An ice cream in all seasons

Spring is generally the beginning of nice weather and warm temperature, but this year in Italy it is quite strange. After a very hot summer and a cold winter, now it is not easy to understand what is going on with the weather, but an ice cream is always a good idea, even if it is snowing, at least for me. So, where to have one of the best in Rome? In the centre, close to the Parliament and to the Pantheon.

The place is very popular among locals and tourists as well, but the bar and pastry offers tradition and quality. Giolitti, this is the name, was open in 1900 and made in Liberty style, well conserved. The refined setting is the commone element to the different rooms where to seat and to taste the variuous ice cream cups or the confectionery present on the menu.

The professional waiters are always ready to serve and to explain the ice cream flavours, because the classics are proposed with the most innovative ones. You will fall in love with the ice cream made by Giolitti. You can choose to be in the lovely rooms inside or, during summer time, to stay in the tables outside, wathcing the walk in Via del Vicario. Keep in mind that Giolitti has a second shop in Eur district, on the lake.

I do not suggest you to order a take away ice cream, because there is always a long queue of clients and you will stay standing for a long time. Anyway I strongly reccomend to you to have the ice cream in this traditional and historical place, that after more than one century is still the favourite one of the inhabitants and of the importan people of Rome.



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