A top coffee in Sarajevo

If you are in Sarajevo, you can not miss the view from Avaz Twist Tower. It is located out of the centre, on the way to go to the mountain, but it offers a unique panorama on the city and surroundings. You can reach it easily by car or taxi, but it is well connected also with buses, especially because of the nearest station. With an fast elevator you reach the 35th floor and from there you can have a coffee or what you want to drink and enjoy Sarajevo from the top.

You can seat close to the windows, chat and see the places you want. Of course I suggest you, as I did, a walk around the bar, so you will not miss anything, watching the city from all sides. In the evening at the sunset is nice, but during the day with some sun possibly you have a better experience. It could be your first coffee in a very modern setting and tower, so then you can decide from there what part visit first.


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