revenue collected per 1,000 views. To activate it it is necessary to count at least 1,000 subscribers to your channel. Then, the more views you get the more money you get. It is hard if you have to start from zero, but working on it will give you a good amount of money. You can reach even the goal to sustain yourself just with the income from ads.

31. Watch videos

Maybe you will need time to reach the goal on YouTube and you want a faster way to make money. The easiest way isn’t to create but to watch videos some platforms pay you just to watch them. You get a reward with cash or gift cards. It is up to you to choose. There are also other simple tasks related and you can earn a bit more dong them. It is freelance work that doesn’t make you reach, but it helps to get a few dollars extra when you need it.

More rewards are recognized when you write reviews of videos and movies. They collect some information about you and they will propose fitting tasks. You earn points and then you can convert them into cash.




32. Source property for wealthy investors

Properties are still a good option for investors, maybe one of the bests. How can you earn money if you don’t have the chance to invest? Don’t worry, you can make money fast doing sourcing preparing suitable properties for wealthy investors who simply have no time. You do part of the job on their behalf. You can find properties below market value by avoiding estate agents and instead flyering your area with your contact details offering to buy houses.

Once you set the business you approach investors with a proposal asking for a percentage, a commission. They can save money and earn. In some cities, there are networking events each month to create meetings between landlords and property investors. Go there and spread business cards. Search online all the information about properties market in your area and use LinkedIn or Twitter to get contacts.

If you want to learn more and get hints to start this type of business, read this guide.

33. Buy and sell Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

One of the fasted ways to make money online concerns investments and transactions with cryptocurrencies, but you need to know how to act. It can be risky and if you buy them and they decrease the value you lose everything. So before taking any decision and trading, follow a course. Get experts support and avoid scams.

The course for beginners will give you fundamentals. Then I suggest you read some books the catch the secrets of expert traders.

34. Sell unused gift cards

Did you get some gift cards that you are not going to use? Sell them and make a profit. There are a lot of people who are searching for them to buy in online and offline stores. Their advantage is to purchase the card at a lower price than the value, so it is like having a discount. You just got a gift that you are not interested in and you can transform it into cash.

There are a lot of websites where you can offer them and they pay you up to 92%. So, imagine you have a $100 card that you got free and you can have $92 in your pocket. Not bad!?! You have to fill the form with the required data and wait. The staff will do all the process for you and when customers will buy your cards you will get paid. But if you want to save money for your purchases you can benefit from buying or exchanging the cards you want.




35. Tutoring

Are you good at some subjects? You can give private lessons or be a private tutor for people in need. You can help students with math or bloggers with technical requirements to set a website. It is up to you, but it can be a good way to make money online. You just need a device connected to the internet. In the beginning, it will be hard to find clients, so you should register to websites made for that.

Following the sites’ instructions to set the price. You should keep into consideration the topic, the competitors, and your level. Expertise counts a lot. If you want to know more about this opportunity, read my tutoring guide.



Club Z

Khan Academy

Learn to Be


The Princeton Review

Revolution Prep






Varsity Tutors


36. Become an influencer

Among the ways to make money online is not the fastest one but it can be one of the most profitable. If you like to take care of your social profiles, grow your audience, and get paid sponsored posts. You can also promote products or services and get commissions if your followers buy them. You don’t need tons of followers, to start is enough to have 1,000 of them and count on a good engagement (likes plus valued comments).

You need to valorize your time on social networks and work to become an influencer. Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, choose the best platform for you and grow. Subscribe to Admitad, this platform offers you the chance to work with brands in any field and get paid in commissions. It is a good service and you can monetize your online activity.

Apply digital marketing secrets and use Canva to prepare viral posts.

37. Earn with Twitch channel

The site for gamers can become a good way to make money online for you. Do you have a passion for gaming? Take advantage of Twitch channel potential. You need a good number of followers for that, but then you can get donations from viewers, shares of your content, and revenue when you become part of the Affiliate or Partner status.

Reach the audience, share videos about games, and start to earn. It won’t be fast if you don’t have already a good number of followers, but it can be a good way for extra cash. Check out the requirement to earn money with their program.

38. Work with your drone

If you have a drone you can take advantage of it to make money. Companies are searching for aerial inspection, photography, and land mapping. So you can realize the images and videos they want and sell them. This will be profitable, but you need to do a good job.

To do it it is necessary to register to the Aviation Administration and obtain a license. This means that there will be a fee to pay, even around $150. But then you have the chance to earn money from companies. You have to follow the rules and don’t go to interdicted places, like airports, certain areas of the cities, and so on. The amount of money you can get depends on requests, but with the first task, you can get more than the license fees. You can find opportunities online.



