My Anasa is social

My Anasa is social

Do you like my blog? I hope you got inspired by my posts. If yes, follow me on the other channels. My Anasa is social. I have an Instagram account where I share my pictures and a lot of stories. From my profile, you can get news about my trips and see images of all the places I visit. I admit that it is my favorite social network and I am often connected there. You can reach me through direct messages and I check them daily so I can answer quite soon. If you want to share my pictures, feel free to do it, but tag me.

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My Anasa is social also on Twitter. Check out my posts. I generally used it to share my blog posts, but time to time I share something else, always related to tips, guides, and destinations. It’s all about my direct experience. Traveling around a word is more than a passion and what I like to do is to share it with you. How? Giving you all my ideas, advice, and review of the places, hotels, restaurants, flights, and so on.

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My Anasa is social: more online

Not only IG and Twitter. I have also a Pinterest profile. Why should you follow me on Pinterest? Because My Anasa is social! No, this is not the answer. Because over there you can see a lot of boards. Some are like the same categories of my blog, with a bit more… “pins”. Others concern some of my other passions, not only traveling. So following my page on Pinterest you will get something extra. What? Do you really think I am going to answer here? Check it. Go and explore. You will have your answer. It is free and you will have the chance to see if you like or not.


My work in progress. The last channel I have is on Youtube. It’s quite recent, I am using it step by step, but I am implementing it with different slideshows and videos. You can check it and follow it. My Anasa is social and this means that I am going to share different contents on each channel. That’s why I invite you to follow me on all my pages. Feel free also to send your feedback, it helps me to improve the page and my activity.

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For my readers and followers, I also select some special offers and discounts. They are related to the travel sector. Check them out. Maybe you can save money on your purchases or just get some benefits. 



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