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61 best Christmas destinations: where to go for Christmas vacations

It is never too early or too late to plan a trip to spend a unique Christmas holiday. Where would you like to go? Where to go for Christmas? Maybe you are searching for a special place in the snow, a different destination at the seaside, or a location where to feel the Xmas atmosphere. Well, I have a list of the best Christmas destinations to inspire you and to surprise you. Find the place you like the most for your vacation. There are a lot of tips and sources to save money and time. You will have magical Xmas and New Year time in any place listed here. Just match your taste with the localities. Here you can check the list of Christmas vacations for families affordable.

best christmas destinations

I selected a lot of beautiful places around all continents and each of them has something unique to offer to make unforgettable your holidays. You can find here top Christmas destinations. It’s time to stop dreaming about the superb trip you want to do with your partner or with your family. Choose a destination from the list and organize the journey. I am here to help you. Do you prefer glittering cities or snowy escapes? Maybe you are thinking about white sand and hot temperature. No problem, you find all of them. The common feature is the ability to let your Xmas spirit shine. You will have super Christmas vacations in any location you will choose. Did you see my list of uncommon destinations for the winter holidays?

The best Christmas destinations by continent

Let’s start to explore. I divided the destinations by continent. So it will be easier to go directly to the group you like the most. You will also find great ideas for Christmas vacations for families affordable.


Cape Town, South Africa  

Among the best Christmas destinations, Cape Town occupies an important position. In winter, this city is very special. In the southern hemisphere, Christmas in South Africa means summer, and summer means more fun. Since the season is hot in this part of the world, you can go swimming. You will find a lot of white sandy beaches where to enjoy the vacation.

Even if it is not a typical Christmas destination, in Cape Town, you can wear a swimsuit and also do many different activities. You will also have the chance to explore a huge variety of places. Choose among the best beaches, go hiking to the mountains, and admire the top marvelous views. What can you do in the area? Kitesurfing, surfing, paragliding, shark diving, trekking, nature trekking, and simply enjoy this beautiful city in ideal (warm) weather. You will also be delighted by excellent food, served in high-quality restaurants, and superb wines produced by local high-class wineries.

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Aspen, USA

Aspen, a famous mountain town and ski resort in Colorado, guarantees a white Christmas. This place is packed with alpine huts and cozy places where you can shelter from the wind and cold and share some festive cheers.

During the Christmas season, the poplar arouses people’s hearts and awakens the senses anywhere else. Every day, as the annual celebration goes on, fresh snow gleams under the brilliant blue sky, bringing joy to everyone. In the evening, a raging bonfire and cups full of toasted drinks bring family and friends together to celebrate all goodness and comfort. Retire in the evening after a fun-filled day and feel peaceful, grateful, and satisfied-away from the busy world, you will create a lifetime of holiday memories.

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Boston, USA

Boston is as close to the old world as the new world, and this is more obvious than ever during the holidays. As you browse the gas-lamp-lit streets of this historic city, you will feel like going back in time, heading towards the big tree in front of the Faneuil Hall market.

Christmas in Boston turns the city into a holiday-filled wonderland, including lights, spectacular decorations, special holiday music and performances, and many beautiful atmospheres. The Winter holidays are an excellent time to visit. Stop at Boston Common for a round of ice skating, or walk to Faneuil Hall market to check out the free blink! Light and music show.

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Honolulu, Hawaii

Santa Claus wears beachwear for Christmas celebrations in Hawaii. What Aloha State lacks in the snow is far beyond what a festive atmosphere of peace and goodwill can make up for. The celebrations revolve around Honolulu City Lights, a month-long Christmas exhibition, an opening parade, live music, and a 15-meter-high Christmas tree.

Mr. Claus is 6 meters (nearly 20 feet) tall, wearing red shorts and an open shirt, dressed in a Shaka Santa suit, and proud of the pride of the city, sitting next to his wife Tutu Mele wearing mu’umuuu.

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Jasper, Canada        

Nature is the keyword for this Christmas destination. Thanks to the snow, Canada looks white in winter, and Jasper in the heart of the Rocky Mountains is an ideal place to celebrate Christmas. You can spend a relaxing and fun holiday there.

You can watch the glowing campfire indoors, watch the elk in the forest and skate on Pyramid Lake, and alternate relaxing moments indoors. If you like skiing, head to the Marmot Basin. For lovers of walking, there are 9 feet of ice in Maligne Canyon with crampons for you to swim on the icy trails. Then drive to the main road of Icefield and enjoy glaciers and snowy mountains along the way.

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Key West, Florida, USA     

The tropical destination for Christmas is interesting, instead of the typical Christmas tree, you will see the surrounding palm trees, azure hot water, and an umbrella Christmas cocktail. Before reaching Cuba 90 miles, you will find Key West, a jewel on the sea. Its laid-back island atmosphere is the reason why many revelers flock here to avoid the harsh winter in the north and enjoy their holidays in paradise. Staying underwater or underwater, you can snorkel, sail, dive, paraglider, kayak, fish, or hang out on the water and drink cocktails during the day. Then, watch the sunset from Mallory Square and the fun begins.

On New Year’s Eve in Key West (New West), the New Year’s holiday is sounded, watching sushi drop in the red high heels of New Orleans House and drop in the conch of Sloppy Joe’s Bar, Or fall from the high mast of the Pirate Wench to end the holiday at the caravan dock bar. In the Conch Republic, this is always a fun Christmas party.

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Montreal, Canada

Montreal is the second-largest city in Canada. The Northern Lights are geographically as close as the European coast and Vancouver, and they blend some of the best aspects of the two continents in appearance and feel. This time of year, this is a magical place where the ice must be spinning (or tumbling) on ​​the ice of Patinoire du Bassin Bonsecours. With the majority of cold-averse tourists flocking to the south to spend the winter, Canada’s most fashionable city showcases its true personality through cozy French restaurants, high-end shopping venues (hello, last-minute gifts), and festivals.

