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Airports' Wi-Fi Passwords

Airports’ Wi-Fi Passwords

Airports’ Wi-Fi Passwords a free tool for you. Discover more on the page, read and use the map.

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Airports' Wi-Fi Passwords Kiwi.com

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Airports’ Wi-Fi Passwords

Click the airport on the map below to know the Wi-Fi password

Are you traveling often by plane? Yes?! Well, you are spending a lot of time in airports moving between destinations and catching connections. You have to be there earlier, to wait for boarding and sometimes to face delays. What to do inside the airport? You can go around the shops, read a magazine or a book, eat something… But get in touch with relatives, friends, and colleagues, read your emails, surf the net or post on social is important. That’s why you need to access the internet. Since it is expensive to do it abroad, you have to use the airport Wi-Fi. How? 

Airports’ Wi-Fi Passwords are the solution. Here you can find them. Thanks to the tool you click on the map to see the information about the airport where you are. It is easy to use and in a while, you have the answer. After that, you can be online. Since you won’t have access to the internet before to find the answer, I suggest you to use the tool before to leave and get all the passwords you need. You will be ready to travel and to be connected.

Airports’ Wi-Fi Passwords: the tool

I am happily sharing this tool with you to help you in finding the Airports’ Wi-Fi Passwords. By the way, I am not the inventor of this instrument. We all can use this free tool thanks to Anil Polat. He is a travel blogger and computer security engineer. Trip after trip he collected the passwords and then he created the interactive map. Of course, from time to time he is going to update the database, so you can easily find that you need: the last version of Wi-Fi passwords. 

Each of us can contribute to updating the list of the passwords sending the ones used at the airport. In this way, we can all save time and money. There is no registration. No fees and not even minutes to find a way to access the internet. In a click, you can easily find Airports’ Wi-Fi Passwords of the world. Your stay at the airport will be more pleasant.


While you are on the net with a public Wi-Fi you have to be careful. There are always risks to become a victim of hackers. They can steal data and use your passwords. To avoid this type of problem and use safety Airports’ Wi-Fi Passwords, you can adopt a few precautions. The first one is to be sure that the network you are using is legit. “https” in the link means that the site is safer. Check very well each internet address you use corresponds to a serious website.

Don’t do any financial transactions while you are connected to the internet through public Wi-Fi. So don’t input credit card data and don’t access to the online bank. Use the Airports’ Wi-Fi Passwords tool but activate the two-factor authentication to protect your account. This is very important to make the thieves work harder. It is impossible to have the codes for them if they don’t have access to your device.

In the end, get a Virtual Private Network. VPN is made to keep safe the private information you handle online. Communications are encrypted with a military-grade system that doesn’t allow anyone to read your data while you surf through a public Wi-Fi connection.

This page is helpful to plan your trip. To get all the passwords you need is essential to be connected while you wait for the plane or when you land in another country. 

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