best time to book future travel virtual travels

Now is the best time to book future travel: virtual travels and reservation

Would you like to travel? Now it is hard because of Covid-19 but despite the restrictions, you have two big chances. If you want to move you need to follow the rules given by your country’s authorities, but now is the best time to book future travel, and also you can take advantage of virtual travels. Maybe you have already canceled or postponed your trips and you know that there are risks, but don’t give up. You just need some tips to reorganize yourself. 

You surely know the Coronavirus flight cancellation policies, but I am not going to tell you how to recover money for past trips or something like that. My goal is to guide you through an incomparable chance to prepare for your future travels and save money. Book in advance with the lowest rates ever and with all the guarantees for each dollar spent. In this way, you can explore your favorite destination after the end of the emergency and get the maximum 

We can look forward to the summer months and also to the next year. We will be back to normality and we will be allowed to travel again. Now it is time to plan and to reserve, especially because maybe there will still be some safety protocols to respect, so fewer places in hotels, on planes, and so on. Before to deep into the topic, let me precise that you don’t even need precise dates, thanks to the proper formula you can start to book and decide the dates for your stay later.

best time to book future travel virtual travels

Why now is the best time to book future travel

There are many reasons to make an advanced reservation. The two main one concerns low rates applied by operators to get clients after a terrible year and the need to face limited places because of the rules still going on about distances between people. Each country is working on vaccines, but maybe for summer and surely from next year, we can travel again freely. When this will be possible there will be more tourists ready to book a vacation, so prices will increase and it will be harder to find places. So you can start to find romantic getaways or Christmas destinations for the family.

Are you still worry about dates. Don’t worry, according to different offers you can book a package and you have 12 months to decide the dates. You will have all the opportunities you want to search for the best deals and also to check better the destinations to choose. While you travel with your eyes waiting for the real trip. This is the goal of virtual trips. Let’s proceed step by step. I give you tips and hints to get out of disappointment because of the situation we are living in. You will have an unforgettable holiday.

How to plan a new trip

You canceled your trip, you didn’t go out of your area because of restrictions and now you are going to give up. There is new hope for you. Forget the past and focus on the future. You surely are an expert in organizing your vacations, but at this moment, due to a particular situation, you have to know something more. You can pick the destination you have always wanted and also you go have a luxury package in an exclusive resort for a cheap price.

You have time to check out online the best flight offers, hotels, or home rentals fitting to your needs and preferences. Also, virtually explore the destinations to find the best place for your next holidays. There are a lot of localities e you can spend time in different seasons of the year and live a pleasant experience. There are a lot of chances to customize your trip, even starting from Google maps. Just follow normal steps to plan a travel.

But you have to keep in mind that now is the best time to book future travel, so we are all living a unique moment and we can take advantage of tourism conditions. It is not important when and where to go. Meanwhile, you can also earn miles and points to get free flights or reservations. So you can have low rates or even free journey or stay. How can you get miles for your trip? Easy, there are many ways and you don’t need to fly. Using your credit card or better choosing the right one you will receive bonuses to spend on your reservations. 

Forget about the deals related to dates or booking made on certain weekdays. Why? Because now the rules changed. Airline companies and hotels need to find clients and there are still doubts about restrictions for travelers. So anytime is good, but pay attention to competition and limits. Many travelers are going to rebook their trips. This means you don’t have to make a reservation today, but don’t wait too much. Verify always cancelation policies. In most cases, there are no penalties, but someone still applies them to be sure to get some money.

How to earn miles

The best way to get miles awards and fly for free is to use a credit card for daily expenses. Not all of them are good for that. You need to chose the ones who give you back miles for each dollar spent and also free bonuses.  This will allow you to not spend extra cash but benefit from all transactions. You need to pay attention to the conditions required. For instance, you have to collect a certain amount of transactions to obtain the bonus, with a limited time. I suggest you follow all my tips to get the right credit card to earn air miles for your trips.

Just using the credit card for your daily expenses you will be able to have a huge quantity of miles to fly for free. Then, if you have the chance to travel, so try to prefer those airlines with the biggest loyalty programs. It means that with one card you can collect miles from a huge variety of companies plus partners. Imagine choosing among more than 0 airlines for the same program. You can go wherever you want without limit connections and get more miles to spend for free flights.

Flexibility on booking policies

Pandemic created a huge crisis in the tourism industry. So all the companies need to attract travelers to restart to work properly. They are willing to offer low rates and especially more flexibility, according to the period. There are still restrictions and changes, so they are available to accept reservations without fees for cancellations. Take advantage of the situation and book more flexible and consumer-friendly proposals.

Flights advanced booking

Most airlines have created new rules to their policies to attract more passengers. You can book a flight through a certain date and get reimbursed in case of cancelation. Of course, it depends on the reason, but if it is because of authorities’ restrictions or some issues related to health you will get back all the amount of money you spent. Some companies also cut fees for credit card payments. Anyway, some airlines didn’t change their policies just because they had already rules providing the right for reimbursement in any case even 10 minutes before the departure, like Southwest. I highly recommend checking the rules of the airline you want to use, but surely you will find many advantages and no risks. Check out all the best options on Skyscanner.

