attract tourists and locals

Attract tourists and locals

Would you love to earn money to travel or traveling? I have a new idea for you. Attract tourists and locals with your creativity. How? Well, when you go around you always find some street artists. They earn extra money or also they live in using their art. Not all of them are real artists, so I want to write about two types of approach. If you make research in this field and if you follow the steps of other people you can have your interesting income.

The first way is perfect if you know how to draw or paint. In fact, in many places, there is space to lay down on the street and make some paintings. They are madonnari. Have you ever heard about them? Another way to attract tourists and locals, maybe for some pictures and locals is to wear old costumes. Or to dress up as famous people. In both cases, you can have a good income.

Attract tourists and locals with your art

In places for tourism, the local administrations are interested in offering some entertainment and sometimes they just let space for artists. You can go with the material and paint in front of the people. They will give you money observing you. Or you have the chance to draw and paint small artworks and sell them. It is not hard to attract tourists and locals.

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You can travel while you do this and change place every day or every week. Also, there are festivals that give you more chances to be visible and find clients. How much money can you earn? It depends on your production and on your ability to attract tourists and locals. If you sell your paintings or draws it is not hard to say that you can ask an average price of $ 40 per artwork.

Attract tourists and locals with a costume

There is a guy who dressed up as Jesus and he prays, sings and takes pictures and videos with people. He can charge not less than $ 10 and he counts over 10,000 sales so far. Imagine his income. You can follow his steps to attract tourists and locals. Thet will be glad to ask you to act for them or just to be part of their pictures. You will get paid for that. Like someone does in Rome dressed as a gladiator.

 You don’t have to copy that guy or Romans, but just be creative and innovative. People are interested in doing something strange, especially when they are on holiday in a foreign country. So try to catch this opportunity and promote yourself through social media. It will help you to attract tourists and locals. Because they will be curious to see you at work and to meet you.

Good luck! If this is not something for you, check out my other tips on how to make money traveling.

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