Be a VIP in every airport

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Today I was thinking that my traveller wallet is getting old, some signs on it are demonsrating how many trips I took. Anyway I started to check the cards I have inside and I want to share with you my experience with one of them: Priority Pass. Travel is great, but when you have to go on a plane, you have to spend hours in airports as well and it is boring, especially in small places.

Maybe there are few shops or they are closed and the waiting rooms are not so confortable. That is why to have a Priority Pass card is really helpful. It allows the owner to access to the airport lounges almost everywhere: 1000 lounges in 500 cities in 130 countries. The member can decide the type of the card in order to have discounts for any access or if to pay a certain amount as a membership and then enter for free in the lounges, for an unlimited number of times.

The owner can have also a guest and pay a discounted price for her or him. When you enter in a lounge you can find newspapers and magazines, TV, computer, comfortable armchairs, showers, food and drinks. Not all the lounges are the same, some are more equipped, but for sure you can have a luxury stay. Normally the right to enter is given to first class ticket holders, airport card holders or who wants to pay an expensive fee.

If you travel with European continental flights you have only the business class and not the first one, then to buy the membership of a card by a specific airport it has no sense if you are not using it. That is why the Priority Pass card is convenient, you will save money and you will use many lounges around the world, to wait your plane with some luxury. This is my way to travel and it makes me happy spending a lot of time between planes and airports.












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Be a VIP in every airport
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