Take part in a Christmas celebration at Notre-Dame Basilica. Celine Dion got married there. Please note that they charge an entrance fee, so please book tickets in advance. The weather in winter is very cold, but the temperature in January has dropped a lot, so it is still good at Christmas. Due to the snow, all the weather may turn white. There are lights and decorations everywhere.

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New Orleans, USA 

If you are looking for an unforgettable Christmas, New Orleans is the best destination.​​​ The city exudes happiness and joy all year round, even more in December. This vibrant place will allow you to participate in various celebrations and gatherings to make your stay unique. You can spend time in the City Park and spend Christmas among the oak trees, whose lights are shining with the oldest trees.

Take a stroll in the French Quarter, where some of the best jazz musicians exchange New Orleans jazz standards for Christmas song favorites. Dine in some of the best restaurants in the world, such as the Commander’s Palace or Brennan’s Restaurant. Taste the best dishes in the city: oyster Rockefeller, seafood bisque, muffulettas, or banana growers. Visit the famous Cafe du Monde and taste the snow beet and chicory coffee. Riding a carriage, you will never forget Christmas and the holiday journey of the city.

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New York, USA       

New York does not need speeches, and the city does not need presentations for the Christmas holidays. How many movies have you watched about Christmas in New York? Yes, a lot. Well, maybe not everything you see is real. What you need to consider is cold, windy, and crowded. But this is magic. Everything has to do with the atmosphere. You can skate at the Walman Ice Rink in Central Park while enjoying the New York City skyline. Remember, the queue time is long and the cost is high.

In November and December, the top of the Empire State Building is lit by red and green lights. Then, you can see the giant Christmas tree in front of Rockefeller Center, walk around on Fifth Avenue, watch the jaw-dropping window display, watch the “Rocket” performance at Radio City Hall, or the New York Ballet “The Nutcracker” performed by the group. Don’t forget to stop at Serendipity 3 to taste their famous frozen hot chocolate, which is the most suitable drink during Christmas. And have dinner at one of the many New York City restaurants used in some movies.

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Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, USA

At the foot of the Great Smoky Mountains, there is a lovely place called Pigeon Forge. A small town in Tennessee is perfect for the Christmas holiday. They decorated it with 5 million lights to create a winter wonderland that can be seen by private cars or city carts. Full of Southern style and delicious cuisine, there are more than 125 restaurants to choose from, such as my favorite Apple Barn. There are many shops and souvenir shops in the town, where you can buy gifts for your loved ones. Many hotels are within walking distance of dinner shows and attractions. If you cannot find the hotel accommodation you want, you can invite the whole family to stay in a cottage in the snow-covered mountains.

Santa Claus is the protagonist of the annual Christmas Parade, in collaboration with the famous singer and actress Dolly Parton (Dolly Parton). You can visit her Christmas-themed Dixie Stampede dinner show, or have fun in her theme park, Dollywood. It has more than 4 million lights, as well as Christmas decorations, food, music, theater, and a special activity area to find Santa Claus for children. You will have fun with your family here.

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Quebec City, Canada

Quebec City is one of the oldest cities in North America, and its colonial French architecture gives people a distinctly European feel. The cobblestone streets of the old town are full of quaint shops and delicious taverns, which are beautifully decorated during the holidays. The toboggan run at Château Frontenac (open from mid-December to March) is one of the oldest traditions in the city and is quite exciting. Shrink the icy track overlooking the city along with the wooden sleigh at speeds of up to 45 miles per hour.

Quebec is a paradise for environmentally friendly outdoor lovers, with active winter activities and holiday plans for all tastes. The old town of Quebec has been transformed into a picturesque Christmas village. Sausage and roasted chestnut lovers can browse the goods on the German Christmas market. More devout people can browse nativity scenes around the world. This is one of the top Christmas destinations according to my criteria. With snow it becomes magic and it is full of shops that are selling amazing decorations in the old town.

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Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

In Rio de Janeiro in December it’s to enjoy the icy caipirinha (who says you must wear ugly sweaters and hot cocoa for Christmas?) at the annual Presépios Festival (“Baby During the “Bed Festival”), the city also happened to have the world’s largest full-scale nativity scene display.

Ride a bicycle around the Rodrigo Freitas Lagoon and admire the world’s largest floating Christmas tree from all angles.

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San Juan, Puerto Rico        

Perhaps thinking of Puerto Rico, you would imagine an unusual Christmas without the right environment or the right spirit. You should know that Christmas in this country is the longest in the world. They started the season on Thanksgiving in the United States and lasted until January 20. On the last day, the biggest gathering was: San Sebastian Street Festival (Las Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastian).

Explore the traditional “parrandas”, they let a group of people sing late at night, singing from house to house with musical instruments, expecting neighbors to open the door and provide some snacks. At any Christmas party, you can find a menu including Arroz con Gandules (rice and peas), pork, and the traditional drink “Coquito”, a drink made from coconut cream, condensed milk, and many snacks. Some people say it’s like Puerto Rico’s eggnog. San Juan will surprise you.

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San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

In this colorful Mexican city, Pinatas, Posadas, and Ponche sum up the celebrations. At Christmas, Christmas is both solemn and celebration. Until December 24th, tourists may stumble upon Mary and Joseph wandering on the street, as the locals make a pilgrimage to their homes, “begging for posada” or “begging for a refuge” while singing as they re-planned their journey to Bethlehem.

Pinatas and ponche (scented fruit drinks) wandered for long nights around this cobblestoned city, which was designated as UNESCO for its magnificent churches, well-preserved buildings and magnificent boulders Organize a world heritage site.

