Luxury from the past

Last sunday I spent few hours in Milan visiting ”Amart”, the antiques and art exhibition organized by the Association of Antiques Dealers of Milan. It was really nice to be there. It passed quite a lot of time since my last visit to this type of event and I have to say that in last years the market of ancient artwork…


Van Dyck in Turin

In these days I had the chance to see marvelous paintings. I visited the exhibition dedicated to Van Dyck in Turin. The famous artist lived in the 17th century was doing portraits of many important people and of European royal families. Among those artworks, he did also some other masterpieces, where landscapes and people are combined in a triumph of…


My Anasa

My Anasa, an Italian blog. Before to explain the name, I want to tell you about the logo. A cup for coffee is a symbol for Italy, where the Espresso is a must, and the gold means luxury. I have chosen, as the first logo of the blog the cup. Because it represents well the style of this blog. To…


Milan and stars in the kitchen

A few days ago I was in Milan and I discovered, thanks to a friend, a superb restaurant. It’s a type of Michelin star restaurant with cheaper prices. Identità Golose, this the name of the place, is located a few steps from Scala Theatre in the heart of Milan and it offers a pleasant and innovative location. Milan and the…


Wiener Schnitzel luxury

For some Italians, the traditional recipe of Austria is somehow a copy of “cotoletta alla milanese”. That is one of the most famous dishes in Italy. This is wrong because Wiener Schnitzel is made in a different way. Not only the preparation is different, but also the type of meat used. That’s why I was really happy to taste it…


Snow in the countryside

Finally, the snow came in Piedmont. Today I was around my region, driving. The snow in the countryside gave some problems to the traffic, but it is so lovely. The landscapes are really amazing, all covered with a white blanket. Trees full of snow, the roofs totally white and the kids are happy. I felt a kid as well, of…


T-shirt: the Italian gestures

My dear readers and followers, I am preparing new posts about my trip to Vienna. But before to publish those articles, let me give you news about my creation. The T-shirt with Italian gestures. I personally designed it because traveling many people ask me about the way we use in Italy. Our gesture is famous all around the world, in…


The Venetian glass art

Maybe you already heard about Murano glass, the product made on the Venetian island of Murano since the 7th century. The artists and the artisans active in this place in past and now are not the only ones to work the glass and the crystalline glass, but the Venetian glassmakers are fur sure among the bests. The masterpeices realized by them are…

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