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Bagsmart travel organizer: how to save space with a bag

What is a bagsmart travel organizer? It is an amazing solution I found to travel. Every time you prepare the luggage you need to put it inside devices, cables, and tech accessories. That is what I do also. We are used to carrying a laptop, tablet, smartphone, digital camera, and so on. Even if we have some pockets inside the suitcase, there is always the risk of broke something. What can we do? Buy a bagsmart. Now you know about it. Maybe not at all. Well, I can give some explanation more, then I am sure you will love it. But this type of bag is declined in different versions to store jewels, beauty products, and so on.

Let’s see more about IT. But keep in mind that the concept is the same for any type of gadget. If you don’t have one, it is because you never hear about it. A bagsmart is an electronic accessories packing bag. You can use it to store the phone chargers, the data cable SD, the USB to travel. Then you can put the bag in your suitcase. It is divided into pockets and sectors where to store the various components. Globally, it is compact but spacious. You won’t renounce any of your accessories, you will keep them safe, and you will don’t use much space in your luggage. You can find the item on AliExpress.

Description of the bagsmart travel organizer

You can insert your smartphone, but I suggest you check the size. Maybe not all the devices can be stored inside. It’s just a matter of size. Instead, all the other tech accessories can find a proper space. Thanks to the material each device and its components are protected from hits. A bagsmart is a perfect travel mate for each of us. It keeps everything safe also in case of contact with water. Under the rain or close to a pool, the bag has no problems. Usually, for the journey, I put it in my hand luggage. Once arrived at the destination, I take it with me to go around.

I can keep it under my arm, it’s like having an agenda. So I don’t risk losing my charger and neither breaking my pockets. In fact, before I was putting everything in my jacket. It was a disaster. On AliExpress the bagsmart is available at a very interesting and discounted price. If you are a new buyer on the platform you can also get a free coupon. You will use the gift to receive one more discount. It’s a good chance to purchase a useful product. The brand is Bagsmart. So you can understand how much they are specialized in the production of this type of item. 

The features

Sizes are important to understand how easy is to put it in the luggage or to take it around. The height is 2,5 cm (1.0″), the length is 24 cm (9,4″), and the weight is 17 cm (6.6″). The bagsmart travel organizer is made with durable and water-repellent Nylon. All the internal spaces allow you to put inside all the applications: SD cards, thumb drives, earphones, USB cable, and other accessories. The safety is given by some specifics as to the double zipper to guarantee easy and immediate access. There is one inner mesh pocket with a zipper that can fit a portable hard drive up to 2.5”. Then 6 mesh pouches with elastic loops expand to store multiple sizes of USB drives.

Aliexpress WW

Thanks to some features each component is very well organized inside the bagsmart. To hold them there are elastic loops for storing various items like cables and headphones. Then you find a special SD card pouch to prevent your small SD card from missing and a special logo can help you distinguish it from different bags. These elements make me love the item, but buying the bag on AliExpress, I noticed something else. Even filling the organizer up can close easily. It makes the most efficient use of packing space inside your suitcase or bag and still keeps your accessories neat.


Now you are aware of the power of bagsmart travel organizers to improve your experience around the world. Use the proper one for devices, cables, jewels, or whatever you want. It’s a good and cheap investment.

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