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Santa Claus, Indiana

Santa Claus Town was originally called Santa Fe, but the fun is less than half. In this small town of fewer than 3,000 inhabitants, Christmas is a year-round event. Santa Claus in Indiana receives thousands of letters every year from children trying to reach Saint Nick himself. 

In the mid-1930s, a volunteer named “Santa’s Elf” was formed to respond to every letter. The “Land of Light” display is 1.2 kilometers away from Rudolph Lake Campground and RV Resort. One of the best places to go to. It’s from the list of Christmas vacations for families affordable.

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Vancouver, Canada

Canada’s winter is cold, but the Christmas holiday is the right choice. Vancouver, British Columbia is a cool holiday destination. The Vancouver Christmas Market, modeled after a typical European Christmas market, celebrates Santa Claus and traditions with food, handicrafts, decorations, and a deep spirit.

During the holidays, Vancouver is elegantly decorated. The streets on the streets are surrounded by lights, businesses are decorated with garlands, and huge Christmas trees are scattered all over the city. The snow-covered mountains around the city add a wonderful view of the accommodation. It also provides easy access to some of the best ski resorts in the world.

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Vermont, USA  

Among the best Christmas destinations, Vermont is an ideal place to enjoy the snowy landscape and relax. It looks like the magical villages and woods under the snow that you can see on the postcard. Small towns and villages give life to a huge nature made of beautiful woods and fields. Imagine attending a service in a church covered in snow. This is everything you see around the State. But rest assured, you will not be bored. In winter, there is a lot of fun around. what can you do? Up to you, you can choose skiing, sledding, snowboarding, and skating, as well as snowshoeing, snowmobiles, and more. Also, you will taste the delicious local cuisine. After the event, you can sit down by the raging fire under the Christmas tree and enjoy a hearty meal.

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Washington DC, USA

Snow, monuments, and the meaning of the city are the elements of the special Christmas in Washington, DC. Although it can be very cold in the winter, Washington, D.C. will give a warm atmosphere in the early part of Christmas. The Peace Road to the White House’s National Christmas Tree is lit every day from dusk to 11 pm. Nearby, 56 trees representing fifty states, five regions, and the District of Columbia are planted.

Although most residents and administrative staff were occupied during this period, the city still has a large number of tourists. You can use the amphibious bus to take a boat trip on the Potomac River, visit various institutions or visit the White House.

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Zipolite, Mexico     

Christmas reminds us of snow, mountains, and cold. It should be cool to spend the holidays in different environments. The ocean, warm temperatures, and beaches are different elements of Christmas. Zipolite provides you with this feature. Although the town is very quiet for most of the year, it attracts many tourists at certain times, including Mexicans and foreigners. For Zipolite, Christmas and New Year are a huge time, and the town is full of people on the beach where you can dress at will.

It is full of Christmas celebrations, such as those held at Cafe Maya, a small cafe on the beach. The host cooked a special meal for anyone who lived at the time. Even if you are not at home, it is like having a family dinner. You will combine tradition with a special seaside holiday on the beach and enjoy the warm weather.

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Beirut, Lebanon      

The capital of Lebanon is not a common Christmas destination, but it might be a good idea to spend this time in Beirut. why? The Christmas party is held in large hotels, even if they are not Christians, many people like to attend. It is more about business and mood, but lights, trees, and decorations are everywhere, especially in storefronts. This is why it is a great city resort for holidays.

The Beirut Souk has a Beirut Christmas Village, which attracts thousands of tourists every day. In Lebanon, 35% of the population believes in a type of Christianity called “Maronite Catholics.” This is why the crib becomes the focus of prayer during Christmas. But the country also celebrates other common Catholic traditions, such as participating in midnight mass service. Christmas in Lebanon is still celebrated in an elegant and tacky way.

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Coron, Philippines  

Do you like warm or cold? Do you want to spend Christmas elsewhere? The Philippines offers you an unforgettable holiday. The whole country is beautiful. But there is one place that will amaze you. It is Coron and is affordable for families and couples (such as backpackers). In the country, December is the rainy season, but in that particular place, the weather is still good. There are many islands to visit, if you are a diver, you will feel in paradise.

Make sure to book an island hopping tour to spend a day exploring the almost deserted surrounding islands. Please remember that it is also a must-visit place, namely Kayangan Lake. It is the cleanest lake in Asia. Then climb the mountain or go on a better hike and you will reach the top of the mountain and enjoy the impressive panorama. The longer you stay, the more things you will discover about the Philippines.

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Dubai, UAE

Christmas in Dubai operates in the same way that Dubai does almost everything in a real, extraordinary way. Don’t miss the lighting of the trees around the town, including the lighting of the Bab Al Shams Desert Resort and Spa on December 6th and the five palm trees in Jumeirah on December 9. Since a visit to Dubai cannot be completed without a few shopping booms, please allow time to shop at a Christmas market in the city.

On December 5th, at Cirque De Cuisine in Atlantis, The Palm, the mealtime was three hours, of course, including some of the best restaurants in Dubai, as well as circus performers and dancing snowmen.

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Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong is one of the most unusual cities, and Christmas is celebrated with great fanfare. Lights are hanging from the skyscrapers, wrapping paper is spread out in front of the shops, and Christmas music is blowing from speakers everywhere. Hong Kong’s Christmas City products are comparable to New York City in holiday markets, window displays, and concerts (and even Santa Claus dance parties).

Then there are lights. The “Symphony of Lights” show held at 8 pm every evening will leave you breathless, thanks to the carefully arranged neon light show on the 40 iconic skyscrapers along Victoria Harbour. Experience “Symphony of Lights” on the port dinner cruise.

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If you have a holiday but want to get rid of Christmas and all celebrations, then Iran is an ideal place to go. No lights, no trees, no Christmas dinner, or lunch. But don’t take it as an opportunity not far from a holiday celebration. You will have a wonderful journey into a fascinating culture and beautiful country.