39. Dropshipping

If you want to build a profitable activity online to make money, you should consider dropshipping. It grows a lot and it is a good chance if you don’t have your own products to sell but you want to have a good job. There are many success stories. You just need to go step by step. You set an online shop creating a catalog. Select the items you want to offer, search for clients, and collect payments. Then you will send the order to the producer that will send the objects to the customer. In this way, you don’t have to buy before but just set a higher price to earn. There are no risks.

Start with Dropshipping for Dummies: A Beginner’s Guide to Dropshipping. Then create your online shop with Shopify and subscribe to a plan, even the free one to start, of Oberlo. These platforms will be a very good support to develop your online business. Keep in mind that success comes with clients, so you need to find them. Use social networks, spread the word, buy ads on social platforms and Google to promote products and shop. Invest money to make a profit.

40. Print on demand

Another way to make a profit online, not that different from dropshipping, concerns printing on demand. You do on demand. Many designers want to launch their brand and use this method to create apparel and other items with their design. It is possible to monetize art. You don’t have to store the items somewhere and neither to realize them and wait to sell. You create on a proper platform and when someone buys, they print out the item with your design and collect the payment. Then they credit you around 50% of your income. 

According to your abilities and creativity, you can choose the site. There are many of them and they allow you to realize drawings, logos, and so on to print on T-shirts, mugs, phone cases, and many other objects. You can get inspired by watching the best designers online and on the same platforms. There are no risks or money to invest. I suggest you anyway to promote the link to the page with your designs, so you can find more customers and earn more.




41. Amazon Store

One of the best ways to make money online with affiliation is selling Amazon items. You have to apply to the Partner Program of Amazon and create your Amazon Store connecting it with your social profiles. There is the opportunity to create sections of the various products you want to sell. Just search for them in the Amazon catalog and fill the sections on the store’s page. Then promote the link to that page and earn commissions from any purchase.

You need to have a good audience, in terms of quantity and engagement, on social networks, because the more people you reach the more opportunity to earn cash you have. The advantage is to choose a well-known platform for e-commerce plus to select appreciated products. Check the percentages of commissions, so you can promote the categories that allow you to get more money.

42. Create an online course

Are you good at doing something? Teach to the others. Create an online course and help people to learn and to do that activity. Just to give you an idea, some entrepreneurs earn thousands of dollars each month providing courses. For instance, they teach how to grow on Instagram or how to realize the successful designs for T-shirts, and so on. It’s not immediate, but it can be profitable. 

Do videos, webinars, live streamings, and promote them on social networks catching the attention of the right audience. Give them some free tips to engage them and then sell the course. Collect positive reviews and share them to convince more people to buy the course. Set an average price. You should build an email list for promotion, it works very well.

Visit Skillshare and see how it works, use that platform to get inspired, and then set and share your lessons. Click here to get a 15-day trial of the premium version, so you can learn how to move online with success to sell your courses. 

Read also my guide to set online courses.

43. Create an App

If you have developing skills you can make money with a new idea and especially a new app. This is a good way to succeed because people search for useful apps to add to their devices and to improve their life. When it is ready you can add it to Google Play and App Store.  It is better to release it for free. Why? It is better than a paid app because you can add ads and get more money, plus some premium features that increase your income. The free version will attract more users and you will get more chances to find paying subscribers for the premium versions.

More engaged users more chances to find investors and companies ready to advertise with you. Then you can also sell the license to some company. It can become a profitable way, you just need to create something interesting and helpful. Read the guide “how to create an app“.

44. Become a writer or a copywriter

On the internet, the number of websites is increasing and this means that they need content. Most of them need people who help them to write articles or even stories to tell to their audience. For this reason, there are a lot of chances to get copywriter jobs or even to become a writer and share your texts online. The need is about any type of topic.

If you want to start you can use the content marketplace platforms, you get paid (not much at the beginning) to write articles and posts for bloggers and companies’ websites. Then you can grow and do it by yourself to earn more. Brands are always searching for good writers to take care of their blogs and sites.

If you like to become a writer and create your own books, you can do it online. You don’t need an editor but you can publish the digital version by yourself for free or for a few dollars and earn selling copies to readers. This will require a bit of promotion on social networks, but it is profitable and there is no limit to the number of copies you will sell. So it will be a passive income.

Do you like the idea but you don’t know how to start? Read my copywriting guide to get tips and directions.

Sites for copywriting:





Need an Article

Constant Content

The Content Authority

Writer Access



Online Writing Jobs

Sites for self-publishing books:

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)


Barnes & Noble Press







45. Do translations

Another good way to make extra cash and maybe make it a real job concerns the translations. You can work online and get tasks from companies. They require any type of translation, from blog posts to official papers. You need to have skills, so be sure to know very well the languages you are going to use because any work has to be perfect. This is what they require.

