A top drink in Turin: unmissable experience

Where to taste a top drink in Turin? As you already know I love to see the cities from the top and to do it whil I can drink something is for sure the best way. In Turin there are different chances, but the last one is to seat in a bar located on the 35th floor of a modern skyscraper in the centre of the city. It is obvious that the view is amazing and it includes a 360° panorama on Turin and the surroundings, also on the magnificent mountains. Then, the city is also famous for happy hour.

The place is located close to the second railway station of Turin, Porta Susa, and it is called Piano 35. You can find it inside “Grattacielo Intesa SanPaolo”, owned by the bank. The building is designed by the famous architect Renzo Piano and it is mainly made by iron and glass. From the top floor where there is the bar it is possible to have the view. It was opened a couple of years ago, a bit more, and it is representing a trendy bar.

It opens at 6 pm and it closes at midnight, but it is always crowdy and you can reserve  a table only if you are a group of at least five people. If not you have to wait on the first floor at the desk of the bar where a kind girl is preparing taking note of the names. You have to ask for a table and wait for some free seats. It is possible that they try to offer a table for more people, but guests can choose to accept or not.

This part is quite confusing, but if you arrive quite early you can find easily place and not to wait too much. There are not many tables, but of course there is enough space. They are located in the middel of the open space and around there is a walking way to see the city from the top. You can stay inside all the time you want, nobody will kick you out even do they need free seats for the requests.

The list is complete and you can choose a glass of champagne, of wine, a soft drink or something special prepared by the great bartender. Another gap are the snacks, there is not something special and neither a good quantity, but to be there it is a good chance to enjoy the view of Turin and to taste some innovative drink, as innovative it is the food prepared by the restaurant located under the bar.

It is an elegant place where to taste contemporary recipe in a modern setting surrounded by trees and flowers. The bar appears as a terrace of the open space from where to see the restaurant. Even do it require a bit of time to enter, the location and the setting of the lounge bar is perfect for who wants to enoy Turin and to spend a luxury moment with a special drink.

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