The inheritance of Islamic art and its traditions are easy to discover and understand. You will see beautiful gardens, mosques, and buildings. People are friendly and welcoming. In any case, if you change your mind about Christmas, Iran will have an exception. The Yalda Festival is amazing. They celebrated it on the evening of December 21 (the longest night of the year). It’s easy to be invited to their festive family dinner. Prepare to sit at a table with grandma, eat pomegranates, and see the real culture of Iran with the door closed.

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If you are not looking for the business and religious spirit of Christmas, Japan is your best destination. They use it to spread happiness and positivity. Of course, you will not only find people wearing Santa Claus costumes, but also many actors, but this is part of their culture and you should explore it. This is another original way to celebrate Christmas.

They take the mood of people in countries where Christmas is the main holiday and provide energy to the locals. So you will see busy people around, but in the meantime, this situation will be more optimistic in Europe and the United States. During their time with their families, especially in Tokyo, they witnessed the Christmas lights dancing in the park and took photos with the actors.

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Leyte, Philippines   

Palo is a small town in the Philippines, famous for typhoon “Haiyan”, but Christmas there is very interesting. Lights appeared everywhere from September to celebrate the Christmas holiday, and then many events took place in December. You can participate in competitions, performances, and fireworks displays. One of the best gatherings is the “Simbang Gabi” gathering at the Palo Cathedral church at dawn. Many devotees attended the gathering, hoping to complete the 9-day mass before Christmas. Guests who want to visit the cute little Santa Claus and Christmas town for free can also visit the Christmas House. You will like it, but be prepared to spend a lot of time in the queue.

Most of the actions took place in the city square of Palo. If you are looking for things to do, eat, and see, then this is the place you want. There is a Christmas market on the city square, which the locals call “Baratilyo”, where you can find a variety of novel items, including toys, shirts, homemade jewelry, and home accessories. One or two weeks before Christmas, there will also be night events in Town Plaza, where many barbecued foods (barbecues, etc.) are sold at low prices. Barangays, the smallest administrative division in the Philippines, also participate in the town’s celebrations, decorating the streets with Christmas lights, and most houses are also joined. It feels like being surrounded by stars. Coupled with the cool breeze and peaceful atmosphere, you will have a very “Christmas feel”.

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Seoul, South Korea

During the Christmas holidays, the Korean capital retained a magical atmosphere. In Seoul, storefronts and street lights are bathed in beautiful white light, and fashion-leading Korea wears the best seasonal clothing, from fluffy coats to silk scarves. The coffee shop will help you stay warm because it is usually cold and snowy outside.

In Samcheong-dong, you can sit in the second or third shop in one of the many waffle shops, which is one of the best places to stay. If you want to exercise, you can go skiing. The main destinations with slopes can be reached by bus. There are mountains everywhere. Novices will enjoy a 3-hour trek on the North Han Mountain 836m north of the Han River. Start at the Bukhansanseong Hiking Support Center near Gupabal Station (Metro Line 3). Otherwise, you can flow along the frozen Cheonggyecheon, and you will surely see happy families taking Christmas selfies while listening to Yuletide carols.

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Taipei, Taiwan

Christmas is not a public holiday in Taipei, but this does not stop the city from hosting incredible light displays, festive attractions, and activities to celebrate. In the few weeks between mid-November and the New Year, almost the entire Banqiao District has become a Christmas place, which sounds like it.

It involves a large number of Christmas trees, rides, concerts, and markets selling local goods. Christmasland’s LED display is indeed on another level-don’t miss the big tree and 3D light show in front of the city hall.

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Tokyo, Japan

The city uses winter lighting to increase the voltage every year, and different regions compete with each other to create some truly exciting displays. This year’s lighting includes more than 100,000 flashing blue and silver lights in Tokyo Midtown, as well as large Baccarat crystal chandeliers in the Ebisu Garden Plaza.

And don’t worry if you can’t get there before December 25-winter lighting has become so popular that most of the lighting lasts until February. The lighting of the Ao no Dokutsu in Shibuya (pictured) is inspired by the blue grottoes found in the Mediterranean.

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Brisbane, Australia 

When you think about the Christmas holidays, Brisbane is not sure if it is your first destination. However, if you like sunlight and warm temperatures, this is a cool place. Why not celebrate in summer? The temperature is higher than 20°C, even if it is not common, the temperature can be very high. Especially if you are not a cold fan.

You don’t have to spend Christmas lunch in the restaurant, but you can barbecue in the park. Appropriate settings are everywhere throughout the city. There is also an artificial beach on the Southbank. Relax in the sun, swim, live magic, and original atmosphere. I have many opportunities to change the season during the holidays. I am about to be in the winter of August and the summer of December. Not too bad. Of course, if you live in Australia, you should try to travel to the north of the world.

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North Beach, Australia      

How about a wonderful Christmas at the beach? Australia will surprise you, and North Beach is worth mentioning as one of the best Christmas destinations. On the sultry beach in summer, you can enjoy the sandy beach between your toes, immersion in the sea, the sensation of Australian sunshine, and refreshing cider, beer, wine, or any cold drink.

You will be with your partner or with your family and have fun at North Beach in Wallaroo, South Australia. This stretch of white sandy beach is very relaxing, it may just be part of your vacation. You can explore the wild nature of this part of the country. Start with a gazebo, barbecue, and cool shade. Enjoy food and drinks, and then the sun will give a great Christmas experience. Bring a towel, sunscreen, sunscreen, and a beach cricket suit. Friendly competition is a must.

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Queenstown, New Zealand

Dreaming of a warm Christmas? Head to Queenstown, New Zealand. The traditional Christmas colors of red, green, and white have new meanings in New Zealand. Does Red stand for “pohutukawa” (New Zealand’s ruby-red flowering Christmas tree), white stand for pristine beaches, and green? Kiwi, of course.

