A lake for all tastes

Turin became famous for Winter Olympic Games in 2006 (now the city is a candidate for the same event that will be held in 2026), but there are other reasons why people know the capital of Piedmont and the first capital of Italy. Fiat and Juventus have their headquarters in Turin for instance. Visitors are attracted by those names and various monuments, but maybe fewer tourists from other parts of Italy and other countries do not know the surroundings.

I decided to have a break from my job for a few hours…yes on Monday! It is even better because I need to take some energy after a relaxing Sunday, you know how it is. Anyway, I am lucky because I can do it and I did it. As you know I love lakes and I just took the car and I started to drive. My destination? Avigliana. It is a town 25 km. far from Turin and that place has two lakes, one big and one small.

Avigliana is very popular in the area and also people from abroad are going there, especially from France, but still, it is not considered an attraction by who is visiting Turin and Piedmont. Also, the big lake is not like Lake Maggiore, Lake Como or Lake Garda, but it is really lovely. There are many options for those who are interested to see the area. It is possible just to walk around the water using the prepared and easy trails, it is possible to rent a canoe, choose a trip on a boat, eat and drink in restaurants, use a spa created on the shore of the lake, and many other amazing activities.

Lakes Avigliana is recognized and protected as a natural park since 1980. They have a morainic origin, the biggest one has an extent of 91,4 ha and the smallest of 61,09. The towns located close to the lakes are historical places where you can find amazing ancient villages well kept and in Avigliana there are the ruins of the castle, placed on a hill from where to enjoy a beautiful view and have walked in nature.

If you are going to visit Turin do not miss the chance to go to Avigliana and the lakes. There are trains and buses from the city, but if you have a car it will be easier to see the villages and to move around. In the next articles, I will tell you about a pizzeria with the best position on the lake and the most important attractions of Piedmont, few kilometers far from Avigliana. Follow me!

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