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My dears, this is one of the last posts of 2018 for me, before to start a new year and to celebrate my blog’s birthday. I will tell you about my New Year’s Eve in Prague, but before I want to share something more about Milan: the Apple fountain. Are you thinking to a strange apple from where the water comes out? No, I mean the technology company brand from Cupertino.

Yes, they realized a special shop in the center of the city. In Piazza Liberty, few steps from Duomo on the way to go to San Babila. Apple creates a very big shop and they realized an amazing fountain. The location is really cool and the structure offers a curious experience. In fact, you can pass easily under it when you enter the shop. It doesn’t matter if you are an Apple fan or not, I recommend you a visit. Because it will leave you speechless.

The fountain of Apple

They opened the fountain and the shop at the end of July 2018. On the street, there is nothing more than this waterfall with the Apple logo on the window. The stairs to go down in the underground shop. On one side the stairs are under the water, on the other side, the stairs are like an amphitheater. The shop is 20 meters under the ground. and it is very big.

Anyway, what I like is the fountain they realized. It is something quite innovative in Milan and also cool. I am not going to write more and I let you see the pictures I took in last days. I did a very short video uniting all of them to show you this curious fountain.  It can be part of the curiosities of Milan. What Apple made deserve to be seen, so while you walk around the cathedral in the city, have a look. It takes a few minutes.

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A monument you have to see in Milan: Apple waterfall

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