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Airport card: 1 solution 10s benefits for your trip

Trip after the trip it happens to visit more times the same countries. As it happens to me with Turkey and Balkans. That’s why I decided to get the airport card released by TAV. Since I am a frequent traveler and I have the chance to go often to Istanbul and Skopje airports, I applied for the card that allows me to get some benefits during my passage.

Going around Eastern Europe and the Middle East I can take advantage of the Tav Passport Card usage. It helps me to improve my experience inside airports and as well with transfers. Plus with this airport card, I have discounts. Let me tells you more about the chances to travel easily, saving time and money. It looks like a luxury but if you calculate the benefit, it is more investment. In the end, you spend less. But you have to travel often to specific destinations, otherwise, it doesn’t make sense.

Airport card: TAV services features

Tav Passport card allows me to use the services offered by TAV company in the 64 airports managed by the enterprise in 13 countries in the world. They are Turkey, Croatia, Macedonia, Latvia, Georgia, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia. There are three different types of the airport card or maybe it is better to say membership levels. The travelers choose the type according to the use. Each of them gives some advantages.

Starting from the free car park and valet service in the airports. Then they offer discounted airport transfers, fast track, lounge access and many discounts in the airport shops, in hotels and restaurants in different cities. Many places to get discounts are located in Istanbul and Ankara, in Turkey. Comfort and luxury services with the Tav airport card are increasing, so it is good to follow their news to be updated and have more benefits.

Skopje has a small airport, but very well organized, with a good lounge. In the North Macedonia airport, there are only a few comfort and luxury services with the Tav airport card. But the best experience I had with my Tav Passport Card was in Istanbul. I go there often and I can skip long queues at the controls and check-in as well.

I can also spend a good time waiting for my plane thanks to the airport card. There are different lounges to be chosen, with showers, relaxing area, and great self-service food. Many Turkish and international recipes are prepared by the cooks day and night. Cardholders can enter without any problems all the time they want and enjoy a complete meal and all types of drinks.

Meet and Greet

In Istanbul, the airport is very big and crowdy, thanks to the card I can reserve a ”meet and assist service”. The airport card gives you many benefits like the one described. It consists of complete support.  The staff wait for me at the exit of the plane, they take me with a ring shuttle to the passport control. There I can have a fast line, and then they help me to pick the luggage.

With a luxury car and a professional driver, I can reach the hotel. When I arrive at the airport and I have to leave, I have the same assistance. They pick me up at the hotel to take me to the airport. So I also do the check-in at the business class desk despite my ticket and enjoy the lounge. This is valid for Turkish Airlines. They plan the timing of my steps at the airport before the departure. This airport card is one of the best in the world.

Everything is perfect and it becomes easy to travel by plane and to spend time inside the airport. Also, if for some reason I have to stay more hours there are comfort and luxury services with Tav. The prices of the airport card released by TAV are from around 350 to 2.700 Euro per year. Of course, the benefits are different. Buying the card you will save the time to pass the controls and to do the duties, so you will be free to relax, eat or do some shopping.

Organize your trip now

Purchase the card clicking here and get the comfort and luxury services with the TAV airport card. To reserve your flights and get the lowest rates or combine your connections, I suggest three platforms I use. Also because on them there are a lot of deals and the search engines make big research with your criteria. InfobusKiwi, and Skyscanner are the best solutions to plan your journey.

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Get the airport card and enjoy your trip!

VIP airport lounge: 1 card to access during your trips

VIP airport lounge: how can I get in? This is a common question for passengers, especially among those who have the chance to travel often. It is not a matter of feeling important, but to improve the waiting time quality. Entering a reserved lounge gives you a lot of advantages. You can’t imagine this, but you will save money. I will explain to you how.

Have you ever waited for a plane standing at the gate for hours? Have you ever spent a huge amount of money for a snack just because the airport is expensive? Me yes. That’s why I search for some way to get more comfortable. Today I was thinking that my traveler wallet is getting old. Some signs on it are demonstrating how many trips I took. Anyway, I started to check the cards I have inside. One of them inspired me to write this post.

VIP airport lounge is a need when you spend a lot of hours in a terminal around the world. Of course, it is necessary to pay a fee, but let’s make a generic calculation. It may not be applicable exactly with this amount everywhere. But the process is the same in every airport in the world. Imagine being there during lunch or dinner time. You are hungry.