Cruises policies

The same approach is used by cruise companies. They apply low rates to attract travelers, but also they have new rules for free cancellation to face any change in authorities’ decisions. The cancelation period is extended in some cases and as well it is free of charge if the reason is due to causes of force majeure. If you would like to go around the world staying on a ship, check out the last deals and the benefits proposed by Princess and MSC Cruises.

Invest in a trip insurance

In any case, you should consider buying travel insurance to get a guarantee on any cent you spend to reserve rooms, flights, and so on. I use Ekta because it is reliable, it has efficient assistance, and it is fast. They made a specific program during pandemics and this was helpful for various inconveniences. It is good to invest a few dollars to not lose the money paid for reservations. Check out the rules of hotels, airlines, and so on, and then buy the insurance to be more sure in case of cancellation. Especially, if you choose cheap companies you will incur some different cancelation policies, so you will need insurance.

Tips for flight booking

Now it is the best time to book future travel, but the situation in many countries is still unclear, so with some tips, you can avoid any risk for your money and your vacation as well. If at the last moment you can’t go, at least you won’t lose fees and budget. So, to add to the previous ones I give you some more tips.

Book flights and hotels with miles

If you use your miles to reserve your ticket, in case of cancellation, the process will be easier. Many airlines allow passengers to make changes for free or for inexpensive fees, especially to their top elite members. So if you do it with miles of a loyalty program, you will save money and any obstacle. Don’t you have enough miles because you didn’t fly so much in previous months? No problem, collect them with your credit card just with your daily expenses. You can get a lot of them also thanks to bonuses with the right credit card. Read my tips to choose the best card to collect air miles.

Flexibility is the keyword

If you want to reserve now your flight, the right choice, be sure to set everything properly in case you have to change your plans, maybe for the authorities’ decisions. You have to check, as I already mentioned, the policy applied by airlines. In any case, keep in mind to reserve tickets including flexibility. Let’s go deep into the topic.

Now it should be quite easy to find better award availability than usual, or at least there are better conditions. For instance, they are more flexible with rules for refunds, but you should search for them and be more flexible too. So get ready to change your dates and find the ticket that allows you to do it at least once without fees, for free. But pay attention. In case you will use a more expensive flight, you will pay the difference. Not all airlines apply this rule, but check it out before buying. Using air miles you will have more flexibility to use in doing changes at no cost for you.

best time to book future travel virtual travels

When you reserve a hotel or any type of accommodation, check the cancellation policies. It won’t be hard the rule to cancel up to 24 or 48 hours before check-in. After the coronavirus experience, hotels made some changes to their policies that are more consumer-friendly according to the main problems that may incur after authorities’ decisions. So it will be easy and less risky booking a room. But don’t forget to verify the rules before making any reservation. This tip concerns any accommodation and so any type of platform.

Make always a plan B and also a plan C. Being flexible means not only being ready to change dates but the destination as well. Verify flight tickets, prefer the most convenient rate and cancelation policy, then choose the hotel. Don’t search for the destination, but make a research by flight deal, it will be easier to save money and find something good for your vacation, also with good policies.

Vacation packages

You should then surf vacation packages, there are great opportunities, but, using the browser in incognito or at least cleaning chronology, check out also flights and hotels separately. In this way, you will find better rates and very good cancelation policies. Combining them you will save money. Try, you will be happy. Explore luxury resorts offers as well, you might find huge suites plus a lot of services and inclusions at very cheap rates. They need to fill more rooms as possible.

And don’t forget to add insurance, using your own. And if you are not satisfied with the results, don’t be afraid to start over the research. There is no reason to put on hold your vacation because now is the best time to book future travel.

Virtual travels

Are you searching for more inspiration? Do you want to plan better your vacation? Use virtual travels. They won’t give you deals but the chance to explore a city, a museum, some attractions without moving from home. Investing a few dollars you can see what to expect, or the best things to do. They were used during lockdown to make people traveling from their sofa without worry about any restriction, but now you can take advantage of them to plan your future trips or better your next trips.

You can go on the site, find the tour you want to see, choose the date and hour and pay. Then connect at the right moment and you will attend the tour with a guide and you can ask questions live. This is one option because there are also already registered trips and you can just watch them. The first option is better, but in both cases for a few dollars, you will be able to see everything, learn the most interesting things and then plan your travel using the tips obtained. It is even better than just read a guide. Let me give you some sites where you can find the best virtual travels.

Visit the best world museums

Visit parks with rangers


Worldwide tour experiences

Pompei visit

Best virtual travels

best time to book future travel virtual travels


Now you know why it is the best time to book future travel and you also learned how to take advantage of the ways to save money. Then you learned more about the chance to use virtual travels. Well, it is time to act. What are you waiting for? You can also plan a staycation, maybe around your country. What do you think? Are you ready to reserve your tickets and reserve your room?

Are you traveling by car? Learn how to realize a bed and use it as a room during your trip. If you need more tips, explore the section of my blog dedicated to all my travel tips. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

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