a dinner with class

A dinner with class at Il Faggio

Piedmont is famous, as the name suggests, for the mountains, but also its castles and parks. It is the perfect setting for a dinner with class. The nature is green and beautiful, as it is in the Burcina park, where different trees and flower species are visible. It is located in Pollone, a small lovely village in the northern part of the Region at the border with Aosta Valley at the foot of Prealps, in Biella province. There are only a bit more than 2.000 inhabitants.

a dinner with class

The village of Pollone

In the village was born Blessed Piergiorgio Frassati, an Italian social and Catholic activist, and in Pollone was born also the painter Lorenzo Delleani. In the past, many writers were spending time in the area, like Benedetto Croce. If the reasons to visit it are mainly related to history and nature, also the cuisine has a big space. In these days I had the chance, it is not the first time, to have a great dinner in one of the local restaurants.

A dinner with class: Il Faggio

It is an elegant example of the meeting between the haute cuisine and the luxury, of course in a refined version. The restaurant Il Faggio is often renovated in the setting, with some modern elements well integrated into the ancient villa that host the dining rooms. The staff pay attention to every detail and especially to the guests, to give them a unique experience.

Restaurant features

The owner serves personally the guests with professionalism and kindness. He is a discrete person, always smiling and ready to chat if the client wants. Also, he is an expert about food and drinks and he can suggest the customers about the dishes’ choice. He explains the recipes and he loves to tell about the ingredients and from where they come. This demonstrates how much they work to select the quality to offer great cuisine.

Of course, a good dish does not only comes out from the ingredients. In fact, in the kitchen of Il Faggio, there is a cook that worked in a 3 stars Michelin restaurant outside of Italy. He knows how to mix the local ingredients with the typical taste of Piedmont and Italian cuisine. The recipes are delicious and served with a particular design, not only because of the plates but because of the way used by the cook to put the food on the plate.

The menu

The menu offers five or six proposals for each course. I had an appetizer with mesh potatoes, egg and a local culatello crumbled. Then I had a very good pigeon and I finished dinner with a chocolate palette. It offers a taste of different types of chocolate offered on the plate with a precise order to follow. In this way, you can taste the pathway prepared by the chef. Of course, I admit it, I can not resist chocolate. So that was the best way to finish my meal and to feel like in paradise.

When the guest order the coffee at the end, as the tradition in Italy, or some other drink they offer some homemade pastries very tasty. Biella, as Pollone, is around an hour’s drive from Turin. And more or less there is the same distance from Milan. So it deserves a visit, also for the restaurant. It gives you the chance to have a delicious meal and a pleasant moment.

A trip to Pollone for a dinner with class

If you are visiting Italy and you are in the area between Turin and Milan, the restaurant Il Faggio worth a visit. You will get dinner with class, tasting superb Italian food prepared in a combination of tradition and innovation. The village is in a cool position, but to reach it you need buses, a taxi or car. Especially in the evening be independent will help you.

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