Balkans, the culture in a book

My next trip is already on my agenda and I will go back to Balkans, an area where I have been different times in last years. This time the country to be visited is Macedonia, not the Greek region but the country that now is called Republic of North Macedonia. I will have some work meeting in different places, so I want to try to plan some time as a tourist and explore better also some towns where I have been without so much time to see the attractions and the curiosities.

In the years I bought some books to know better the history of Former Yugoslavia and go deep in the culture, but I continue to research to know more because those countries are reach of history with a lot of connections with Western Europe. I decide to read an old book of a travel experience published in 1941 that describe very well social, cultural and political aspects of that time.

Black Lamb and Grey Falcon: A Journey Through Yugoslavia is a travel journal with a specific analysis of the culture, the history and the politics made from an international point of view. It is not a history book, because all the elements are declined as in a diary, so easily explained from a traveller that is exploring the country. There is a meeting with people and a character that help the traveller to enter in Western Balkans world.

The brilliant observation written in the book helps me to enter more deep in the Slavic history and to learn more about the culture, step by step. Reading it I am living almost the same journey, even do it is a different period. In the next days I will be again there and I will use what I have read to try to catch more benefits from my traveling in the Balkans.

Stay tuned, I will post soon about my North Macedonia visits. Explore my shop.


13 thoughts on “Balkans, the culture in a book”

  1. Good luck! Great book, your travel plans sound good. Macedonia has so much more to offer than people realise. Lake Ohrid is beautiful but taking in the roads and towns between there and Skopje really makes it worthwhile. Plus, it’s not far to Kosovo.

  2. Thank you my friend! I really like Balkans and I want to explore them more. I never had the chance to visit Kosovo till now, but it is on my list, so I will do it, because I am so curious and I have been many times around there, so the moment to see it has to come.

  3. Thanks for liking my recent article on Europe Travel 🙂
    I like your motto of “Luxury is a state of Mind”. Slavic history is pretty complex for me, but your blog post provides useful resources in getting to know Macedonia and Yugoslavia!
    – Susmita from LocalFeedback.Org

  4. Your article is really interesting to me 🙂 Thank you for your compliments, I am trying to share what I learn, but of course to explore the Slavic culture it is necessary a lot of time and I should write more, but I am trying to get the main points a write them down, as I can. There is a lot to discovere and many people in Western Europe do not know anything about Former Yugoslavia.

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