Ways to Customize a Private Label Ebook to Make it Your Own

5 Ways to Customize a Private Label Ebook to Make it Your Own

One of the best things about a PLR ebook is the way that it allows you to make changes and edits to your heart’s content. To all extents and purposes, this is now your creation and it’s up to you what you want to do with it. Discover the 5 ways to customize a private label ebook to make it your own.

So, the only question that remains is… what do you want to do with it?

The best 5 Ways to Customize a Private Label Ebook to Make it Your Own

With a few steps, you can easily take advantage of the already done work for you and make a profit. Get the tips and follow this step-by-step strategy.

Give it a New Title

Changing the title of your ebook is a good way to prevent people from seeing the same product being marketed over and over again on different sites. At the same time, changing the title of an ebook can subtly change the way that readers will interpret the content within. You can that way slightly alter the target demographic, or subtly alter the way that readers will interpret the book.

Reword the Content

Changing the title will change the way that people interpret your content slightly. Changing the content itself though will of course have a much bigger impact. This way you can change the voice to better suit your own, you can add or remove sections, you can alter conclusions… you could even throw in a few affiliate links or plugs for your other products.

Add More Content

A simple way to add more value to an ebook you’re selling is simply to write a few more pages or even to add more content from another PLR product you own. Why not combine several into one ‘mega’ book?

Get the Cover Redesigned

One step further than changing the title of your ebook is to change the cover entirely. You should find this is relatively simple to do, as most PLR product sellers will include Photoshop files for you to edit as you please. Otherwise, you could always outsource this process to someone from Fiverr and have it redesigned from the ground up.

Add Your Branding

One big reason to redesign the cover in the first place is so that you can create better synergy with the rest of your branding. The aim here is to create a single cohesive design and message that will run through all of your different products and services. This helps people to better understand what your brand is all about and will build the kind of trust you need to make sure they want to buy subsequent products that you sell as well. It’s always important to think about the long game!


Now you know the 5 ways to customize a private label ebook to make it your own. This will be an important and easy step to make a profit, but it’s not the only one. Check out the 4 tricks to improve your marketing and PLR sales. It will be easy and fast to earn money reselling reader-made ebooks, but before to act be sure to get all the necessary knowledge. You don’t need to be an expert or to have particular skills, you just need to get the proper strategy.

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