You have to show proof about your abilities and at the beginning, you can start from dedicated platforms. Maybe the earnings will be a bit less, but it is a way to catch clients and to measure you with main tasks. Then if it goes well you can get directly in touch with brands and work by yourself. You will be anyway a freelancer and you will manage tasks and time, but you can set better rates. 



People Per Hour



Pro Translating

Translators Base

46. Become a virtual assistant

The web is full of small companies and businessmen searching for a virtual assistant. They want someone to take care of contacts with clients to get messages, to reserve flights, to write letters, and other tasks typical of a secretary. You are not required to work in an office but you can do it from home. According to the requirements you have to work just for a few hours per week or all day long. So you can have more clients.

If you don’t have direct contacts, you should subscribe (for free) to a platform that offers matches between employees and freelancers. But meanwhile, it is cool to set a profile on Twitter or LinkedIn to let people find you and learn about your service. Read my virtual assistant guide to get tips and start successfully.


Virtual Assistant Jobs



47. Become a TikTok consultant

TikTok became one of the most popular social networks in the last years and the users’ number is growing fast. Maybe you have your own profile. Well, use your experience and competencies to help brands to manage their pages and get a huge audience. Most companies don’t have skills and time, so they need an external expert who takes care of their social activity.

It is funny and you get paid to do it. Plus you can work with more clients and the earning can be quite good. It depends on the account and the activity you do. Plus they make a profit plus they will be available to recognize you an interesting amount of money. 

To reach them you can set a profile promoting your service on TikTok and other platforms. Then you can use LinkedIn to find companies and propose your service to the ones without a TikTok profile or a quite small one. If you still don’t have enough knowledge, you can learn from experts. Subscribe to Skillshare (there is a 15-day free trial of the premium version) and get all the secrets from who is having huge success on TikTok

Best ways to make money online

48. Sell greeting cards

Do you know how to write great greetings cards? This ability is not so common and many people, me too, have difficulties finding the proper words and also a bit original. Well, if you have these skills you can earn money. Yes, you can sell sentences for greetings. If you have also graphic creativity, you can do a step forward. Design greetings cards with images, drawings, and cool sentences. You can propose them online. 

Use Canva to create the design and write down the text, then download cards and upload them on platforms that print on demand. So you can share the income with them without caring about printing and shipping. This is a good way to get extra cash. Then promote them on social networks. The more people you reach the more chances you have to sell. Maybe some big company will see them and you will have the opportunity to sell them your ideas and creations for huge money.





49. Create how-to videos

People surf the web to find tips and instructions to solve their problems, to do something they don’t know how to do. This is many times a way for them to save money and time doing by themselves. That’s why you can share your competencies and skill in realizing step-by-step how-to videos. You can earn a lot of money by posting them on YouTube or TikTok. Create a channel and a page and get a lot of followers. You will earn with ads and affiliations. Plus, if you have success, companies will ask to you 

Each video must be clear in images and explanations, it is like a lesson, you need to guide people in each stage. Think about a kid who has to learn something totally new. This will help you during the preparation. You will need a bit of time, but this way, with quality work, will satisfy you a lot. There is a huge potential, you can earn a lot of money. If you need to get inspired, take advantage of the 15-day free trial of the Skillshare premium version.

50. Turn your interests into a podcast that pays

People don’t like so much to read, so if you are searching for a big audience, the winning formula is given by podcasting. It is not hard, you can just telling things by talking. You don’t even need to do it every day. Use your laptop and the microphone, then upload them on the internet. How can you make money in this way?

It isn’t different from a blog post. So sponsored content is the king of podcasts. You don’t have just to make ads, but insert one per time, so you can earn money from brands. Of course, you will need to talk about something interesting and useful, then catch a huge audience. For that use social networks like Twitter. On Skillshare you can get a 15-day free trial of the premium version to learn more about podcasts. Experts share their hints.

51. Realize websites for brands

The internet and e-commerce are going to be more important day by day. Many small brands are still out of it and they are losing potential. If you have practical skills in building sites online you can help them. Work for them and create their presence on the web. They will pay for that.

Use the main platforms to realize blogs and sites. It will be helpful for my blogging guide to follow all the steps and reach the goal. Offer your services directly to companies and promote the service through social network profiles.





52. Become a freelance proofreader

Another lucrative online career is proofreading. Agencies are ready to pay you to take care of texts. You have to read and correct them. This is important. You can get around $20 for a document of five pages. It is a good amount. Before doing it directly with agencies, you can use online platforms.