What to do? Easy, you search for a bar or a restaurant. You won’t eat just a sandwich, but you will have two courses and maybe a couple of glasses of wine. You will spend around 30-35 euros. Then you will buy a magazine to read while you wait and it will be 2-3 euros. The average price of a VIP airport lounge is 35 euros. Inside you have newspapers, magazines, food, and drinks without limits included. Plus free and unlimited Wi-Fi. 

VIP airport lounge in a card

I am going to share with you the easiest way to use a VIP airport lounge, you can do it all around the world. It is a small investment that allows you to reduce the cost (do you remember the average price of 35 euros I wrote before?) and get all the benefits. It is what I did some years ago and now I am really happy with my choice. 

Here you are going to read my experience with Priority Pass. Travel is great. But when you have to go on a plane, you have to spend hours in airports as well and it is boring, especially in small places. Imagine then too crowdy places. Why not use VIP airport lounges with snacks and drinks included at a cheap price?

If you will follow my steps you will benefit from a very good opportunity. But I suggest it only if you are a frequent flyer. Or at least my advice is for who is going around the world at least five or six times per year. Anyway, there are many options, so even for a few trips, it can be good the card.

VIP airport lounge and Priority Pass card

Maybe there are a few shops or they are closed and the waiting rooms are not so comfortable. That is why to have a Priority Pass card is helpful. Use a VIP airport lounge is not a luxury, but only a better way to wait. It allows the owner to access to the airport lounges almost everywhere: 1000 lounges in 500 cities in 130 countries.

The member can decide the type of card to have discounts for any access. Alternatively, it is possible to pay a certain amount as membership and then enter for free in the lounges, for an unlimited number of times.

The owner can have also a guest and pay a discounted price for her or him. When you enter a lounge you can find newspapers and magazines, TV, computer, comfortable armchairs, showers, food, and drinks. This is the way to get direct access to a VIP airport lounge. Not all the lounges are the same, some are more equipped, but for sure you can have a luxury stay. Normally the right to enter is given to first-class ticket holders, airport cardholders or who want to pay an expensive fee.

If you travel with European continental flights you have only the business class and not the first one. Then to buy the membership of a card by a specific airport it has no sense if you are not using it. That is why the Priority Pass card is convenient. You will save money and you will use many lounges around the world, to wait for your plane with some luxury. This is my way of travel and it makes me happy spending a lot of time between planes and airports.

Check out your Priority Pass plan, get the card and start to be a VIP at the airport. In some cases, there are spa treatments to wait for you. You will be fully relaxed before to go onboard. Download the App to be always informed about the updates and to have the complete list of the lounges. You will enjoy each VIP airport lounge in the places you will visit.

Plan your trip

Now it is time to go, right? Your VIP airport lounge is waiting for you. So check out my destinations to get inspired and read my reviews, so you can easily plan your trip. To search for the best rates and combine the connections I suggest you use Infobus, Kiwi, and Skyscanner. The three platforms are perfect to make you saving time and money. For the hotel, there are two very good sites: HotelsCombined and Booking. It is the website that researches you. Your task is only to input personal criteria. 

And if you need some travel items I can inspire you: shopping tips and Amazon Store. Plus surf AliExpress platform.

Airport VIP service, how to enjoy flight waiting

Travel is the most beautiful thing to do in life, but to visit new places and meet new cultures it is necessary to spend time on planes and also in the airports. For security reasons, passengers must be there one or two hours before the departure. The exact time depends on the type of flight. But sometimes the border management requires a lot of time. Thanks to the airport VIP service the process becomes easier and enjoyable.

It is quite boring to wait in the lounge for the plane, especially in small airports. But there are some ways to enjoy more time spent inside the airport. Not only in the main destinations the companies are improving fastly the airport VIP service provided to passengers. The goal is to make them more comfortable. Not only the airlines offer VIP lounges. But also the companies that own the airports. There are hotels, meet and greet services and much more.

VIP services

What are the main airport VIP services proposed? The variety is really big and I just tried a few of them. But I have to say that in the last years in many countries to wait for the plane is becoming a pleasure. Sometimes, unbelievable, it happens that I want to go ahead of time, just to enjoy a specific service. Do not worry, it never happens when the place to visit is so interesting and attractive.


