A luxury dinner with the view

Searching for a special place where to have my dinner, I red about Skylight Reastaurant & Bar. I trusted the experts’opinion and I decided to join it. It is located in the Hilton Bursa Convention Center & Spa, a bit out from the center of the city. The experience is amazing, as it happens in Michelin stars restaurants. Everything is taken care of in the details and the guest is treated as a VIP.

The setting is a bit opulent but elegant anyway and made with Bursa marble, with local textiles united to natural wood. Thanks to the glass walls in two sides it is possible to enoy a marvellous view of Bursa from the top and as well of the mountain. The high level service by the staff help the guest to relax and tast the great food prepared by the cook for a various menu.

The dishes have a contemporary flair and a local flavour, they are accompained by wines, proposed on a world-class list. Before to strt it is a good idea to ask a cocktail from the bar, it supports the decision of the dishes. The fresh ingredient are selected in order to guarantee the best quality and also the plates are very well presented. It is of course a luxury restaurant and one of the best in Bursa, where tradition is combined with international standards.


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