Those who want to join the sun in surf shorts with Santa Claus should definitely go to Queenstown, where the warm summer means people can take a speedboat on Lake Wakatipu, surf, or paraglider on the river, or simply set up by the lake. Camp and enjoy a hearty Christmas dinner with lamb, seafood, and chicken on the barbie.

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Sydney, Australia

You have not seen the Christmas lights until you have seen the Christmas lights in Sydney. Also, the holiday season lasts a full month (Christmas is 12 days), “Sydney Christmas” is an appropriately named festival, held from November 23 to December 25.

This year’s citywide celebrations lighted the trees in Martin Place and started Christmas, and continued at Christmas markets and night concerts. The 85,000 blinking LEDs on the light avenue in the incredible Pitt Street Mall are amazing.

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If you like Christmas markets, in this list of European destinations you will find great surprises. They organize each year the most fabulous markets. I am not only telling you about the items but especially about the atmosphere. It is magic also for kids. That’s why you can consider them the top Christmas destinations.

Barcelona, Spain

Copa Nadal in Barcelona is a 200-meter swimming race across the harbor on Christmas Day. Anyone who can extend the Christmas holiday to three Kings’ Days (January 6) can catch up with Melchior, Gaspar, and Balthazar in Barcelona.

On the evening of January 5, they arrived at the city port of Santa Eulalia with their unique ships with beards and velvety brilliance. Fire cannons and fireworks. When the mayor handed over the keys of the city to them, the magician’s magic began. They rode gorgeous floats on the streets, which included camels, elephants, giraffes, and dazzling costumes.

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Bath, England

Entering Christmas in Bath, England. Almost no city in the world can celebrate the birth of Jesus and the birth of Jane Austen with the same exaggeration, but Bath in England happens to be one of them. The Jane Austen Center and the on-site Regency Tea Room are the best places to learn about the city’s most famous residents. The Royal Theatre mentioned by Austin in “Northanger Abbey” and “Persuasiveness” has a variety of programs, including festivals, musicals, operas, and concerts.

Bath Christmas Market has more than 170 wooden houses, selling unique British handmade crafts in a quaint Georgian environment. The market is located between the imposing Bath Abbey and the ancient Roman Baths. The market provides a festive way to discover the characteristics of Bath. Bath is the only entire city in the UK designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Bathing on ice is a great excuse to tie and tie your skates. Thermae Bath Spa is a great reason to radiate steam from the mineral-rich hot water of the open-air rooftop swimming pool and enjoy the spectacular view of the city.

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Berlin, Germany

Christmas and Berlin are basically synonymous. The city offers no less than fifty Christmas markets in different neighborhoods throughout the city each year. If candles and consumerism become a bit more, there are also many museums and cultural activities worth experiencing. Berlin also has great nightlife, so it is almost impossible to be bored in this city.

The German capital has everything you need to spend a fabulous Christmas, but you will also like many attractions. If you like contemporary architecture, I suggest you visit the Central Station, the dome of the New Reichstag, the DZ Bank Building, the Jewish Museum, and the Berlin Cube. There are many other places to catch the TV Tower to enjoy the view.

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Bruges, Belgium     

Do you want to spend Christmas in a fairy tale? Therefore, Bruges is one of the best destinations for Christmas. You will get everything you expect from this place. It has a UNESCO-listed medieval old town, surrounded by many attractions. You can move on the cobblestone streets with carriages and admire the amazing medieval buildings that are well preserved. You will not find a car, but you will find bicycles around. At night, the streets are empty and you can feel the typical fairy tale atmosphere.

Usually, during that period, the houses and streets are snowing, so the old town where you can enjoy the canal scenery is more beautiful. On the bridges, you can take beautiful photos. When you need to rest, some warm candlelight bars are the best solution. Here, you have the opportunity to taste the delicious and famous Belgian chocolate or order a pint of beer, so popular.

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Chamonix, French Alps     

Among the best Christmas destinations, Chamonix is ​​one of the classic destinations. It has a proper environment to celebrate Santa Claus. This small town has excellent accommodations, shops, restaurants, and mountains surrounding it. For ski lovers, this is paradise. Every year due to snow, this place will turn white, so you will not be disappointed. From there you can see the magic of the Alps. As you can see in the picture, the carriage can take you anywhere. The cable car takes you to the ski slopes.

There is also a small Christmas market that sells locally made handicrafts (knives, chocolate, alcohol…) and chocolate-dipped dough sticks. Patisseries are ready to welcome you with typical delicious products. The decorations are everywhere, including stunning festive dishes, including bright glacier fruits. Children will be very happy, especially because they can make snowmen, sleds, drink hot chocolate in the sleigh wrapped in winter gear, and can buy new home Christmas tree decorations at the holiday market.

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Cologne, Germany

Cologne has eight different Christmas markets on both sides of the Rhine. Offering various gift ideas and a large number of glühwein booths, it is an ideal place to pick up all these gifts. Christmas in Cologne is full of faintly visible and impressive buildings and is a grand festival. Nothing reflects the charm of Christmas more than the Christmas market. No one attaches more importance to the Christmas market than the Germans. Cologne attracts 4 million tourists every winter.

Enjoy the joyful scenery from the observation deck of the KölnTriangle tower directly opposite the Cathedral on the Rhine. You will enjoy it, this is one of the affordable family destinations for Christmas.

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Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is not only Christmas but also an affordable destination for families. In Scandinavia, this capital is the most dynamic and affordable. The city is small and pleasant, with boats and bicycles everywhere, but the cars are empty. This means that walking around is easy and good. Every year, the streets are transformed by 1 million lights and hundreds of Christmas trees. This is your magnificent backdrop for winding twists and turns.