Some examples of airport VIP service

I generally make a distinction among the services: the ones that help the passenger to not lose time and those that are created to make the waiting pleasant. In the first case, I intend fast track, check-in reserved, priority boarding and so on. The comfort is given by the private lounges, the small cars to move inside the airport, the complimentary food and drinks. This is the airport VIP service.

What can happen inside the airport for a passenger who wants to enjoy better the waiting? Well, I can describe one of my trips, including the return. I use quite often two airports: Milan Malpensa, Italy, and Istanbul Ataturk, Turkey. So just to give you an example I can describe the different steps made before and after the flight. So I have the chance to go a bit more deeply into the airport VIP service.

Direct experience

With my car I arrive in Milan Malpensa Airport (Terminal 1), I park under the terminal, with the elevator in a while I am in the departure area. I do the check-in and then I move to the security check. Thanks to the fast track I skip the queue and I go directly to the passport control. After that, I am free to reach the Vip Lounge. Meanwhile, I monitor the status of my flight. I can have some food and drinks, read newspapers, use the Wi-Fi, relax or work seated in the comfortable armchairs.

At the proper time, I can go to the gate and seat on the plane. When I land in Istanbul Ataturk, a very big and crowdy airport, I go down from the plane and I find dedicated personnel of the airport. The staff dedicated to the airport VIP service is ready to take me to the passport control with an internal shuttle. I go with the driver and the assistance to passport control. There is a line dedicated, so I do not have to wait for the other passengers.

Going outside the airport

I go with the staff to the baggage claim and then a driver with a luxury car takes me to the hotel. On the way back a car with a driver come to the hotel to pick me up and to take me to the airport. A person waits for me at a reserved entrance. So I can do immediately the security control with my luggage and go to the check-in. I go with the assistant at the airport to the check-in. Then to a dedicated line for the hand baggage security check and passport control.

With the internal shuttle, a driver and the assistance I go to the VIP lounge to wait for my flight. They’re a great variety of food and drinks, newspapers, showers and sofas where I can relax waiting for my flight. At the proper time, a person comes to me and takes me, using the private internal shuttle take me to the gate for boarding. This service helps me to skip all the queue and also it allows me to enjoy more the waiting.


Obtain the airport services

How to get services? It is easy and you don’t need to be a VIP. According to the different airports, the policy can be different as the offer for the passenger. I mentioned Milan Malpensa and Istanbul Ataturk. In both cases, there are cards to be bought by passengers. There are various levels of membership with different prices, from a few hundreds of euro to 2.500 euro more or less. The fee for an airport VIP service can be convenient if you travel often.

Better divide the two proposals. In Milan, you can purchase a card of Sea Club, for Malpensa and Linate airports, that it cost 1.000 euro per year and it gives them access to all the VIP lounges, also the ones at the entrance and the one at arrivals. In the first one, it is possible to do the check-in for the flight. But it depends on the deals with the airline company.

You can also benefit from other services, with a discount on the prices, as the Meet and Greet service (like the one that I described for Istanbul). To do all the steps before and after the flights with a preferred lane and assisted by a hostess. You can also rent a car with a driver and have the support you need to prepare yourself and wait for your flight.

Istanbul airport VIP service

In Istanbul, the company that manages the airport is Tav, owner of different airports in the world: Turkey, Croatia, Macedonia, Latvia, Georgia, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia. You can request free car park and valet service, discounts for transfers, fast tracks, lounges access, ring service, business check-in, advantages in using bars, restaurants and the Tav hotel inside the airport.

You can buy the card that allows you to use lounge and fast track for free every time you need in the Tav airports for 350 euro. If you prefer you can buy a card that gives you a certain amount of services for free-spending 1700 euros or the unlimited card for 2700 euros, in this case, you will have also transfers to the city free. Those rates are the yearly fee. It is also possible to have some guests that can have the same advantages for free. You can extend the airport VIP service to family, colleagues or friends.

Card usage

Of course, it depends on how much you go to these airports. If you do not fly often to those destinations you can just buy single services when you need it. Anyway in worldwide airports there are many opportunities. A guest can have more comforts and benefit from more services to have a pleasant waiting, relaxing and using better lounges with free food and drinks.


