airbnb pays you

Airbnb pays you

How much does it cost to travel? It depends on your style and the destination. Do you know that Airbnb pays you? The world is plenty of offers for every pocket. Anyway, if you want to explore the globe and you don’t have enough money, you should consider an extra income. There are many options, but today I want to tell you about a specific one. Rent your room or house to get money. How? This is what you want to know. I will answer, but let me ask you something.

You surely are aware of the Airbnb platform, also because you consider it for your trips. You also know that privates own the property. So, yours can be on their list. If you have one more room in the house or the chance to sleep in another place and let your apartment free. This is what you can do to earn extra money. So Airbnb pays you for each guest.

Airbnb pays you
Airbnb growth in the hospitality sector

Airbnb pays you: how it works?

The online marketplace allows you to rent your home. The entire house or apartment, but also a simple room. Travelers can sleep with you and save money, while you earn. Why is this a business? Because the platform offers the cheapest way for the tourist stay, so the clients are many. Their number increase. People can propose their property and make it available. Airbnb pays you for that.

This solution can be a way to get extra income, but it can become a business. Especially if you have a big property or maybe more than one. Everything depends on you. Before focusing on the process, it is good to know that you have to accomplish the company policy. Nothing hard. Many people use this opportunity to earn money for traveling. Why not they can use the money on the platform again to pay for their stay. Let’s see how Airbnb pays you.

Airbnb pays you
People who earn money with Airbnb

How can you rent your house?

First of all, go on the platform and select the option to earn hosting. Then fill the form to have an idea about the average income. Write your location, the type of property, and how many people you can host. I made a simulation to give you an example. If I rent a private room for two guests in my city, Turin (Italy), I can earn € 435 per month. This is interesting. The only task is to keep it clean.

Airbnb pays you
Simulation about renting income with Airbnb

I am not going to do it, because I don’t have space, but it could be good. It means extra income without not many costs. If you have more space or if you live in a more profitable region, you have the chance to earn also €500-€1000 per month. What do you think? Is it good for you? Because if you want, in a few steps you can apply and then Airbnb pays you.


You have to make the registration on the website and then follow the steps. Write the details about you and the property, then prepare the ad. You can set the dates, keeping free some periods for you, and wait for the reservations. Then you will welcome your guests. This is all that you have to do. Nothing more. It is easy and it works. The number of reservations depends on the price and the location, mainly. Airbnb pays you and it keeps a commission.

Why you should use Airbnb? Because if you want to rent a room or a house you need someone who can propose your property for you. It gives you more chances to find clients without losing time. The platform, through algorithms and the staff work, will screen the guests to guarantee you and your property. They also give you insurance coverage for any damage. There are other marketplaces online and also local private agencies, but this one is the biggest. So it offers you more opportunities. Then Airbnb pays you quickly. Access the platform now and start your experience.

The solution proposed helps you to get more money to travel. If you like to know other ways, read my posts about how to make money to travel, or check all the guides. For more updates subscribe to my newsletter and share this page among your friends.

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  1. Very good advice! We do that since we travel and usually, Airbnb ends up covering up all the accommodation of our travel.
    It’s especially a good advice if you live in a large city like Paris: it’s easy to rent anytime in the year.

    We also use a concierge service in Paris which manage the Airbnb for us while we travel for long weeks, it is particularly useful to not have to care about cleaning, check-in or even communicating with guests during their stay!

  2. Thank you for your comment that gives one more useful experience. I like the idea of the concierge, it helps a lot and it simplifies the work to do. Anyway, it is always good to earn something while you are traveling.

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