You can travel around to visit the main attractions, including the cool mermaid statue. If you like fishing, you will find plenty of opportunities to taste the delicacies proposed in many local recipes. Fish and sweets are so delicious there, and there are restaurants in the middle passages of beautiful and colored houses everywhere.

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Courchevel, France 

A village in the snow-covered mountains is a suitable place to spend the Christmas holidays. You will spend a magical holiday in the ski resort of Courchevel in the French Alps. As part of the Three Valley Resort, it is one of the best Christmas destinations.

Courchevel is located at an altitude of 1850m, and it snows frequently throughout December. It provides a 600-kilometer ski area, even for the most advanced skiers, the terrain here is more than adequate. After the event, you can drink vin chaud (hot wine). Then taste Cointreau and chocolate pancakes. If you have children, snowball fights will be fun. You will be very happy there.

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Dresden, Germany 

Christmas markets in Germany are very popular and famous all over the world. Among them, if you wish, you should visit the one in Dresden. Striezelmarkt has been in the same square for more than 500 years. Unlike many markets occupied by cheap imported products, the market is rooted here. You can find exquisite handmade jewelry in the Ore Mountains.

This place is very cold in winter, so drinking Gluhwein is a good idea. It is a warm red or white wine with the aromas of Christmas spices. After that, you can walk for a few more hours. In fact, there are four other markers within a few minutes of walking, and more markers are scattered throughout the city. The medieval market in Stallhof is located in the ancient palace horses and racecourse. The food here is cooked over an open flame, the stallholders wear medieval costumes, and the blacksmiths cook with molten iron. Have the opportunity to participate in an archery competition or soak in a wooden barrel hot tub.

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Dublin, Ireland

The Irish capital is famous for its green landscape, beer, etc. During the Christmas season, Dublin changes its face, with millions of lights and decorations everywhere, giving a beautiful impression. The streets of the city are filled with an atmosphere of irresistible joy. From the lights to the carols of the ice rink and St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Christmas is full of passion and joy.

There are many attractions to see, but the most important thing is the mood. The people are warm and friendly, and everyone around them can feel the special spirit of preparing for the celebration. Even the bar has become unique and original and gives the nightlife a different shape through the Christmas brand. It is one of the cheap Christmas vacations.

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Edinburgh, Scotland           

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is cool in winter. From shady medieval places to huge and lively large Christmas markets, the city is changing its image. It occupies almost the entire city and appeals to people everywhere. Due to market reasons, it was very crowded during that period.

There are also several attractions on the market: a huge Ferris wheel and an ice skating rink. But for children, it is full of things worth seeing, which is why it is a great place for family vacations. Snow is rarely seen in Edinburgh. It can be seen for several days throughout the winter, but the atmosphere is very unique. The atmosphere and atmosphere of Christmas spread throughout the city and even disappeared from the market.

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Ghent, Belgium

The medieval city is the best destination for Christmas, so Ghent is worth a visit. It has a special charm. It is important to focus on its quaint canal-side buildings, avant-garde art scenes, and quirky bars. From November to January, important events will be held in Gentse Winterfeesten, which is a winter season, which includes all things Christmas and cold. You will see sparkling lights, traditional holiday markets selling food, and handicrafts. This is also good for children. In fact, you can enjoy the ice skating rink under the City Pavillion, the ice cave where you meet Santa Claus, the exciting playground, and the giant Ferris wheel with panoramic views of the city and other areas.

Visit Gravestine during the festival, you will see the rooms of the medieval castle, including rooms equipped with weapons and torture equipment. They turned these rooms into a winter wonderland, with balloons on the ceiling, full of gifts, and snow scenes. The medieval dungeon was transformed into a quiet Christmas environment with carols and Christmas trees. Drinking hot chocolate and tasting waffles is always a brilliant idea. You can find them on the streets of beautiful shops, and the smell will pass to you when you walk.

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London, UK  

London is full of energy all year round, but it’s great during Christmas. From the sparkling Christmas lights in the West End to the traditional markets to the singing of carols around the world-famous Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square, there are many things to see and do. In this way, you will not miss the Christmas cruise on the Thames, and you must watch a themed show, but in this case, you must book in advance. How about enjoying the festive atmosphere in Covent Garden? In Hyde Park, you will find a magical winter, just like living in a Harry Potter novel.

If you like tradition, you can add carols to the candlelight of the Royal Albert Hall or sing in the historic St. Paul’s Cathedral. Do you like skating? Head to the 18th-century courtyard ice skating rink at Somerset House. After that, take a walk on the South Bank, buy a bag of hot roasted chestnuts, drink a glass of sweet wine, and then be shrouded by the London Eye on the river below, dizzy. Admire the sparkling lights of Oxford Street, Regent Street, and Bond Street. I suggest you plan your trip, especially if you want to participate in some activities. You will have to book and check the demand accurately.

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Visiting presepju or the nativity scene is an integral part of Malta’s Christmas. Every year, residents proudly open the blinds and sometimes even open the garage door to show the public their crib desserts. The center of Valletta is home to a lively Christmas atmosphere. During Advent, Baroques sing near the Baroque St. John’s Cathedral, and the Christmas lights on Republic Street are dazzling.

The Manoel Theatre is famous for its annual Christmas pantomime. Visit the private Malta Toy Museum, which includes dolls, soldiers, trains, and clockwork tin trinkets dating back to the 1790s to pay tribute to the children.

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Nuremberg, Germany

Nuremberg in Germany is famous for its Christmas Market (Christkindlesmarkt), which has 180 stalls arranged side by side on Hauptmarkt, selling toys, trinkets, and gingerbread snacks. It looks particularly charming after dark. This is an ideal place for shopping, you can buy some Christmas gifts for your loved ones, and you can’t beat the atmosphere. Nurnberger Christkindlesmarkt is a German institution that attracts more than 2 million visitors every year. Highlights include the huge carved wooden Ferris wheel, vintage carousel, and steam train.