Airline companies and cards

Almost every airport VIP service in the globe has a card that allows a passenger to have discounts and facilities access. There are also other types of cards, like Priority Pass that allows passengers to enter in the lounges of the majority of the airports around the world. The cost is different and it depends on the level, so on how many entries the passenger wants to be included. The basic level is cheap but it gives only a discount.

Many benefits for passenger arrives also by certain credit cards, like Diners Club, Mastercard, and Visa that allow the holders to use Vip lounges in the airports. The other way is reserved by the airline company. If the passenger travels in business or first class or has a specific card of the company can use the fast track, Vip lounge and other services that are useful to go fast and to live a nice experience before to leave.


The airport‘s proposals

Around the world, there are innovative services dedicated to passengers. Because there are more travelers and it is important, also concerning the competition among sector companies, to offer tailor-made services. That allows making more pleasant the time spent before the departure or after the arrival. I enjoy also that kind of benefits in between flight connections.

In Los Angeles airport, thanks to The Private Suite you have the chance to enter using your car in a private area of the airport. Then have a steward that takes you to a suite that is your private lounge for the time you need, with tv, magazines, food and drinks and no one enter. Then you have the reserved safety check and passport control. With a car, the staff takes you to the plane. It’s one of the best airport VIP services.

Around the world

Cathay Pacific and Qantas are offering airline lounges with a spa. There you can have a massage or a treatment to relax and recover energy to travel. In Frankfurt, in the lounge, you can find a cigar room. And there is also a superb restaurant, where the variety of water is, even more, one of the wines. In Paris, you can eat a dinner made by a famous chef.

Get Airport VIP service without a card

These are only a few examples of airports and airline proposals for passengers, but you can find a lot of interesting features and also not only concerning the lounges. If you don’t have a ticket or a card to take advantage of the services provided you can always buy them. The costs are not high and you can pass faster or seat in a better setting, finding also satisfaction if you are hungry or thirsty. Keep into consideration that in case of delay of your flight you will enjoy your time with a spa treatment or some entertainment.

How to get airport VIP service

If you don’t want to pay a fee to the airports, you can use a travel credit card. This is the best way to earn air miles with your daily expenses. Also, you will find included airport VIP service. The trick is to select the right card. How to do it? Easy, follow the steps given by an expert traveler. He prepared a video course that reveals the way to get more benefits from travel credit cards. Check out all the information on this page. You can also get some tips from my article.


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What are you waiting for? Search your tour and plan the trip with an airport VIP service.

Fly to Naples

Every time I fly to Naples I have the chance to save time and money. How? Using the App of the airport. It gives me a lot of advantages. I am used to having different cards to get services in every airport where I fly often, but I have to say that this application is quite cool and innovative. Even if you are going to the city only once by plane, I suggest you install it. It is free and since the first registration, you can get benefits from it.

The official App of the International Airport of Naples has an intuitive design and a lot of functions, including the live notifications during your stay at the terminal. The number of flights is increasing so there is a huge list of destinations connected with the city. This means that you can easily find a good offer to fly to Naples from your place, from the closest airport. Let me explain to you something more and specific about the App and its benefits.

Fly to Naples with the App

The App FlyNap is available for any device, you can download it for free and install it. Then you have to register to subscribe to the Fidelity Program FlyYou. Since the beginning, you can have some exclusive advantages. The first one is the real-time updates about your flight. My Flight is the application that gives you all the information on your connections to know delays and changes. If you fly to Naples or from the city airport you can put data about your ticket and earn points that you will spend during your stay at the airport.

You don’t need any card, you will just use the App for any activity to collect or redeem points. Showing the code to the shops or to the staff you will be able to earn the points you need or use them for the services. It is easy and fast. You can have benefited since your first fly and if you have a return ticket it becomes even better. Yes, because it counts like two flights, so more points for you. As a newcomer in the loyalty program, you don’t need many points to have the first free services. That’s why I suggest you install also if you fly to Naples just once.

How the App works

You can earn points directly on your smartphone flying from and to Naples or parking in the airport. Every ticket has to be registered on the app, a few data are required. What can you get redeeming the points? You can get discounts for the parking, offers in bars and restaurants inside the airports, access to the fast track and the Vip Lounge. More times you fly to Naples or from there and you can take more advantages because you can improve your status up to Privilege. That means to have many benefits added to the ones already given. But for the first time, you have opportunities.

