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Best online calculator: all types you need to elaborate data

Do you need to sum earnings, learn how much tip leave to the waiter, or distances? You don’t have to search for them anymore. Neither to convert measures. All that you need is here. I give you the best online calculator, or better many different calculators to answer your different needs. Everything is part of my free tools, so you can stay on the site, read my posts, and get help. Save time and use all gadgets.

Find your best online calculator

Here there are all the tools available, check out their function and choose the more suitable.

Simple calculator

This is the easiest way to make easy calculations.

Scientific calculator

If you need to go deep in math, this is the right tool for you.

Tip calculator

Traveling in some countries is necessary to give a tip to waiters, guides, and so on. Well, check out how much money are you going to spend.

Measures converter

Are you going to buy clothes or you need to know more about distances? Convert measures easily.

Km to Miles Converter

Nautical miles to Km Converter

Calories calculator

If you are on diet and you want to observe the rules, calculate calories in each recipe you will taste.

Thermic Effect of Food Calculator

Discount calculator

Before buying something in a shop, be sure about the discount amount. Calculate the convenience.


I hope the best online calculator was useful. Now you can share this post and help your friends with their needs. If you need a translation, don’t forget my online translator. There are a lot of free tools waiting for you on my website, so you will find all the support during your trips or during your daily life.

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