The Nuremberg Christmas Market Committee is serious about ensuring that only traditional handmade toys and holiday items are sold. There are no mass-produced plastic wreaths here. The 200 selected vendors on the market also displayed outstanding displays when competing for the “Most Beautiful Booth Design Award”. The top three will receive the “Plum Man” award in gold, silver, or bronze. It is on the list of Christmas vacations for families affordable.

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Paris, France

To be honest, in any season, Paris is always the right destination. Especially when traveling with your partner. But this romantic city still maintains a magical atmosphere during the Christmas season, surrounded by more flashing lights and decorations. For shopping lovers, this is an ideal place. After visiting the shopping center, you can enjoy wine and food on the Champs Elysées. You can walk under the Arc de Triomphe and then follow the avenue of trees to Défense, a modern neighborhood from which you can enjoy the magnificent view of the city.

You can’t miss a trip to Montmartre where all artists live in Paris. You will find many people showing their paintings on the street. It is special and typical. In the tourist trap, there is always something interesting. Anyway, especially the atmosphere during Christmas is very cool. Then head to the boulevard Hausmann department store. Also, the Galeries Lafayette department store is worth a visit, and their lamps and decorations are worth a few hours for travelers. However, in the most famous shopping malls, the most crucial thing is the charming Art Nouveau stained-glass dome, which sits on a three-story exquisite balcony, which dates back to 1912. Every year, they provide different Christmas decorations.

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Prague, Czech Republic

Around 600 years old buildings are hardly affected by natural disasters or wars, and other European cities are hardly as good as Prague. Across the winding River Vltava, with steep wooded mountains on one side, the city retains most of its medieval layout, and passing the alleys before Christmas is a fascinating experience. Keep in mind that this destination is part of the list of cheap Christmas vacations.

Prague’s holiday markets easily make the city one of the best places to spend Christmas in the world: they run for a whole month, and locals and travelers pass by to taste sweet wine, sticky pastries, and roast ham. The main market is in the Old Town and Wenceslas Square, only a five-minute walk away, and is set against some of the most beautiful Gothic buildings you have ever seen. Snapped up tickets for the annual performance of the National Theatre “The Nutcracker”.

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Reykjavík, Iceland

In Father Christmas’s bet, Iceland came to us; or more precisely at twelve o’clock they talked about thirteen such characters in folklore, called Yule Lads, who were at Christmas Appeared in the small town 13 days ago. Head to the beautiful capital of Reykjavik and you may find one. Reykjavik shines in the streets and the sky in December. Throughout the long night, a string of flashing Christmas light bulbs illuminates the city. On the clearest night, the northern lights can be seen from the darker streets of the city.

In local folklore, the 13 Yule Lads you will see are a group of resort towns. They are equivalent to Santa Claus in Iceland (equivalent to residents) (actually much longer than Saint Nick) ). On Ingolfstorg Square in downtown Reykjavik, rows of small and beautiful cottages form the Yaletown Christmas Market. Here, visitors can choose colorful Christmas gifts, decorations, and snacks. Everyday shopping is different because some craftsmen and designers only set up stalls for one day.

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Rome, Italy  

Rome doesn’t need a lot of words, but why visit Rome during Christmas? The atmosphere of the festival is unique, even if you are not a Catholic or religious person, you will feel it. From December 8th, the streets and shops are full of colorful lights, decorations, Christmas trees (the tallest trees are in Piazza San Pietro and Piazza Venezia), and nativity scenes throughout the city.

There are some colorful Christmas markets. The best ones are in Piazza Navona, Piazza Risorgimento (near the Vatican), and Piazza Martini near Prati. They sell handicrafts, jewelry, and household goods, as well as children’s toys and decorations. You can find almost everything, from clothes to local specialty foods, decorative objects, and even ethnic and foreign goods. In each of them, it is easy to see Santa Claus and some children’s candies. During Christmas, you can participate in some activities, such as concerts, the opening of the skating rink, and themed exhibitions.

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Rovaniemi, Finland

If you have children, then this option is a must. But don’t worry, you will like it too. You can see it all over the world, but Rovaniemi in Finland will be as magical and cool as any other place in the world. This is Santa’s home. You can fly there from Helsinki within an hour, enter the official Santa World, and visit his post office, where letters come from all continents of the world. Santa Claus Holiday Village is also called Santa Claus Park and has many theme attractions. +

You can also enjoy the snow-capped Finnish forests. They provided husky sleds. Then, you can learn how to decorate the trees in the forest like an elf. For children, it looks more. Well, if you are looking for an exciting experience, you should try to see the northern lights under a dark sky. Take a snowmobile to the right place. You will be satisfied with your visit to Rovaniemi. Christmas is a perfect time and it is one of the affordable Christmas destinations for families. You will also be very happy to meet Santa Claus.

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Salzburg and Oberndorf, Austria

Salzburg has the best Baroque architecture in the country, the subalpine scenery, and the musical heritage derived from the city’s most famous son Mozart. Its holiday market is compact and intimate, with frequent snowfall, which adds to its appeal and makes it one of the best places for Christmas. The Christkindlmarkt in the heart of the Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is more than just dessert wine and market stalls. On Thursday and Saturday nights, singing and traditional music performances are held daily above the square. You can taste Bauernkrapfen (fried pastry).

For classical music lovers, the Salzburg Advent Orchestra at the Salzburg Fortress has a great opportunity to perform Mozart’s greatest works. Salzburg is the hometown of Mozart and the filming location of “The Sound of Music”, perfect for the chocolate box. Think of snowy mountains, Baroque architecture, and traditional Christmas markets. Even the hometown of “Silent Night”. The popular hymn was first performed in nearby Oberndorf on Christmas Eve in 1918. In Austria and Bavaria, throughout December, people dressed up as terrifying Alpine beasts, known as Krampus, and ran across the streets looking for naughty children in need of punishment.

