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Asian travelers and luxury

Asia is growing up fast. It increased also the number of luxury travelers from the continent. They are interested to explore the world. But they are also more demanding. Asian travelers search for exotic holidays and individuality. The main brands in the hospitality sector and the travel agencies have to consider those factors to have success. It is the way to conquest Asian travelers. The keyword of the offers is luxury. This is not for all, but for a huge number of people.


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Recent studies on the new luxury Asian travelers revealed their habits and as well their goals. They want to go outside of the continent. The favorite destinations are South America and Africa. They ask for luxury. But they also want to express their individuality in the choice. It is necessary to give them a tailor-made proposal. The tourists want exclusivity. It has to be united to the preferences and the taste.


Malaysia Airlines


Asian travelers online

Instagram plays an important role. The popular social network gives to Asian travelers ideas for their trips. It is able, through the tour operators pages. They catch their attention and they suggest them some destinations and certain excursions. The Asian luxury travelers prefer to buy a complete experience. Those clients don’t want to purchase a single excursion. Because they want everything organized. People ask for a holiday package complete. They want to include the journey, hotel and so on. They are interested in five stars accommodation, main brands, premium flights ad excellent food.

Asian travelers - Malaysia Airlines

Asian travelers are ready to take into consideration new destinations. But everything must be perfect. Some tourists are happy to tell how they walked to a base camp on Everest. Then they move with a private helicopter to a luxurious five stars hotel. In the South-East of Asia, luxury travel sales increased by 8-9% per year. The growth is really more fast than in Europe or Northern America. Asia became a very important market for the tourism sector. That’s why it is convenient to work on international standards. In hotels, on planes and also in restaurants.

Asian travelers - Malaysia Airlines

The tourism market is changing. There are more travelers than tourists. There are also new destinations on their plans.










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