Armani Milan
Armani Milan
Armani Milan

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peopAt the very beginning it was a fashion brand, then it becames an empire. Armani Milan is one of the hotels created by Giorgio Armani and its industry. It is a five stars superior hotel located in the central Via Manzoni in the capital of fashion. Few metres from the most famous luxury shopping street Via Montenapoleone. The hotel is hosted in a huge city block, all dedicated to Armani and its shops. Clothes, bags, accessoires, flowers, books, coffee, chocolate and many other products made by the fashion house.

Armani Milan

In the middle there is the hotel, with its 95 rooms and suites, a Michelin star restaurant and a bar on 7th floor and a spa on 8th floor. It offers a nice view of the city centre, from one side the Duomo and the fashion district and the on the other one the skyscrapers recently built on the way to the central railway station. The position is great, as the inside setting. Each area has design furniture and modern equipments. Armani Milan represents the style and the philosophy of the brand. It dedicates to the guests a superb assistance.

The experience at Armani Milan

I go to Milan often for business and leisure, so I always search for new experiences to enjoy the city. I like to live the habits of locals and explore the new frontiers of luxury. It is full of great hotels in Milan, but Armani Hotel is surely one of the best, with a unique sign of refinement. In Italy in last years the happy hour became an important rendezous in the daily agenda. It means to go in a bar, order a drink and get food included. Most of the people consider it a subsitutte of the dinner. Anyway it is always a chance to chat and stay with friends and colleagues after the work.

Armani Milan

I decided to enter for the first time last year, when I was going to purchase some gifts. I bougth the gift vouchers for the spa, because I thought (successfully) to bring some relax to the receivers. Then I stopped in the bar to order a drink. The luxury setting with comfortable sofas welcomes the guests. At a certain hour the light becomes soft. When you enter a person takes you to the table, then a maitre comes to bring the menu. A waiter take note about your order and bring you what you want. The drink arrives with some snacks.

Armani Milan

They bring more snacks during the start of the happy hour time. Some cous cous, some canape and pieces of fresh salmon with a lime sauce. Of course they change the proposals often, but the quality is really on high level, as the service. The courtesy of the staff makes the guest feel important. This is the added value of Armani Milan. People use the bar of the hotel also for their work meetings.

The menu and the prices

Go to Armani Milan is surely trendy, that is why it is common to find important people or models. The menu of the bar counts a good variety of drinks, included champagne, wines, centrifuged drinks, cocktails with and without alchool. The selection is very good, according to the quality, especially for wines, spirits and soft drink brands. The staff is ready to give advices to choose the wine. Also they can give easily and clearly explanations about the cocktails.

Armani Milan

A glass of wine, at Armani Milan bar, costs between 18 nd 23 euros, it depends on the type. It is quite expensive also for the city range. But you have very high quality of the products and a superb setting. It is an expression of the Armani style and they take care of the guest and of each detail. Obviously these things has to be payed. If you go to Milan I really suggest you a visit at least to the bar. You will live a great experience and it is worth. Believe me, you deserve a luxury treatment time to time.

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  1. December 15, 2018 / 3:39 pm

    I don´t think any glass of wine is worth that price in any bar! The name of the hotel/bar make the prices. I don´t care so much about the name of any hotels, service, reputation and reviews from people is crucial.

    • myanasa
      December 15, 2018 / 3:46 pm

      I can’t say if you are right or not, because this depends on us, but going often to Milan I noticed something particular. In any bar of the centre you pay very high prices, but the difference is evident. I mean I can pay around 10 € for a glass of wine, seated in a tiny place full of people, with a bad service… I mean it is very expensive and they treat you in a bad way. If I need to meet a person and drink something in the area, I prefer to spend even a bit more, but feel well. The setting, the space, the comfort and the service are important. I loose my money anyway, but at least I am fine when I go out from the bar. This is just my opinion.

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Armani Milan
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