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Fort Bard never stop to surprise visitors dedicating space to art. Outside and inside the exhibition of Impressionism there are some benches realized by the artist Sonja Quarone made with resins. Thanks to her ability she created a combination of colours, getting inspiration from the paintings, that gives good emotions to the visitors. Those artworks are very nice, pieces of design to be integrated in a modern or ancient setting without any problems.

At the entrance of the exhibition there is the biggest creation available for who wants to take a selfie, as a social corner. It is interesting what Quarone did with the resins produced by the company Gobbetto. If you go to Fort Bard check them, I am sure you will like them. It is impressive what she done and the location is just perfect. The reflexes and the colours can be interpreted freely by visitors, who can choose the meaning and let their feelings come up.



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, A coloured world of resins
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