5 Reasons for a traveling birthday

5 reasons for a traveling birthday

Now I explain tell you the 5 reasons for a traveling birthday. Many times happened to me to be abroad for my birthday. I was working, as I do often in Italy during that day. But everything was different. Why? Because I was with different and new people and when they discovered it, they organized small parties.

What’s different? The way to celebrate, the experience, the ambiance. This is what means have a birthday journey. I want to share with you the 5 reasons for a traveling birthday. If you plan a trip for that special occasion, you will never forget it.

Once I planned a holiday in the Maldives, for my birthday. It was many years ago. Well, I can remember everything as it was yesterday. That was my best birthday. It is not a matter of party, but the experience. What I learned going around the world is a big life lesson. That’s why I continue to do it. You know, when it’s time for my birthday, I generally don’t do anything. Not many people are aware of the date. If I can spend that day, maybe adding some other days on a trip, I don’t lose the chance. Let me go to share with you the 5 reasons for a traveling birthday.

5 Reasons for a traveling birthday

5 reasons for a traveling birthday: take a look at the slides

I enclose all the 5 reasons for a traveling birthday in a slideshow, so it will be easier to read them. Check each of them and I am sure you will be convinced to do it. You can also consider the idea as a gift present for a friend. Why not give a travel experience for her or his birthday. It will be funny to organize a party abroad. Anyway, keep in mind that the journey is a way for the person also to refresh herself or himself. So if you are going together, let space to your friend to live deeply the travel.

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A birthday gift

This idea is not only for your birthday. You can use my advice to purchase a gift for a friend for her or his birthday. Maybe you can travel together. Is it too expensive? You can involve other friends in buying the gift. I can also help you. I want to contribute and put a quote for the present you will give to your relatives or your friends. But be fast, because I have an exclusive offer for you for a limited time. You will get a special deal. It is one more of the 5 reasons for a traveling birthday.

5 Reasons for a traveling birthday

Holiday with discount

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5 Reasons for a traveling birthday

The 5 reasons for a traveling birthday plus the discount should convince you to buy this type of gift. You can do it for yourself or a special person. What do you have to do? Easy, go on Kiwi and select the tour, the ticket or the hotel you like. Then when you digit the details to purchase digit the code ‘MYANASA‘ (write it in capital letters) and you will get 10% off. You should spend at least 150 Euro. You will save money and thanks to the experts on the platform the holiday will be unforgettable.


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