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Albergo al Sole Asolo Italy: complete and honest review

Asolo is a quite popular destination for tourists and that is why booking a hotel can be a bit hard. The museums, the ancient buildings, and archeological finds are important attractions for travellers. I have some tips for you to help you. Searching for hotel Asolo becomes easier. But also the events can attract many people during the year. Then the place is quite close to Treviso and Venice, two marvelous Italian towns. This means that sometimes it can be fully booked. I want to share my experience, made twice in the town. I went there for some meetings and I wanted good accommodation, so I started to search among the offers. That’s how I founded Albergo al Sole Asolo Italy, a great place to spend a vacation. Or even to stay during a business trip.

hotel asolo - albergo al sole asolo italy / albergo al sole asolo

The rates depend of course on the period. Because during some particular events and spring and summer generally, the prices are higher. In Asolo to book a hotel means to choose among different types of accommodations, included B&B, apartments, and farms. What to do? Before going into the topic I think it is necessary to explain why this beautiful village is the perfect location for a holiday. Albergo al Sole Asolo Italy is the perfect hotel to enjoy the region and make your stay unforgettable.

The hotel and the region

The area is full of history, monuments, and museums where to discover the region. Asolo is close to the main cities and towns of Veneto. The place is far a few kilometers from the most popular mountains and it is full of amazing landscapes all around. Not only history but also art, architecture, and nature are the ingredients of the village and the surroundings. You can find a quiet place to walk in nature. The village offers you the accommodation you are searching for with the typical kindness dedicated to the tourists.

If you want to visit Venice you can easily go there. You only need half an hour by car. It is possible to use buses and trains to move, but I suggest to do it by car, it is faster. You are free to transfer when you want and you need less time than public transport. To sleep in Asolo costs less than Venice and it is quieter. These are the reasons why you can consider to stay in the village and to book a hotel there.

Tips to book a good hotel: why Albergo al Sole Asolo Italy

Asolo offers, as a tourism destination, a good variety of accommodations. There are five stars hotels to guest houses. I have been again to the same hotel, but how did I choose it? Well, I was searching for a comfortable room, close to the main square and at a good price. I like luxury, so this influence my evaluation. When you travel for work reasons you want to sleep well and to receive the proper attention. That is why I check always luxury structures. My second criteria were related to the position. To sleep not far from Piazza Garibaldi it is a great opportunity to go to all the attractions on foot.

As I already mentioned the rates are lower than Venice, plus I add the quiet, almost impossible to be found in the city. I noticed that a five stars hotel can be quite cheap compared to other places in Veneto, but it offers a great experience. Also, I wanted a structure with a restaurant, because without a plan to out, when you are tired in the evening you can eat a few steps far from the room. I tried to check also other solutions, but most of them were not in the best position, except Hotel Duse, three stars and historical structure. I decided to book a hotel called Albergo al Sole, the best accommodation in Asolo, Italy.

Albergo al Sole Asolo Italy

The five stars hotel is not the only one in Asolo, but it is 300 meters far from the main square. It offers a great view and it combines tradition and modernity. An old and historical building shows the tradition, also in room settings. Meanwhile, some furniture elements and impeccable service are given a good experience. According to modern high standards. I already wrote in the past about this accommodation, but I want to add something more after my second visit.

hotel asolo - Albergo al Sole Asolo Italy / albergo al sole asolo
hotel asolo - Albergo al Sole Asolo Italy / albergo al sole asolo
hotel asolo - Albergo al Sole Asolo Italy / albergo al sole asolo
hotel asolo - Albergo al Sole Asolo Italy / albergo al sole asolo
hotel asolo - Albergo al Sole Asolo Italy / albergo al sole asolo

The staff is friendly, they welcome the guest as people do in private houses. You feel at home, maybe also because the structure is quite small. The rooms are spacious, with a stylish setting that reminds the traditions of the past. But the equipment is modern and complete. You are in history with all the contemporary comforts. They also have a shop inside with exclusive products, as food and home design objects.

A shuttle service reserved for customers of Albergo al Sole Asolo Italy is available for all guests. I suggest you to use the car also to explore the area. In case they provide you the permission to enter the traffic limited streets to reach the hotel and the car parking. Guests can also benefit from the luxury bikes of the hotel.

I took these pictures made in September, the first part of the month is quite warm. A good period to book hotel Asolo. As you can see I had grape for breakfast.

The restaurant

Food is important in Italy and Asolo has great products. To taste the local cuisine you have to enjoy the restaurant La Terrazza. It is inside the Albergo al Sole Asolo Italy. When you book a hotel, especially this one, you have the chance to find special offers including other services. I suggest you consider dinner at La Terrazza. Recipes from Veneto and Mediterranean dishes are proposed according to the availability of seasonal ingredients. You can choose between fish and meat, both of them cooked with some innovation by the chef. In summer it is possible to use the terrace with a superb view of the village. They serve there also breakfast.

The food

The Emporio of the hotel has a very good oil, made a few kilometers out of Asolo. When you book a hotel in the village and you want to taste the local products Albergo al Sole Asolo Italy can help you. I have one more tip for you about the local food. If you like to bring home some products or just to taste something while you are doing your tour, buy it from the shop. It is one more privilege of booking hotel Asolo.

In Via Browning, a few hundred meters from Piazza Garibaldi, there is Gastronomia Sgarbossa. A big shop with local products like oil, wines, cheese, and salami. There is a huge variety and it is an opportunity to taste the specialties. Book a hotel in Asolo will be your delicious idea.


Now you know where to stay in Asolo. Reserving a room at Albergo al Sole Asolo Italy, you will have the chance to explore the region, starting from a superb area surrounded by mountains and hills. The view from the fortress will give you the best panorama of the most beautiful landscapes.

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