A Michelin star dinner in Naples

A Michelin star dinner in Naples

Pizza is not the only food available in Naples. In the city there are some Michelin star restaurants, they offer a real journey into the cuisine. The tradition combined with the innovation is more than a meal, but the chance to experience something new, to explore a particular taste, to let the food chemestry to conquest the palate. The high quality ingredients and the perfect preparation are united with the lovely setting and the impeccable service. A Michelin star dinner in Naples is a must.

In the city there are few restaurants with the prestigious star given by the Michelin Guide. I have been to Palazzo Petrucci,  located out of the city centre, in front of Posillipo Bay. With a marvellous view of the sea and of part of Naples and surroundings, including Capri and Vesuvio, the restaurant counts on a Michelin star and it has a modern structure in the middle of ancient and important buildings.

Entering you can see modern furniture combined with elegance. The architect represented the sea and the land choosing different settings to give an innovative style in order to interpret the landscape and the local tradition. The same way for the menu, because the guest can find meat and fish prepared with high qaulity ingredients, mainly selected in Naples area and with the great ability of the chef Lino Scarallo.

The service is provided by a very professional and kind staff. Uniting all the aspects, from the food to the setting, you can live a unique experience and spend a very pleasant time in a perfect atmosphere. I will go back to that restaurant for sure in my next trip to the city and I can say that to be there it was a great end of my Neapolitan journey. Now it is time to go back to my city… After this experience, you can buy a shirt made in Naples.

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