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Soll, Austria

Mountains, snow, and small villages are the main ingredients of your Christmas holiday in Soll, Austria. It is only an hour’s drive from Munich or Salzburg Airport. This is an ideal winter sports resort for a long weekend. The Kaiser Skiwelt area is the largest in the country, with abundant slopes (284 kilometers) that will make you happy during Christmas. You can stay in one of the beautiful mountain huts and enjoy the magnificent view. Sol is one of the nine villages entering the area and it is very quiet.

Don’t worry, you can find some towns not far away for dinner and more entertainment. But this place is perfect for slipping off the pistes and having a cold beer at one of the lively après ski bars. You have the opportunity to try many different ski resorts. While you are there, take the cable car to Hohe Salve and enjoy the panoramic mountain views while drinking hot chocolate and sweet marshmallows.

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Strasbourg, France  

Strasbourg is a must for lovers of Christmas markets. Many people think this city is the capital of the Christmas market. Of course, it is the oldest in Europe. So it is worth a visit. This French pearl is located at the border of France and Germany in the Alsace region. It only takes 2 hours by train from Paris. Therefore, if you want to see them at the same time, it is best to use the holidays to explore them. In Strasbourg, you will see more traditional and rustic decorations.

They are located on Christkindelsmärik wooden stalls, there are 300 in total, and are decorated with beautiful decorations from the Notre Dame Cathedral. It was so cute during that time, especially the old town with channels. The winter is very cold, but the red wine is drunk in the market and the bar will be warm. Likewise, the food is delicious and you can taste them in the restaurants around the old town, just like fairy-tale wooden houses.

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Tallinn, Estonia         

The capital of Estonia is one of the best Christmas destinations. Tallinn is counted as a beautiful old city, which was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. The structure is preserved, which is why the city is regarded as the “Pearl of the Middle Ages in Europe”.

That part of Tallinn is picturesque. The cobblestone streets are primitive, with medieval churches, magnificent shops, barns, and warehouses. It’s like using a time machine and going back to the 11th century. The house and bar are lovely. I suggest you visit Kiek in de Kök (a 15th-century defensive tower), the Gothic town hall built in the 13th century, and a 64m high tower on the main square. During Christmas, it is common for snow to cover the entire old town, and it becomes like a typical village in the novel. Tallinn is good if you are searching for cheap Christmas vacations.

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Tbilisi, Georgia        

In Georgia, they will celebrate Orthodox Christmas on January 7, but you can celebrate them as well as Catholicism. The Christmas market, three markets, and decoration areas are for you to visit for a long time. If you have time, you can move in from January 25th to January 8th or 9th. Besides, New Year’s Eve will be cool in Tbilisi. This is a great opportunity to explore local culture and traditions. You must participate in the Alilo parade.

Catholic Christmas is an international event anyway, so in December, the capital Tbilisi is brightly lit. Department stores participate in gift culture and have Christmas trees and other decorations. Everything is open. Take a stroll on Rustaveli Street and enjoy unforgettable food. Taste wines from various regions of the country and experience true Georgian hospitality. If you feel religious, visit the impressive Trinity Cathedral and burn candles. Or do it like a local and burn 20 candles.

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Valkenburg, The Netherlands

This small town is the center of Dutch Christmas celebrations. Valkenburg’s Velvet Cave was transformed into a Christmas market and Santa’s residence, where visitors can see his gift room and reindeer sleigh.

Inside the cave are sculptures and a small church from the 18th century, as well as frescoes preserved in Roman times. Gifts, luxury goods, gourmet food, and traditional handicrafts can be found at the Christmas market in Valkenburg. The best way to reach Christmas Town? The Christmas Express regularly runs between Simpelveld and Valkenburg.

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Vienna, Austria

During the Christmas period, Vienna is actually full of a festive atmosphere (the lights covering almost every building will not hurt). The city is famous for its markets, and the Vienna Christmas Market in the City Hall is snapping up shows every year.

From November 15th to December 26th, 2019, the square is active. Of course, there are more than 150 vendors selling toys, candles, and cookies, all in authentic Austrian style. During Christmas Mass, admire the crystal tones of the only Viennese Boys’ Choir at the Hofburg Cathedral (Hofburg Church). The magic atmosphere will be appreciated even by kids, that’s why this is a cool idea among the Christmas vacations for families affordable.

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Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius turned into a real winter wonderland in December, a Christmas train that traverses the old city, a 3D nativity story is projected on the building, and a Christmas village full of local goods and delicacies (open Until January 7).

Title Christmas tree. This year’s tree is 88 feet tall, has 6,000 branches, and is decorated like fragments on a chessboard.

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Conclusions about Christmas vacations for families affordable

Now I am sure you are inspired. You know where to go for Christmas. So, where will you go? All the destinations are great and they offer a special Christmas to you, your partner, and your family. It doesn’t matter if you like traditions or not, because the best Christmas destinations are going to meet your taste. There are locations for all criteria you are searching for. So book now Christmas vacations for families affordable and spend a superb holiday with the people you love. 

All the destinations will be perfect to spend a good time together with your family. The listed locations include types of accommodations, so you can easily save money reserving a room in hostels, in a budget hotel, or renting an apartment. The best thing is that you can find free Christmas attractions and events that your kids will love. If you are traveling with your partner, join the romantic setting of the enlightened cities. Oh, don’t forget to kiss your partner under the mistletoe Christmas!

If you need some tips, check out my guides. Let me know your travel experience writing in the comments space or use my contact form for any questions. I will be happy to answer. Don’t forget to check always the country alerts on the Foreign Affairs Ministry of your country to be prepared for any requirement, blocks, and risks. And for more inspiration, follow me on Instagram. Find family Christmas vacations in my guides. If you are searching for uncommon places for other parts of the year, read where to travel.


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