A tasty dinner in Rome

In 2000 many of us were listening Morcheeba – Rome wasn’t built in a day. The sentence of the song title is for sure true, because in the Italian capital you can find everything. Thinking about buildings, architecture and art there are witnesses from all the historical periods and of course the hospitality offer created in the centuries gives a particular soul to the city. It has been necessary more than one day to realize Rome and to transform it in what we know today, but surely it was worth it.

Coliseum is the most known monument in Rome, but the attractions are really a lot and some are generally not so much considered by tourists, because most of the times those places are not mentioned on the written guides. It is not properly the case of Isola Tiberina, in the middle of Tevere river, not so far from the heart of Rome. It is not difficult to fine news and visit proposals about it, but compared to other places in the city it does not count a huge number of travellers.

Maybe there is not that much to be seen, but there is a great restaurant for who wants to taste the typical local cuisine. Among the San Giovanni Calibita church, the San Bartolomeo Basilica, the Fatebenefratelli hospital and the Israelitic hospital there is Trattoria Sora Lella. The name is the one used for Elena Fabrizi, Italian actress and cook born in 1915 and died in 1993.

She was involved in many movies, but before to dedicate her life to the acting, she was active in managing a couple of restaurants as owner and cook. One of the two restaurants is still open and managd by the three nephews of Elena Fabrizi. Sora Lella became famous in the years but in 2017 it was part of a popular Italian cooking TV show and now you need to reserve in advance, even if for a couple of people they can always try to find a table.

The last time I was on Isola Tiberina almost by chance and it was dinner time, so I decided to enter and ask if it was possible to eat. They ust asked to me if I could wait for very few minutes. They found an option, because two clients were finishing the dinner and leaving in a while. The first thing you notice is the kindness of the staff. They are professional, ready to serve you for every need, but also available, according to the quantity of people to serve, to chat a bit and to make you to live a pleasant experience.

The setting remind a bit to the past, but all the details are well taken care of. On the walls is fll of pictures of Sora Lella during her life and especially during her famous Italian movies. Of course the most important part is the menu and it is, especially for local recipes lovers, a good surprise. There are products and dishes coming from the Southern regions, but some food is typical from Rome.

There are Supplì, Polpette, Coda alla vaccinara among the proposals. I couldn’t resist to Polpette di nonna Lella, a must for the customers of the restaurant. The dish is made by veal meat balls with lemon peel and a sauce made with tomato and some herbs. They are delicious. That was the appetizer, then I had Coda alla vaccinara, the beef tail overcooked with tomato, peanuts, a bit of raisin, celery and a very small amount of dark chocolate. At the end I had a slice of Ricotta cake, made with the cheese of Lazio.

The prices are not high, but when you go out you are really satisfied for the food and the atmosphere. I strongly recommend to have a meal in Sora Lella. Of course you need to be available to taste new flavors. It is also a chance to be in the middle of the river and in a nice area to be seen out of the main attractions.


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