Best suit bags for travel: 5 items, choose yours now

Are you traveling for business? Will you attend some special events during your holiday? I have something for you: 5 best suit bags for travel. It is a selection based on my personal experience. Every time I need to prepare the luggage, I have some difficulties in putting everything inside. There is always something wrong. When I have to take with me the suite, the situation becomes harder. The risk is every time the same: folds in the clothes. How can I avoid them? Yes, you already understood it. With the suit bags.

best suit bags

Often I go abroad for business and the suit is part of my clothing. My image is important and this is also a way to respect the others. It is a formal style part of the offices and meetings dress code. Especially because I am Italian. You know our fashion addiction. Usually, when I am on holiday, I try to be free, including in the clothing. But time to time, maybe because of a wedding, maybe because of some important event, I need a suit or tuxedo. And I take with me a bag for it to travel.

best suit bags

5 best suit bags for travel: how to select it

If you want to choose the best bag, you need to focus on its features. What are they? Before to answer let me specify that I am going to write the main things I look for. The ones you will read in the next lines are the normal elements to check, but you need to get inspired. I mean that you should think about your needs and what you like. The style is always important. And, in case you don’t have it with you all the time, recognize it among other suitcases is important. If you want to be impeccable, use the proper item.

best suit bags

What to look for?

Here there is the list of the features I used to select the 5 best suit bags for travel.


A bag can contain one or more garment, so the choice depends on your need. When I stay out for a few days, I need only a jacket and a pair of trousers for meetings. Then I can put some other clothes in the suitcase for free time or fewer formal moments.

But when I have to plan a long business trip I have to consider a larget bag to put more than one suit. That’s why I bought a small one and a bigger one. I prefer to have two of them because if I don’t need so much space, I can travel easily and not carry a big and heavy item. So focus on what type of garment you will have with you during your travels.


This is an important feature to select the 5 best suit bags for travel. Quality is essential to keep safe the content and as well to use it for a long time. Buy luggage means to invest money. You won’t purchase a new one after a month. That’s why you should take care to verify the material. It has to be resistant and possibly waterproof. Because traveling you can find rain. The bag is the protection for your clothing in any type of situation. Don’t be afraid to spend a little bit more, but be sure about the product worth.

Ease of carrying

You need to think about your trip. From home to the hotel you will change places and the bag will be in your hands. Avoid heavy and too big products. To transport it you have to consider comfort. It is better to have an adjustable and removable shoulder strap. Especially because you maybe will need to keep something else in your hands. Space is basic, but the size can make troubles while you move. Even if you have not a long trip and there will be a driver who will help you with the luggage at the airport, it is better to have something easy to carry with you.


This is not a matter of space or encumbrance, but it is about airlines policies. Generally, the suit bag is with you into the cabin. But each company has its own rules and if you use low-cost airlines, you will have to follow strictly size requirements. This means that you have to combine the norm and your needs.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to work hard on this. Because most of the garment bags made for travelers keep it into consideration. They are already settled to answer to the majority of airlines requirements. Measurements are the feature of the items proposed by the suitcase producers.

Pockets and storage space

The quality of the material and the big space inside are important, but there is something more to look for. The 5 best suit bags for travel have to offer pockets and organization. Yes, it has to be easy and comfortable to put clothes inside. Not only jackets and trousers but also other objects. For example, it is useful to put inside ties, a book, a shirt, and so on. Because in the end, it is luggage. Outside pockets with zipper can help you to add some item that you may need during the trip. It is safe and easy to take. 


The market offers you a huge variety of bags. It won’t be difficult to find the right style, the one that represents you most. There is no advice on this because it is a very personal choice. I can only say, don’t forget your needs and habits. Because fashion can be your image, but you will handle it and you will go around with it. Going on a plane, entering a hotel, moving inside the airport. You will do all these things and much more with the suit bag. So combine the style to the practicality.


The last feature I check before to buy a suitcase concern the weight. This is valid also for the selection of the 5 best suit bags for travel. I had already, in a few occasions, to pay a fee for the extra weight of luggage. Surely it was my fault because I put too many things inside. That’s why I pay attention. If my empty suitcase it’s already heavy imagine how fast I can exceed the limit imposed by the airline. It is necessary to check it, to buy a light bag, so you will carry more.

My selection

Now I let space to a short description of the 5 best suit bags for travel. This is a list of the items you should buy. At least if you want to keep ordered and safe your garment. You know what are the most important features, so let’s go to see what are the items with the right features.

Men waterproof suit bag

This bag is light and very elegant. The pockets outside, with zipper, can contain a book or other objects of that size. The inside pockets are perfect for ties and small objects. Thanks to the closure everything is safe, without any risk to get out during the movements. Your suit will be well organized and you can put even more than one jacket. Once you close the bag, it appears compact and easy to handle. The quality is very high. It is waterproof so there aren’t risk during raining days.

best suit bags

Lightweight black nylon suit bag

This product is more delicate than the previous one, but the wight is very low. That means that you can easily carry it when you explore the world. It occupies less space and it is spacious. It has no pockets but for short trips, this type of bag has enough space for the suit. Easy to handle and with small size as the airlines want. It offers very high quality, so you can keep safe your clothes. Design is combined with a minimal style.

best suit bags

Women lightweight suit bag

Minimal style and lightweight are the main features of this item. There are no pockets, but the suit inside can be very well stored. It is created with some decorations as a fashionable object. Also, a coat finds space inside. There are no pockets, so it is not useful to store other objects. Anyway, for a short trip or just to have the clothes ordered this product is highly recommended. The quality is very good.

best suit bags

Men suit storage bag

If you are not traveling only with the suit bag, this is perfect for you. Why? Because you can insert it in the suitcase handle. So while you go around the airport or wherever you are, you can easily move keeping engaged only one hand. No efforts and efficiency. This should be the definition of this product. The high-quality material, the right sie for airlines and the space inside are the other features. It is an elegant bag.

best suit bags

Large foldable business travel bag

Do you think that a suit bag is just one more luggage to carry? This is what you are searching for. Everything in one. Among the 5 best suit bags for travel, there is the carry on cabin luggage. It has a part dedicated to coat or suit and you can fold everything inside the suitcase. Then there is space for other clothes and items, storage for shoes and a lot of external and internal pockets closed with a zipper. It is perfect for your trip and to keep safe your smart clothing. 

best suit bags

Shopping tips

Now you are surely ready to choose the 5 best suit bags for travel. If you want to get more shopping tips, I suggest you check out the dedicated section of my blog. Also, I created a board on Pinterest, visit it to get inspired. Subscribe to my newsletter and you will receive weekly updates, extra contents, and more tips directly in your inbox.

best suit bags

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