If you want, you can do copywriter and proofreader on the same sites. Of course, you won’t work in both roles for the same content, but you multiply anyway the chances to earn. 

Sites for copywriting:





Need an Article

Constant Content

The Content Authority

Writer Access


53. Type for cash

If you are fast in typing you can work transcribing. It is a good chance given by many brands because they need to transcribe the text for their videos. Many people don’t watch videos with audio switched on and also they might need written text to understand better. Then it is useful to have subtitles in a different language. So they pay to have this service.

Take advantage of this opportunity, especially because it is growing the number of brands that need this type of activity. Then subscribe to platforms and get tasks. You work as a freelancer and you easily manage your time. Give quality work, collect positive feedbacks and your chances to earn will be more.

Get tips from my transcribe and caption videos guide.





54. Become an online coach

What about life coaching or travel coaching? Many people need this type of support and you can do it and make a profit. They want someone who can give them help to focus and reach personal and professional goals. Support clients to overcome fears and get self-confidence, but also to create goals and instill success-oriented habits.

There are thousands of online training programs to learn how to be a life coach, and many certification programs offer an entire website setup once training is completed. If travel is your area of expertise, you can even become a travel coach. On Skillshare you can get a 15-day free trial of the premium version to get tips from experts.

55. Become an audiobook narrator

Audiobooks are a trend and the market for them is growing. That’s why companies are searching for people to read books registering their voice. You need to pass a test to prove you can do it properly, but this way can help you to make money.

There is a good platform that gives you all the tips and it offers you the chance to start the activity. ACX offers a lot of paid tasks that you can easily manage as a freelancer. The earning is related to the amount and the type of work, but it is interesting and you can transform the activity in a job.

56. Cheesemaking

Are you able to make cheese? You can make money online. How? Set e-commerce, get orders from customers, and prepare the cheese. Then you can send it to them. You have to be sure that the shipping will be fast and safe for the product. So you can start in a limited area and then grow step by step.

It is not fast, but it can become profitable. Consider that ex-pats love to eat something from their origin countries, maybe you can satisfy them. Or just proposing something good and new to locals. 

57. Automate your online work

There are different software that helps you to automize your online actions. For instance to post on social networks, to manage sales funnels, and so on. Put autopilot is one of the best ways to make money online. So you set everything and it works also when you sleep. People around the world are a lot, so there are always some of them on the web, at any hour. 

This means that you can plan actions at any moment without being connected. It allows you to make more profit with fewer efforts. Catch the best, legal, and right software to get money from your online activity. It can be sell, something, share posts, or sending emails.


Blockbuster Home Business

Earn From Your Photos

Free Traffic System

Affiliate Bots

Profit Maximiser

Super Affiliate System

Best ways to make money online

58. Prepaid cards

What do you use for payments? A prepaid card can help you in reducing fees and as well to manage your budget. So you spend money only if you have them. This can become also a way to get more cash. How? Easy, prepaid cards need new customers and for this reason, they pay clients for referrals.

ViaBuy is one of the best-prepaid cards, that have all the same functions as a credit card. They pay you EUR 25 for each person you refer to them that subscribe to the card and charge it. Imagine finding, among friends and contacts, 10 people who sign in. You get EUR 250. A good chance to get extra cash. Then there is no limit and you can share the link in your social profiles.

Bonus for more profit

Would you like to earn a lot of money each month? It depends on you and on your activity, but there is something more you need. A strategy to be successful online. I followed a course to use affiliate marketing and to set my online business or better income. I suggest you check out from here the free webinar to learn essentials. Then you can decide to invest a bit of money for a deeper course that will be repaid in a short time. With the tips from experts, you will easily make money online without too many efforts. Once the method will be ready you won’t need anything more than make it an automatic way for passive income in any niche you want. Go to the right page and learn!

Avoid scams

When you search for ways to make money online, you find a lot of sites, ads, and chances. But not all of them are legal and not all of them work well. Some of them are even just a promise to give you cash but in reality, they ask for money from you. Some methods require some simple click, then you see the account grow but to withdraw money, you have to pay something. And you will never see the cash. Just to do an example.

Don’t give your personal data and financial information to anyone if you are not sure they are reliable. Look for community forums and reviews about the sites, it is one of the ways to avoid scams. The worst sites are usually described by other people who had problems. Monitor your money during trying times.


Now you are aware of the best ways to make money online. Use all the tips and the hints to get extra cash or to find the chance for a new and profitable job. This list is huge, but not complete. Bookmark it and visit it from time to time, because I will update it often. Plus visit my make money guides. There are more advice and ideas for you.

Share your questions, experience, and impressions using the comments’ space. Share also this post because some of your friends may be interested in it.

Good luck!

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