A top dinner in Tirana

As you maybe already noticed by my previous articles, I like a lot to see the cities from the top. I could not change this preference in Tirana. Infact in the centre of the city, in Blloku, the exclusive neighborhood famous also for the nightlife, there is the Sky Tower, one of the highest buildings in the capital of Albania.

From the top it is possible to see eveything and on the last floor there is a restaurant with a bar. The Sky Club is perfect for who wants to enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of Tirana and of the mountains that are surrounding the city, especially because the restaurant is rolling and ust seated in a table is possible to see all the sides. The view is not the only reason to visit the last floor Sky Tower.

It has to be mentioned that in Albania it is possible to find great food, really genuine, and to live gourmet experiences thanks to local and also some foreigner cooks coming from different countries and established in Tirana or other cities. The Sky Club offers local and international recipes. ifferent dishes with meat are served as a tradition in Balkans. The setting of the dining room is quite modern and made in local style, with some showy decoration.


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