a luxury train to Naples

A luxury train to Naples

It is time to leave Rome and move to Naples again. No planes for me, but I choose the train, also because the distance is quite short and I can admire the landscapes, make some calls and use internet. There are two companies to provide the transport between the two cities. I opted for Trenitalia, the national public company that offers a luxury service with its Executive class. A luxury train to Naples is exactly what you need for a special tour.

How to move on a luxury train to Naples

There are a couple of models of fast trains operating on the trail, I had the chance to be on Frecciarossa 1000, a modern train that can travel at 400km/h. But before to start my journey on it I had the opportunity, thanks to my Executive class ticket to enjoy the Freccia Club, a lounge full of services and comfort. When the guest enter, the staff provide her or him all the information about the equipment of the rooms and about what you can do inside.

The modern room realized in Termini train station are spacious and well settled. You can seat on armchairs or sofa and relax, read, work, surf on internet or eat. There are newspapers and magazine available, but also a selection of food and beverages. On the monitor you can check the status of the train, so you know if it is ready to leave or on delay. Among the services it is possible to use a printer, a fax, to buy a ticket for another trip or call a taxi. Infact the right to use the lounge is given also for arrivals.

When you approach the train for Executive class you find a member of the staff dedicated to welcome the clients and to indicate the seat. On board there are ten leather armchairs, with a meter and a half of distance in between, so the comfort is united to the respect of the privacy. There are only two rows and each armchair can rotate 180° to travel always in the same direction of the train or to turn it to conversate with another passenger.

This class is really exclusive and during the trip  the staff serve, with glass and ceramics plates and cups, a meal made by cold or hot dishes with specialities and high quality ingredients. The direction of the recipes preparation is under the control of the famous Italian chef Carlo Cracco. Snacks and bevarage with a newspaper are always available for travellers in Exectuive class.

The price of the tickets is really higher than the ones of the other classes, but of course it is well related to the quality of the setting and of the service. If you search in advance there are always interesting offers and you can find some discounted tickets, directly on the company website. Travel in this way is really a pleasure and you will not get tired of the trip by this luxury and fast train. Don’t forget to taste pastiera.

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