The points with the App FlyNap can be collected also purchasing items in the shops. All of them will be used to have more services for free inside the airport. Every time you eat, drink or buy a gift, you will earn points. You show the App or the code and the staff is going to register it, so automatically the amount of point will be credited to your balance. There are no fees, so no added costs for you. Fly to Naples is convenient.

Saving time and money

With your first flight, you can earn a good amount of points and use the fast track plus the Vip Lounge. You will go to the gate in less time because the fast track allows you to skip the queue using a dedicated line for security control. Then you can relax in the Caruso Lounge. A modern design with comfortables chairs and sofas, drink, snacks, newspapers will help you to relax waiting for the plane. There is also free Wi-Fi. The staff is kind and helps you with any need making your stay pleasant.

Imagine buying these services. It costs you around 50 Euro, but just downloading the App and registering your flight you can have them for free. Fly to Naples is convenient. A lot of comfort and time for yourself. From the city center to the airport you have to travel for around 20-30 minutes. Plus you have to calculate one or two hours before the flight to be at the airport.

Time-saving fly to Naples

Imagine using the online check-in and the fast track how much time you save. At least half an hour. Then thanks to the App you can also get all the updates about the flight. So you can know delays and reorganize your transfer. Download the airport App here. These luxury services reduce the stress of your trip.

Do you want to fly to Naples now? Find the best deals on the two platforms that I use to get my tickets: Infobus and Kiwi. Then check out my posts about Naples in the destinations and reviews section.

Let me give you one more tip to book your flights. The best way to save money to fly to Naples is to use all the tricks of travel agents. Read here how to spend less on finding the best connections and deals. 

The last thing: find a hotel through Booking, you will find great deals to save money.

Night in Istanbul Airport

Spending the night in Istanbul Airport is easy thanks to the TAV Hotel. It wasn’t in my plans to stay there. But it happened to me to have a flight in the early morning and coming from outside the city. So the best solution was to sleep there waiting for my plane. It wasn’t so bad doesn’t wake up in the night to reach Ataturk Airport. All restaurants, bars, and shops are open 24 hours per day. That means to have any chance to entertain myself, but I needed rest.

For that reason, I decided to use the Tav Airport Hotel. Thanks to my TAV card I have a discount and I can easily enjoy the accommodation. As well, I can access the lounge and even the fast track for all the security controls (one at the entrance and one to the boarding area). Spending the night in Istanbul Airport and save time for the procedures allow me to sleep more. Not bad. Don’t you think so?

Spending the night in Istanbul Airport: hotel features

One of the elements I like most is the option to choose how many hours to stay in the room and pay for that time. So if you want just to refresh yourself with a shower and a couple of hours of sleep you can do it. There is no reason to pay an entire night for a break of a few hours. Spending the night in Istanbul Airport is convenient. The check-in is very fast and the structure is well equipped. They know how to satisfy travelers‘ needs. Each room is well equipped with a good space to move. 

The minibar is full of different drinks and snacks. Also, you can find all types of toiletries, a bathrobe, and sleepers. Despite the position inside the airport the guest can find the perfect silence to rest. There is no noise from other rooms or the planes. To not move from the hotel during the stay, there is the option to use the Skyline Restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They propose various choice of Turkish and International dishes to make happy each preference. 

Night in Istanbul with restaurant

Spending the night in Istanbul Airport can be good also for who wants to taste something good. As well the restaurant is open during the day with bar service and it is always possible to order a fast snack. Tav Airport Hotel provides a great service to the passenger who books a room. The structure is giving some luxury as well in settings and equipment.

It is a good choice to spend a night at the airport or just to rest for a few hours between flights. Anyway, if the hours are not so many it is always a good idea to go around because of the shops. They are very interesting and also the bars and restaurants offer some traditional recipes or drinks to taste.

Book the hotel

Let me give you some advice. Spending the night in Istanbul Airport is good, the hotel has quite a big number of rooms, but to be sure to find an available bedroom I suggest you book in advance. The prices are on average and the location is perfect if you have some connections form the Ataturk Airport. 

Ready to go? Check out my posts about Turkey and my reviews to find more tips for your trip. To book your flights follow my steps. You can use three platforms where I find the best deals for flight tickets: InfobusKiwi, and Skyscanner. To book a hotel use Booking or HotelsCombined. They have the best solutions online.

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