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Many times happened to me to be abroad for my birthday. I was working, as I do often in Italy during that day. But everything was different. Why? Because I was with different and new people and when they discovered it, they organized small parties. What’s different? The way to celebrate, the experience, the ambiance. This is what means have a birthday journey. I want to share with you the 5 reasons for a traveling birthday. If you plan a trip for that special occasion, you will never forget it.

Once I planned a holiday in the Maldives, for my birthday. It was many years ago. Well, I can remember everything as it was yesterday. That was really my best birthday. It is not a matter of party, but of experience. What I learned going around the world is a big life lesson. That’s why I continue to do it. You know, when it’s time for my birthday, I generally don’t do anything. Not many people are aware of the date, in fact. If I can spend that day, maybe adding some other days on a trip, I don’t lose the chance. Let me go to share with you the 5 reasons for a traveling birthday.


5 reasons for a traveling birthday: take a look at the slides

I enclose all the 5 reasons for a traveling birthday in a slideshow, so it will be easier to read them. Check each of them and I am sure you will be convinced to do it. You can also consider the idea as a gift present for a friend. Why not give a travel experience for her or his birthday. It will be funny to organize a party abroad. Anyway, keep in mind that the journey is a way for the person also to refresh herself or himself. So if you are going together, let space to your friend to live deeply the travel.

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reasons for a traveling birthday, 5 Reasons for a traveling birthday"/>
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